Source: continues to publish an investigation into the former president of Rosenergomash, head of Legacy Capital Vladimir Palikhat. In the last publication, we told how the "door" to the world of big money Palihait was opened by banker Alexander Slesarev and ex-head of the ROC Leonid Tyagachev. In the first part of the investigation, it was about how 20 years ago Palihata was engaged in counterfeiting coffee and for the last crime even received a term and the candidate for presidency of the Russian Federation Ksenia Sobchak gradually grew to sponsor. In a new article, will describe how Lyudmila Narusova, Xelia Sobchak's mother, Xalia Sobchak, who was hiding from the investigation, met. Gradually, this acquaintance grew into a strong financial friendship and sponsorship of Xenia in the elections. Moreover, this is not the first political project of Palihata. Earlier he financed Yulia Tymoshenko.

Law enforcement authorities first became interested in the Palihata raider fishery in 2005. Then the Moscow prosecutor's office opened a criminal investigation into the seizure of NIIEMI, whose investigation was commissioned by investigator Andrei Grivtsov. Gradually, law enforcement agencies reached the alleged organizers of the seizure - Vladimir Nesterenko (he was wanted) and the Palihaats and they hastily left Russia. They stayed in Kiev and Monaco. As later Senator Lyudmila Narusova admitted to interrogation (she asked herself to interrogate her !!!), and in Kiev and in the kingdom she constantly communicated with the "decent businessmen" Palihata and Nesterenko, and the latter even acted as the driver of the senator. Narusova herself delicately told investigators that Nesterenko often drove her. As operatives told, the raiders themselves courted the senator in every way, satisfied her various whims, including financial ones. In turn, Narusova bustled for "decent businessmen" at different levels of government. However, even the support of the widow of "Russian democracy" was not enough. And in 2006 Palihata sent one of his lawyers, Belousov, to Deputy Prosecutor of the Central Administrative District Ruslan Parkin (immediate supervisor Grivtsov). The main desire of the raider was that investigators "forgot" personally about him. Lawyer Belousov found understanding in Parkin, the discussion of the amount of the resolution of the issue began. Finally, it was determined at the personal meeting of Palihata and Parkin, which the deputy prosecutor of the CAO prudently held in Germany. As a result, representatives of Palihaty laid $ 1, 5 million in the cell of one of the banks in Moscow (Parkin was abroad at that time), from there the courier took them to the depository of Slavia Bank (it belongs to friends of Parkin's father, a large lawyer), and already from this bank money was transferred abroad.

In the same year 2006, Palihata calmly returned to Russia and continued to engage in raider business. Nesterenko continued to remain in an illegal position. In Kiev, he used to spend time with other raider Sergei Kirimov (not from Palihata team), who was on the wanted list, but Nesterenko was also a frequent visitor to St. Petersburg, where he traveled through Belarus. In the "northern capital", he continued to take part in raider attacks on various objects.

Part of the occupied buildings Palihata sold to "conscientious buyers", some left themselves. According to, Vladimir Palihata and his own brother Ivan Palihata still own a giant Giprokhim building on Shcherbakovskaya Street in Moscow, which are rented by hundreds of different tenants. In the house on the street of the People's Militia, which once belonged to the Central Design Bureau "Svyaz", the Palihaat concern Rosenergomash is located. The latter structure bought up a number of machine-building plants in Russia and Ukraine, including ZAO "Plant of large electrical machines" Kolomensky plant of heavy machine tools "," Novokakhovsky electromechanical plant "," Electromashina "," Ethal ".

Then Pahihata was fed up with the glory of a prosperous, but raider, and he began to position himself also as a generous philanthropist. Since 2007, "Rosenergomash" is the general sponsor of the Russian Olympic Committee, the agreement with Palihata was signed by the then head of the ROC Leonid Tyagachev. Next, the concern became a sponsor of the All-Russian Federation of Rhythmic Gymnastics, as well as Rosenergomash financed the International Sports Academy of Vladislav Tretyak, the Nika Film Prize, and so on. etc.

Vladimir Palihata tried and participated in the political life of Ukraine. According to, through his brother Ivan, he financed the party of Yulia Tymoshenko for a long time.

To be continued

Timofey Grishin