In 2008, the owners of JSC STROYENGINEERINGGROUP (JSC SIG) Vladimir Knaus, Vitaly Knaus and Alexey Demyanov decided to acquire a small Kuban bank LLC CB NOVOPOKROVSKY. According to a source, the decision to buy the bank was connected solely with the desire to "save" on "cash out" and conceal gray schemes for money laundering under agreements with Russian Railways, the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, GAZPROM. In addition, the funds received from investors are much easier to "pick up" in your business. The head of the Energy Committee of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, Alexei Zavalny, who provided SIG JSC with contracts with GAZPROM TRANSGAZ YUGORSK LLC and GAZPROM TRANSGAZ SARATOV LLC, helped grow the business. JSC "Russian Railways" also tried through the brothers Yuri and Sergey Pershev, one of whom is in the tender department, and the second in the "technical department" of PIK LLC, taking contracts without bidding.


Владимир Кнаус

Vladimir Knaus

Vitaly Knaus with sons Stanislav and Andrey

Alexey Demyanov with his wife Elena Gontareva


The Knaus brothers put Aleksey Demyanov in charge of the bank, who, together with the financial director of the holding Svetlana Simonova and the deputy general. Director Georg (Grigory) Witt had to control all schemes for withdrawing funds and the work of the holding, as well as carry out delicate instructions for the transfer or transfer of "kickbacks". A. Demyanov decided to entrust the “cashing platform”, which, among other things, “drew”, into the hands of his wife Elena Gontareva, making her the owner of VK-Consulting LLC, which hired accountants to forge documents. VK-Consulting LLC was also entrusted with the role of forging documents when lending to SIG JSC in third-party banks. To control VK-Consulting LLC, Vladimir Knaus sent Grunwald Roman. According to the general plan, LLC "VK-Consulting" found "nominal values" and regularly paid from 15 to 30 thousand rubles. For this modest money, they signed documents and took all the risks of the Knauses on their shoulders.

Vladimir Knaus appointed his nephews to the credit committee in order to fully control the bank and avoid information leakage.



Georg Witt

In the bank, Bogomolova Olga was responsible for working with nominee directors, who controlled both the issuance of money and the falsification of primary documentation.


Financial director of the bank Simonova S.A.

Everything went quite successfully in the bank and the withdrawn funds were used to buy expensive real estate around the world.

The owners of the bank withdrew depositors' funds to FININVESTCOM LLC with a nominee director, and those are already further down the chain, and so a company with an authorized capital of 10,000 rubles. received assets worth 2 billion rubles. In SIG JSC, a “Kazanchestvo” was created, which was led by Alexei Toloko, and cashiers who had “bank-client” keys transferred to them in denominations were subordinate to him.

The bankers considered that investments in oil were the most successful and instructed Alexander Appolonsky to head oil trading and again at the expense of depositors, but in 2014 oil quotes collapsed and the ruble exchange rate, and the bank became bankrupt.

Vladimir Knaus decided to “hang” his losses on his partners, believing that they should return all their property on account of losses. Why even filed a criminal case against the oil traders who were part of the holding, and at the same time against Alexei Demyanov, he gave bad advice to the boss. In 2019, the Chertanovsky District Court of Moscow sentenced Demyanov A.G. by 4 years on probation for fraud in relation to stolen funds from FININVESTCOM LLC, and Vladimir Knaus turned out to be the victim, although he did not invest funds there, but it was established that these were the funds of depositors.

So Vladimir Knaus started a campaign to whitewash his image of a deceived partner, and at the same time the Knaus brothers began to rearrange shares in the business. 4 billion rubles no one was going to return the losses to the bank.


The inevitable happened and on December 4, 2017, the license of the bank was revoked by the Central Bank of Russia, because, finally, all the property associated with the Knaus family, bought with “technical” loans, disappeared from the bank’s assets, and the bank turned on the “vacuum cleaner” to collect funds from the population.

And so, in July 2018, a criminal case No. 11801450008000335 was initiated by the Investigative Department for the Northwestern Administrative District of the Internal Affairs Directorate for the Southern Administrative District of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia on the fact of issuing knowingly bad loans to individuals. The scheme was simple, since the bankers had passport data, as well as signature samples. The money was issued at the bank's cash desk, that is, they thought no one would know anything, otherwise where the curve would take them.

 According to a source, one of the "nominals" learned that he not only worked for VK-Consulting LLC for 20,000 rubles, but also took a loan of 60 million rubles. ran to the police, and opened the first criminal case. Due to strange circumstances, Aleksey Demyanov remains on his own recognizance, and all the persons preparing fictitious documents in the person of E. Gontareva, Bogomolova O.A., Grunvald R.Yu., head of the Security Service S.N. Frolenkov and A.E. Kireeva were just witnesses. Case filed in 2018, but there is no verdict. Nominee directors and individual entrepreneurs who "received" loans are fighting off the bailiffs, but the case has not yet reached the court. The investigation is waiting for the expiration of the terms of bringing to criminal responsibility.

In September 2019, in the SD of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, investigator Kuleva T.A. filed a / d 1190100775400181 after the appeal of victims of the fraud of bankers jur. persons: OOO SMP and nominee directors of OO REFKOMPLEKT, OOO BAZIS, OOO SERVISNEFTEPRODUKT.

Kuleva T.A. received statements and realized that the issued 1.7 billion rubles. on NGO REFKOMPLEKT, OOO BAZIS, OOO SERVISNEFTEPRODUKT are not the only withdrawn funds of the bankers Knausov and Demyanov. Kuleva T.A. by IP addresses during the work of "technicians" in the client bank, she found that all debit transactions were made from the building of JSC "STROYENGINEERINGGROUP", which were owned by bankers. In addition, the scheme for withdrawing funds directly led

For example, the owner of Service-Avtomatika LLC, TIN 6452096651 is actually SIG JSC (TIN 1087746800261), owned by V. Knaus. Knaus V. Gave himself a non-repayable loan for Service-Avtomatika LLC in the amount of 257,069,958.91 rubles. (KD 2016/KLV/M-123 dated 01.12.2016, KD 2017/K/M-18 dated 02/06/2017, KD 2017/KLV/M-120 dated 07/18/2017, KD 2017/KLV/M-20 dated 09.02 .2017), who is in no hurry to return, as he re-registered legal. face on the next denomination.

All loans were subject to the same scheme: OOO "STROYTEKHKOPLEKT" RUB 190,530,000.00, KD 2016/KLV/M-35 dated 04/27/2016, KD 2016/KLV/M-39 dated 04/29/2016 (, TIN 6452912028); LLC "Home money", TIN 7714699186, 302,091,068.49 rubles, KD 2017/KLV/M-135 dated 08/23/2017; LLC "KRAINEFTEGAZ", (LLC "GREAT KAVKAZ") TIN 2308123778, 278,202,082.20 rubles, Cd 2016/KLZ/M-130 dated 12/20/2016, Cd 2017/KLZ/M-100 dated 06/20/2017, Cd 2017/KLZ/M-129 of 08/08/2017, KD 2017/KLZ/M-9 of 01/26/2017; LeasingPostavka LLC, TIN 7710526792, RUB 141,735,984.98; OOO NPK Project Engineering, TIN 7704839042, RUB 197,037,810.23

Investigator Kuleva T.A. decided that before retirement it was time for her to work for herself on 1190100775400181, and a scheme with a pre-trial agreement with Alexei Demyanov was ripe. He confesses in three episodes, Knausov does not give up, and she forgets about other thefts of denominations, which she recommended to forget everything. Deputy head of department 24 ex. "B" GUEBiPK Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Alexander Shevchenko does not give statements and requests on Vladimir Knaus a move, letting them go in a circle.


And so the scheme worked, on June 22, 2021, the Zamoskvoretsky District Court of Moscow sentenced Alexei Demyanov to 4 years for embezzlement in three episodes, and his participation in embezzlement through the issuance of bad loans in criminal case 11801450008000335 is completely excluded, like his wife, Grunwald R .Yu., Vladimir Knaus and many others.

Based on the number of episodes and the stable composition of the group, signs of a crime under Art. 210 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation in relation to Vladimir Knaus, however, the SD of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation forgot about everything and attributed everything to the financial illiteracy of the Russians.

The Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation and the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation informs the victims that the investigator Kuleva T.A. she herself is conducting the investigation of the case, and so far in the actions of T.A. Kulevoy or the head of the SD of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation S.N. Lebedev, no corpus delicti for concealing episodes of the crime is seen.

The prosecutor's office in the SZAO and in the Central Administrative District cancels the deliberately refusing decisions to dismiss the criminal case and makes a presentation to the investigation and operational officers, but there is no reaction. Episodes of embezzlement of funds through "technical" according to the state. contracts are not fully investigated, and at this time they are liquidated through a fictitious bankruptcy.

GK DIA represented by a representative to / from Petrenko A.A. with a statement about the crime, despite the appeal of nominee directors to the SD of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation does not apply. The entire board of directors and members of the credit committee avoided subsidiary responsibility for approving the issuance of NPLs. The application for bringing to subsidiary liability was submitted on the last dates and cannot be submitted again. Here is such a mutual responsibility of the Civil Code of the DIA, the Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation and the SD of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, the GUEBiPK of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.

Knaus and Demyanov, who stole billions, sleep peacefully, it’s not for bailiffs to knock on them and sell their property.

Timofey Grishin

To be continued…