Source: continues to publish records from the Spanish archive. This is an archive of the Spanish special services, which carefully recorded the negotiations of dubious Russians who chose the resorts of the Kingdom. In this article, you can listen to a conversation between the "godfather" of St. Petersburg Gennady Petrov and his son Anton.

Anton's father's assistant in his affairs. And he is also known as a great lover of stars and pop stars. Anton Petrov has romances with the soloist of "Hi-fi" Oksana Oleshko (two daughters), with the singer Maxim (one daughter), etc. Well, he married only a girl under the article himself - the daughter of a Russian millionaire and a deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, Elizaveta Bryskina.

On the record published by, son Anton reports to Gennady Petrov, who is vacationing in Spain, about matters in the family business. The "Godfather" shares with his son how he spends time with Lenya (apparently, we are talking about Leonid Khristoforov), who always chooses a boat. Here, I looked after one for 500 thousand euros ("good boat"). Now Lenya is waiting for one deal to turn out to please himself with a purchase. Anton, in turn, tells what would be the birthday of the Barmaley (this is an authoritative St. Petersburg businessman Vladimir Golubev) and that they discussed the topic that Andrei Burlakov goes directly to President Dmitry Medvedev. The recording was made in 2010, when Barmaley was 55 years old, and Medvedev was the head of state.

Here it is worth making a reservation. Andrei Burlakov then headed the FLC, which bought shipyards abroad and around which serious passions boiled. As a result of all the showdowns, Burlakov was killed. Gennady Petrov, through his longtime acquaintance, the head of the FLC, Nail Malyutin, was directly related to all these events. As a result, he corrects his son that Burlakov does not have direct communication with Medvedev. He also explains to Anton the situation with the purchase of FLC of foreign shipyards Yanker. According to Gennady Petrov, so far only a part of the amount has been paid for these assets, and the rest should be given by the “two brothers of the dag”. We are talking about the Magomedov brothers, who actually initially planned to participate in the deal, but then refused.

Anton reports to his father that the papers the family needs are now being promoted through some officials. Just the other day, Anton and "Sasha Zolotoy" will go to Savelyev, and at the same time find out what bribes and who should be paid. Gennady Petrov's words aroused anger at the words of his son. He gives a strict order not to pay anything to anyone: “You say, dad will come, see and sort it out. When everything is signed. "

Anton shares with his father the prices of Moscow officials for the services that are now provided to the family in St. Petersburg - 10 tr. per hundred square meters. Dad gets angry again: “I’ll come and decide. What are 10 tr per hundred square meters? They went to ... !!! ". Anton immediately recovers, which is fashionable to thank and only for the bottle. And honey agaric Gennady Petrov is unhappy: "Antosha, what another bottle?"

Father and son turn the conversation towards Barmaley. Upon learning that he was 55 years old, Petrov Sr. jokes: “He is 55 years old, and everyone is wearing diamonds and gold. He likes everything. Although, he always thought only of himself. He cares about the rest. "

Further, Gennady Petrov informs his son that there is progress on the large fuel project and that it will soon be launched.

To be continued

Alexey Ermakov