As it became known to the correspondent of The Moscow Post, the company Tekhnopromskesport (IK TPE), owned by Rosteha and a businessman, the president of the CSKA football club, Yevgeny Giner, decided to acquire a blocking stake in the independent power sales company TNS-Energo.

In the future, Giner and Rostekh head Sergei Chemezov, apparently intend to buy the company completely. It will be worth much. TNS-Energo occupies a rather significant place in the energy sales market of the country with a share of at least 7 percent.

That is, there is certainly a reason to buy such a company from Chemezov and Giner. Both are able to count money and calculate the options for their multiplication.

In this connection, another question arises. Why from a seemingly profitable asset gets rid of the actual owner of TNS-Energo, its general director Dmitry Arzhanov. Here you can only guess. The first thing that comes to mind is a series of scandals around the company, which have inflamed recently.

In particular, in respect of one of the company's branches in the Nizhny Novgorod region, a criminal case was instituted last year on the fact of non-payment of taxes. It was terminated only after 2 billion rubles, not given on time to the budget, were eventually returned.

According to investigators, the company "TNS energo NN" for two years deliberately overstating the costs (forged documents), thereby reducing the amount of income taxes. Under the same scheme, the value-added tax was also concealed. As a result, a huge amount of debt accumulated.

According to the logic and the law, for this kind of tricks the heads of the firm faced a realistic deadline. But ... the case eventually ended unexpectedly. As the evil tongues talked in Nizhny Novgorod, there was not without secret "agreements" between investigators and businessman Dmitry Arzhanov.


In such cases, Arzhanov has long established himself as a great master!


One need only recall the story with another branch of the company Arzhanov LLC "TNS Energo Penza". In his case, too, an administrative investigation was initiated against him by the FAS, and then a criminal one from the siloviki. The company, using its monopoly power distribution right, simply hijacked all local management companies.

But in the end, the story was like in the Nizhny Novgorod case "run down on the brakes".


The guy from our city?


Dmitry Arzhanov is a native city of Nizhny Novgorod, here he learned the basics of business even in the dashing 90s, he also studied (and with great success) the art of "kidalov" and various kinds of machinations. So the history is known when the company established by Arzhanov, Nizhny Novgorod Sales Company "at one time issued a loan in the amount of 38 million 634 thousand 457 rubles. (Excluding interest) Cyprus offshore SAMOLISLtd. Money, of course, left with ends and ended up in the pockets of a nosy businessman.

The same thing happened in the Republic of Karelia, where Arzhanov has OJSC Karelia Power Sales Company. This office issued millions of loans to several Cypriot firms, and not stinty. So offshore Kornil Ltd received 396 million 472 thousand 747 rubles., Another offshore offshore Aveldio Ltd. - 75 million 50 thousand rubles, one more - offshore Masini Ltd. - 587 million 546 thousand 382 rubles.


If you deal with simple arithmetic, Arzhanov "shod" his own firm by almost 1.5 billion!


By the way, activists of the All-Russian People's Front were interested in the affairs of the energy sales company TNS-Energo. They themselves conducted a validation of the establishment of tariffs for the supply of energy.


It turned out that such unreasonableness flourished in violent color. The prosecutor's office was even interested in the story at the request of ONF. She also found numerous violations.

And it turned out that Arzhanov was indulged in every possible way by the regional service on tariffs in the Nizhny Novgorod region. Apparently, not selfishly, the PCT officials simply went on outright violations of Russian legislation, which clearly regulated the maximum accrual of tariffs for energy.

But Arzhanov and his accomplices from the state structure (namely podelniki) to the laws frankly spit!

At the same time, observers, and supervisors called a particular person who worked in the interests of Dmitry Arzhanov. It was the head of the Nizhny Novgorod TST Alexei Semennikov. Here are just some of the conclusions of the prosecutor's office: "For example, in the NVB of the guaranteeing supplier, the costs for servicing loans for the amount of more than 430 million rubles are included, while by the company in 2011-2013 additional income was received from the regulated activity in the total amount of 6.267 billion Rubles, which indicates the possibility of the functioning of the company without attracting credit funds or attracting them in smaller amounts. "

That is, with the complicity of the official Semennikov, the indicators of TNS-Energo Buli are unreasonably high. And, means, that Arzhanov once again stuffed his pockets with money.

Dotoshlivye journalists found the reasons for the close connection between Semennikov and Arzhanov. It turned out that they once worked together with Arzhanov at OOO Nizhnovatomenergosbyte.

Journalists write that cashing is included in tariffs (in the interests of Nizhny Novgorod structure "TNS Energo") (we are talking about the so-called "services for taking readings of meters" by 540 million rubles). In addition, the tariff policy of the PCT takes into account the various services of Energocontrol LLC for a total amount of 122.8 million rubles. This structure is often referred to as "Arzhanov's company".

It seems that after the experts of the ONF joined the investigation of the situation related to the activities of the TNS Energy of Nizhny Novgorod, the "front-line soldiers" will be able to bring Arzhanov and Semennikov "into clean water."

About Dmitry Arzhanov you can talk endlessly. And that he leads a long-standing friendship with the Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoisky, who openly sponsors the Ukrainian siloviki in the Donbass, and about the raider seizure of the agricultural holding Razgulay.

So, the last deal with Chemezov and Giner, which many called unusual and even strange, will not leave any of the three untouched. Because to all of them in different ways money simply "stick."