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In Moscow, the "authority" of the Taganka group Marat Yanbukhtin was charged with the murder of lawyer Natalya Vavilina. Gangster cracked down on the lawyer for representing the interests of dozens of tenants who demanded money from the firm Zodchiy-98, controlled by Yanbukhtin and one of Tagan's leaders Grigory Rabinovich. In a previous article, described the "bloody" list of the Tagan group and listed the main victims of the gang. These materials were taken from the "Spanish dossier" of the OCG collected by the authorities of the Kingdom during an investigation into the younger partner of the Tagan businessman Alexander Romanov (in the spring of 2016 he was convicted in Palma de Mallorca for three years and nine months in prison for money laundering) . This dossier was transferred from Spain to Russian law enforcement agencies and was available to

Now in Spain, and Russian operatives are looking forward to the outcome of the investigation into the Yanbukhtin murder case. Will his immediate bosses, the leaders of Tagan's OPG, Igor Zhirnokleev and Grigory Rabinovich, be behind the bars? Or they will get away with it again. For examples, it is not necessary to go far. In 2009, the killers dealt with Andrei Bralyuk, deputy head of the legal department of the Moscow department store. It happened at a time when Rabinovich and Zhirnokleev conducted an operation to raider capture of the "Department store", and Bralyuk, as now Babylon, very much interfered with them. The murder was actually solved. There were even testimonies about the fact that with Bralyuk were disposed of by order of Zhirnokleev and Rabinovich. But they went unpunished. Its role was played not only by money, but also by the powerful patrons of the Tagan gang. Two of them are called in the "Spanish file". According to the documents, padrino (godfathers) Tagansky are the current deputy chairman of the Central Bank of Russia Alexander Torshin and authoritative billionaire Gabriel Yushvayev, better known in certain circles, as Garik Makhachkala. The first supervised the OPG through Alexander Romanov, and the second - through the banker Ilya Gavrilov. publishes these materials of the Spaniards, as well as some others. For example, about other victims of "Tagansky". It turns out that the gangsters had to do with the removal of Ainar Platatsis' lawyer, and also planned the murder of the owner of the company "Abitar" by US citizen Frank Newman.


"On the basis of the above documents (without guarantee for an exhaustive nature), the close connection of the accused Alexander Ivanovich ROMANOV (1) and Natalia Borisovna VINOGRADOVA (2) with members of the Taganskaya organization is confirmed.

These relationships are presented in the following scheme:

Trabajo en "Casa Blanca" Parlamento de la

Federacion Rusa Work in the "White House" Parliament

Russian Federation

Alexander TORSHION Alexander TORSHIN

Reuniones operativa UNIVERMAG MOSCU Collections Operation UNIVERMAG



Subordinado Subordinate

Gavril YUSHAEV Gavril Yushaev





Natalia Vinogradova Natalia Vinogradova

Alexander ROMANOV Alexander ROMANOV



G.I.K. «GIK»





Gregory RABINOVICH Grigory Rabinovich

Igor ZHIRNOKLEEV Igor Zhirnokleev

Vladimir GREKOV Vladimir GREKOV










AT 2. Communication with companies

All members of the Romanov family are connected as shareholders with companies controlled by Taganskaya.

A) It was already mentioned that in the sentence of ROMANOV in the case of embezzlement of money from "CRYSTAL", the company "GIK" was involved, connected with the Taganskaya group (controlled by ZHIRNOKLEYOV, RABINOVICH and GREKOV).

It follows from the court decision that money was withdrawn from CRYSTAL, which were sent directly to GIK and other companies (TPK KVANT and CASCADE CAPITAL), which, apparently, were also controlled by this criminal group.

When ROMANOV was under arrest in connection with the above facts, an agreement was reached, within which CRYSTAL received compensation in return for making changes to the application for detention and restriction of civil rights.

Under this agreement, a promise is fulfilled to compensate "CRYSTAL" from "GIC" and "AFGANETS". This was the case despite the fact that AFGANETZ did not receive any money from the CRYSTAL.

Thus, payment by AFGANETS is motivated, as the companies "DIAMANT" and "PROFILE" are shareholders of this company.

The company "DIAMOND" is the property of Natalia VINOGRADOVA, while the PROFILE company is the property of her parents, Boris VINOGRADOV and Margarita VINOGRADOVA.

B) In the seized document "Memorandum - Preliminary contract from 14-6-2004" it is stated that ROMANOV acquires 50% of the companies RABINOVICH and ZHIRNOKLEEVA under the name "AFGANETS" and "HERMITAGE".

C) In another document seized by the court, under the name "Association Agreement dated 23-9-2011", the fact that the company "DIAMANT", owned by Natalia VINOGRADOVA, acquired 50% of the company Zhirnokleev under the name

"HERMITAGE", which, in turn, was the owner of 50% of the company "AFGANETS".

D) There is another document seized by the court, titled "Receipt for payment made by Boris Vinogradov in favor of AFGANETS." In this document it is stated that Boris VINOGRADOV pays 106.783.506.85 rubles in the framework of purchase and sale of promissory notes of TPK "QUANT".

F) SLAVECHNO is a Russian company in which 90% is owned by Boris VINOGRADOV and 10% by his wife Margarita VINOGRADOVA.

This company has the same legal address (Krylatsky Hills) as other companies of the family ROMANOV (PROFILE and DIAMANT).

At a certain point (2004), the company became the owner of an 18.54% stake in the company AFGANETS.

In the same year, at the suggestion of RABINOVICH, GIK sold 50% of the shares of AFGANETS to companies controlled by ROMANOV, in particular, to the companies SLAVECHNO, DIAMANT, owned by Natalia VINOGRADOVA, and PROFILE, also owned by Boris VINOGRADOV And Margarita Vinogradova.

In general, the Romanov family companies are connected and keep in touch with the companies and persons of the Taganskaya criminal organization.



B.3 Relations with crimes.

In addition, the Romanov family and its corporate network are linked to the crimes of the Taganskaya grouping.

Multiply analyze the relationship of the family and the companies of Romanov with four Raiders or actions to seize the companies:





A) The appointment of ROMANOV as the General Director of the company "CRYSTAL" was preceded by an armed confrontation with the previous members of the Board of Directors.

During this confrontation, ROMANOV enjoyed the support of the "security company" MONOLIT, founded by two members of the Taganskaya (Renat and Edgar Taktashev), while Igor ZHIRNOKLEYEV is the main person in charge in this organization.

Later, and using his powers as CEO, ROMANOV transferred the company's money and was convicted of it.


As already mentioned, it is obvious that the court decision already establishes a link between Rabinovich, Batrydinov and Romanov, as well as the participation of the companies DIAMANT, GIK and AFGANETS.

The theft of "CRYSTAL" money began with millions of payments aimed at purchasing bills or promissory notes of companies that were insolvent (TPK "QUANT" and "CASCADE CAPITAL") or associated with Taganskaya (GIK).

The application for changing personal sanctions for ROMANOV is based on payments from companies that have been associated with Rabinovitch, Zhirnokleev, Grekova and Batrydinov.

These companies take on a portion of ROMANOV's debt in return for his freedom. After a short time after this partial return, Boris Vinogradov buys from "AFGANZ" promissory notes TPK "QUANT" for 118.50 million rubles.

Thus, in the circumstances, the entire Romanov family appears: Alexander, who was tried for the management of the company CRYSTAL, his wife Natalia, who, through the companies DIAMANT and PROFIL, issued guarantees on the bills that were purchased by CRYSTAL, Boris VINOGRADOV , Which subsequently acquired part of these promissory notes or bills of exchange, as well as Margarita VINOGRADOVA, who together with her husband acquired part of the company AFGANETS. Thus, they were the owners of this company together with GIK, a company associated with the Taganskaya grouping.

B) ARBITAR was a company with a network of stores for the sale of European furniture. The company's goal was to promote the Russian market. Its owner Newman entered into a partnership with Rabinowicz, who was the director of the company GIK. At that time ZHIRNOKLEEV was a partner of RABINOVICH.

In 2004, with the help of violent methods (approximately 60 armed men), Rabinovitch seized the stores and became the head of all trade.

This seizure of shops was made possible due to the fact that RABINOVICH belonged to the Tagan group.

When Newman, a citizen of the United States of America, attempted to defend his rights in the courts and public authorities of Russia, he was threatened with murder, and he was forced to leave the country after receiving a warning that if he returns, he will be killed.

In the course of this operation the company "GIK" participated, which, as already said, maintained partnership relations with the entire family of Romanov and his companies.

C) Regarding "UNIVERMAGUE MOSCOW", it can be noted that a raid was carried out on this company and then the sale of its assets.

It should be recalled that the deputy head of the legal department of the company "Department Store Moscow" Andrei N. Bralyuk was killed, and this crime is incriminated by law enforcement agencies (international organizations and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation) Taganskaya grouping.

Andrei BRALYUK, former head of the Legal Service of the Trading House "UNIVERMAG MOSCOW", died on May 13, 2009 due to a "severe craniocerebral trauma" after a stroke inflicted on him on February 10 of the same year.

On that day, Braluk won the trial in the Moscow Arbitration Court in favor of the "legitimate" representatives of "UNIVERMAGUE MOSCOW" and against Vladimir GREKOV. During the court hearing of the case, which took place that day in the courtroom, Andrei BRALYUK received threats from Vladimir GREKOV and his entourage. It should be noted that the main beneficiaries of the disappearance of Andrei Braluk were Rabinovich, Grekov and Zhirnokleev.


In addition, another attempt was made on the murder related to "UNIVERMAGO MOSCOW". On August 16 of the same year, the machine of Marina Nikolaevna EFREMOVA, a consultant on legal issues "Department Store Moscow", was shot at, although she managed to survive.

It should also be noted that on May 24, 2010, the lawyer Ainar Platatsis disappeared, whom the press associates with providing legal coverage to the Raiders on the company, after he hinted that the case was connected with Rabinovich and his group.

During the interview to the press, a colleague of the PLATACIS law firm, Aloise VAZNIS, the former Minister of the Interior, assured that PLATACIS had received threats, "for example, from Grigory Rabinovich."

RABINOVICH and GREKOV carried out two armed attacks aimed at seizing the MOSCOW shopping center, which ended unsuccessfully. The employees of the private security service of the store received serious bodily injuries, and property was also damaged. On the fact of the attack, a criminal case was opened. Simultaneously with the machinations with the use of violence, a legal and financial operation was conducted aimed at capturing the company's assets.

In fact, as part of a series of acquisitions of debt securities, a legal operation was carried out aimed at obtaining the assets of this company.

In brief, you can specify the following scheme:


This branch of CJSC "UNIVERMAG MOSCOW" acts as a shareholder of the company "AFGANETS".

In this way:

Boris VINOGRADOV is filing a lawsuit against "AFGANTS" in the amount of more than 285.3 million rubles in respect of the promissory notes of the TPK "QUANT".

Alexander ROMANOV filed a lawsuit against "AFGANTS" for more than 145.7 million rubles.

The general director of the company AFGANETS, Temurlang BATRIDINOV, believes that the claims filed against the company are justified.

Under these conditions, the debt must be repaid, and CJSC "UNIVERMAG MOSCOW", being a shareholder of the company "AFGANETS", is obliged to take appropriate actions. Despite the disagreement of the branch (ZAO), its parent company does not protect it, states that the creditors are right and it is necessary to make a payment. The general director of the parent company at the time was RABINOVICH.

Thus, again the name ROMANOV (and Boris VINOGRADOV) appear next to the names of RABINOVICH and BATRIDINOV within the framework of the act of taking possession of assets, in which the company "HERMITAGE" also participates (whose partners were ZHIRNOKLEEV and Natalia VINOGRADOVA). And, in turn, the company is a partner of the company "AFGANETS".


To be continued

Source: Rucriminal