Source: Rucriminal

Vladislav Doronin, a Russian entrepreneur and co-owner of Capital Group, turned out to be very inconsiderate in choosing business partners. As found out by, the construction of the residential complex "Faces" Doronin carried out jointly with the authoritative businessman from Solntsevo area Oleg Sheykhametov (Oleg Sheikh). The latter is known for the fact that he gave a bribe to high-ranking employees of the IC RF Mikhail Maximenko and Denis Nikandrov. Money was paid for the release of the "authority" of Andrei Kochyukov (Italian) from the jail, the closest associate of the "thief-in-law" Zakhar Kalashov (Shakro Molodoy). As a result, searches were carried out at the office of the joint structures of Doronin and Sheykhametov, the first one was in a very difficult situation.

As several sources of told at once, the events developed as follows. Employees of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation conducted close monitoring of all shooting participants at the Elements restaurant on Rochdelskaya Street. The people of Charcot Young met there under the leadership of the Italian and the people of the lawyer Eduard Budantsev. Was present at the "disassembly" (from the side of Shakro) and former employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Yevgeny Surzhikov (Surzhik).

When it became known that the friends were preparing release from the Italian prison, the Surzhikov was observed. It was recorded his meeting in the "Novinsky passage" with a certain man. Then a stranger in the restaurant "Yakitoria" on Tverskaya Street handed Surzhik a box of shoes.

Later, counterintelligence agents found out that in this box there were 500 thousand dollars-a bribe for the employees of the Russian Federation for the liberation of the Italian. When the FSB officers consistently detained Zakhar Kalashov, Maksimenko, Nikandrov, the question arose who this stranger who gave a bribe to. To establish his personality was possible due to viewing the list of persons who brought the transfer to Kochuykov. Among them was Oleg Sheykhametov, who in his youth sat with the Italians and since that time he was friends with him. According to the photo Sheikh managed to establish that it was he who met with Surzhikov in Novinsky shopping arcade and in the restaurant "Yakitoria". Sheikhametov owned the network of the last establishments together with another friend of the Italian youth, in the 1990s, a prominent representative of the Solntsevo district, and now the billionaire Andrei Skoch, who has the status of a State Duma deputy from United Russia.

However, when the FSB officers found out all this, the Sheikh had already left the Russian Federation. At first he was in Spain, then moved to the United States. Categorically, he did not want to return and give testimony. According to, then the counterintelligence agents thoroughly took up the Sheikh's business projects. Officially, he was listed as a co-owner and one of the leaders of the Sokolniki Trade House. However, in reality he took financial part in many large projects, primarily construction projects. Especially closely Sheikh collaborated with the "Capital Group" and personally well familiar with Vladislav Doronin. In particular, Sheikh and Doronin had a joint project - the erection of the LC "Faces".

According to sources, the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation carried out searches in the offices connected with LCD "Faces". Moreover, the clouds began to "thicken" above Doronin's head. As a result, the latter very insistently asked Sheikhametov to return to Russia and solve his problems with the investigation, which hinder the common cause.

However, two other factors determined the Sheikh's return. The first is the personal request of people from the closest environment of Charcot. If the Sheikhmetov took bribes solely for himself, then Kalashov automatically dropped out of the case of bribery of employees of the IC RF. Secondly, the SC and the FSB guaranteed to Sheykhametov that, as soon as he gave evidence, his criminal prosecution for giving bribes would be stopped.

As a result, the Shaykhamites flew to Russia, took a bribe to themselves, and then calmly departed back to the United States.

It is worth noting that Sheikh is not the only mafia partner of Vladislav Doronin. As already reported, Doronin owns the tower "Oko" and a number of facilities in "Moscow City" in conjunction with the "reputable" businessman Gavriil Yushvaev (Garik Makhachkala). Last time a conflict situation arose between them. And then Yushvayev's security "got stuck" in the story with the massacre in "Moscow City". Sam Yushvayev believes that there was a provocation from Vladislav Doronin. The guards of the towers, clinging to the bodyguards of Garik Makhachkala, were controlled precisely by Doronin.

Source: Rucriminal