A well-known sports journalist, author of books about football, Alexei Matveev, especially for the Cheka-OGPU and, continues to exclusively talk about the life of the famous football player Fyodor Cherenkov.

Валерий Карпин и Федор Черенков


- Some details of my personal life were discussed with my dad. With whom else, if not with him? A man whom I believed implicitly. In his deep mind, subtlety of perception, understanding of delicate things.

It seems that he spoke general words: he advised to save the family, dissuaded him from getting divorced, and the like. He did it penetratingly, with soul. Probably, the experience he personally suffered, of course, gave him the moral right to teach in some sense. Again, in terms of unobtrusive, soft advice.

Alas, it did not work out - neither for him, nor for me. What I, for example, do not regret. My dad was sorry. Well, the relationship in my first marriage has become obsolete, what can I do. There was no point in continuing.

... I often go to the cemetery to my dad alone. I brought, for example, my youngest daughter to school, and I'm going to Troekurovskoye. I clean up there, I update something. Granddaughters, of course, also visit the grave with us when time and study allow.

At home there is a mini-museum dedicated to Fedor Fedorovich. Quite often club paraphernalia. Granddaughters very warmly accept everything that reminds them of their wonderful grandfather.

I didn’t think about whether my father had enemies. This category of citizens, frankly, does not fit into the bright image of the pope. It seems to me that he should not have spiteful critics, hostile people. Yes, for what reason to be angry with him, soft, kind?!

On the football field, during the game, I still allow all sorts of unfriendly manifestations towards my father. Of course, the master is very technical, it was rarely possible to neutralize according to the rules. But in everyday life, vicious attacks, in my opinion, are impossible.

Difficult periods in his life? He remained without work, did not bring money to the family? We couldn't have something like that. He lived with us until I was twelve years old. I don't remember any periods of lack of money. Everything was fine. My father played in Spartak, the national team, earned money.

The only thing that I clearly remember was ... Papa's fears, which he told me about. The age of an athlete in the same football is short. The father was worried that at the end of his career he might be left out of work. Lose your favorite job. What to do then? The question was in the father's eyes. And, apparently, the answer was not always found.

It seems that dad did not remain without his beloved football. I went to other cities for matches with Spartak veterans. Activities, one way or another, connected with the popular game, did not leave him. In a word, I earned money for a living.

Mom, as far as I know, does not communicate with anyone from the world of football. After the death of the pope, she, as they say, "withdrew into herself." The memories of the sports period are very difficult for her. As soon as my father left us during his lifetime, my mother lost interest in football completely. For her, it’s as if this sport does not exist. Although she used to be very worried about the successes and failures of her father, she was desperately rooting for the team in red and white uniforms.

Mom once admitted that communication with dad was the best thing that happened in her life. The first time after the departure of the father to another family is the most difficult. None of us hid our feelings. Hard not financially, no. Morally, psychologically. The burden of a huge loss for us was felt physically. Mom is a thin, fragile woman, haggard, in my opinion, even more noticeable.

She didn't try to get her dad back. I don't think anyone should be held back. The doors of our house for the father remained open. You can come, call, finally. Being obsessive, as they say, sticky, apparently, is not in the nature of the mother. By the way, mine too.

She did not intrude into the privacy of her parents. Yes, and she was small at the time of the divorce of loved ones. Didn't quite understand what was going on. It's a pity that the parents separated. In my opinion, the life of dad and mom just broke down. This is the impression.

The good, good times of dad's career. And not because he is a "star" on the field. With rapture I remember the days and evenings spent in our apartment. In the company of people close to my father. I'm talking about the Spartak players who looked at the "light".

The aforementioned Sergei Rodionov is almost invariably among the guests, other players. A person who owns a guitar is always the soul of the company, isn't it? In general, my father is not a professional guitarist. Talented self-taught.

Dad, what to hide, wanted to have a boy in the family. To play football with him. And I would not “push” my son into professionals without fail. Just drive the ball with him, say, in the yard. Everyone was waiting for grandchildren-boys, and only girls were born.

A simple, working family with my father. They lived in a communal apartment. All, imagine, in one room. They moved into a separate apartment in Sokolniki when I was four years old. "Spartak" allocated housing. Far from immediately. Only when dad played in the main team. So the path from the "communal paradise" to individual apartments turned out to be very long and difficult.

Today we live outside the city. It's better, more comfortable. My father often said, I agree with him: the city for us. The bustle of the metropolis tired him, exhausted him - purely psychologically. Constantly, my dad and I dreamed of leaving the capital. He liked to spend time in the country.

At the slightest opportunity, my father and a company of football players went to the suburbs. Barbecues, songs with a guitar. Wonderful, soulful! And, if I'm going to Moscow on business, I feel uncomfortable. Move to Sokolniki? No way! Although the patrimony of "Spartacus". I try to resolve all the accumulated issues in a day. So that not a foot in the city.

Funeral, the first days after the funeral. I am amazed at the number of Spartak scarves, other symbols, paraphernalia. The grave was buried in flowers. And now people come to honor their father, to communicate with him mentally. From young to old, very young people to gray-haired men and women. In any season.

We talk, we remember the game of the father, the most beautiful balls against the rivals, and not only. An open character, his amazing smile, ready, it seemed, to warm everyone and everything. Yes, we still remember a lot of things, can you forget this? People of all ages sincerely lament that dad passed away so early. Many fans are still crying, they cannot fully believe in the tragedy, come to terms with it.

Yes, along with bright, warm moments, bitter thoughts about an untimely death visit me. People are perplexed: how could this happen?

In my opinion, one of the main reasons for leaving early is separation from my mother. No wonder they say, "do not part with your loved ones." It is directly related to our family, the love story of my parents.

After all, a father with the finest psychology is a man, mentally deeply vulnerable. In my opinion, until the end of his days, he was very worried about leaving our family for another “cell”. Yes, almost nowhere, I think. That act, rather, a tragic circumstance further crippled the vulnerable psyche, in general, health. The sad outcome is known.

And the point here is not at all in the mother, the wife of Fedor Fedorovich. Some people paint her almost as a fiend. Like, because of her, allegedly, her unbearable character, the person died, in fact. Attribute non-existent, extremely negative qualities. How wrong they are!

Mom tried her best to save the family. Did not work out. Years later, it’s hard for me not only to say, but to remember dirty slander, unfair accusations against her.

Poor health, some confusion, most likely, pushed dad to leave us. I repeat, in "nowhere", purely my personal opinion. I do not impose anything on anyone. I think that I, the daughter of Fedor Fedorovich, have the right to my point of view. Of course, the father's popularity could attract the opposite side. Yes, and the mercantile component, too. I really don't want to talk about that family.

Dad willingly came to the area of ​​​​the capital's Deer Ponds, close to his heart. There is now the Academy, named after his father. He loved children very much, each visit there was accompanied by close, detailed, fascinating communication with Spartak children, future graduates of the Academy. In my opinion, the guys doted on Fedor Fedorovich, the sympathy is mutual.

Father returned home after intense battles, first of all, to rest. Mom, it seems to me, also tried to avoid the football theme. What for? Football was more than enough for dad - on the field, in locker rooms, planes, hotels, etc. We created all the conditions for him to rest. Great time spent with the family. Great happiness for us - dad returned from a trip! Holiday of the soul, heart.


I didn't talk to him about choosing a profession. They just talked about life. Papa is so beautiful, amazing, delightful that he never imposed anything. It is impossible to imagine him obsessive, a completely different type, character, upbringing. Therefore, it is easy to communicate with him, in pleasure.

The father, yes, left the family. He did not leave, however, my mother and me without help. I didn’t quit, I didn’t forget, as often happens in other cases. Helped as best he could. At the meeting, he gave me money when the opportunity arose. Mom, in turn, did not even think about filing alimony.

By the way, even Nikolai Petrovich Starostin scolded her a little for this. I convinced my mother to still issue alimony payments. So that it is the football club that transfers money to our family.

The head of "Spartak" loved us very much, painfully experienced the departure of the pope. Nikolai Petrovich, I note, in that difficult situation, he unambiguously took the side of his mother, supported him in every possible way. Morally, also financially. He explained, when in such a case you apply for alimony, the company pays, the employer. In this particular case, the football club for which our dad played.

… When dad was treated at the clinic, of course, I regularly came to visit him. I even went for walks with my little daughter in a stroller. Father was always very happy with our arrival. We communicated well, no problems. Sometimes it was hard for dad, on such days we were not very long on the street.

A couple of times a year, my father went to the clinic, underwent the course of treatment necessary in such cases. He took certain medications on his return from there. According to the recommendations of doctors, their supervision. Daddy nothing from hid, willingly shared the details of the treatment, his well-being.

In the football environment, Fedor Fedorovich maintained trusting relationships, perhaps, with Oleg Romantsev, Konstantin Ivanovich Beskov. This, of course, except for Nikolai Petrovich Starostin. Starostin, I have already said, has a special, extremely warm attitude towards our family. For which we always thank him from the bottom of our hearts. No, no, Romantsev did not come to our house. Players - yes, he - no. It so happened that at home it was not possible to communicate with him.

For example, my father did not raise me in the usual sense. So, gently instructed, nothing more. I don’t know if his experience is applicable, but I really liked it, I was impressed by my father’s manner. Modest, unobtrusive. In my opinion, children should be a little stricter.

The father cannot be imagined cursing. Perhaps on the football field, during the game, he could tell someone. Let's say in a raised tone. And that is unlikely. At home, he never raised his voice. Not for my mother, not for me. If anything, a very soft conversation with a beloved wife, adored daughter. About education, including.

In general, I wept bitterly while reading some of the opuses of home-grown journalists about the personal life of the Cherenkovs. They, for example, reported that my mother, allegedly, could not stand the test due to the poor health of my father. Therefore, de almost drove him out of the house, the family.

What nonsense! From the beginning to the end. Absolutely uninformed, soulless, irresponsible people could tell their readers such things. Unfortunately, there were those who believed in this lie.

I, too, by the way, pretty much got it. Literally poured out streams of dirt. Scolded, for example, for pulling, according to "experts", with the installation of a monument to his own father. If only they knew what it cost me, how much effort, nerves. Probably, they would have moderated their ardor.

A certain decline in the mood of the pope felt even before leaving for France. There, he is known to have played for a local club for some time. In a foreign land, he became very ill. Psychologically, morally, sincerely, above all. In my opinion, he even "broke" a little. Maybe he acutely felt that the end of his brilliant career in big football was near.

I couldn't imagine myself without my favorite game, what to hide. It was hard, it was obvious. There, on the French side, things were not going very well. In my opinion, the stay in France was partly a turning point in my father's life, in the worst sense. Purely my personal opinion, I do not impose on anyone.

Upon returning from there, everything slowly began to crumble. In the family, in football with dad. Nevertheless, they believed, hoped that the situation would still be normalized, the situation would improve. We will live as before - together, happily. Alas, my girlish hopes did not come true ...

Alexey Matveev