The main news of the past week was the appearance of information that the arrested colonels of the FSB were found and seized rubles and currency totaling 12 billion rubles. We are talking about the head of the banking calving Management To the FSB of the Russian Federation Cyril Cherkalin and his predecessor, Dmitri Frolov. For many,many years they were a reliable cover for dozens of banks-"vacuum cleaners", working in the market, despite the giant "holes" in the capital. According still big profits colonels brought "protection" grounds for withdrawal and the withdrawal of giant amounts. In particular, Cherkalin and Frolov were seen in the shelter of this shadow bankers, as Aleksey Kulikov and Pavel Wertelecki. According to the operative data, was in the business of the colonels of the FSB and the assistant - now former Deputy chief DEB the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia Andrei Horev. Once forced from the authorities, it "sheltered" the Rotenberg brothers. It is in their structures that Khorev has been working in recent years. But after the arrest of Cherkalin and Frolov he can remember the past "sins". In particular, the story of the "divorce" for money Verteletsky. At the very, this is stated in one of the operational certificates of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation which publishes

Before the reader will become acquainted with the document, at the reception that Paul Verteletsky, better known as Pasha Helicopter and started my career as an accountant of Izmailovskaya organized criminal group. In this field, Pasha Helicopter and mastered the skills of working with "dirty" money. And became so successful that he began to serve financial a variety of shadow financial flows. Under his unspoken control at various times visited about a dozen banks, including the "Far North". This note describes how the security forces were put under the control of the activities of vertelets'ke.



I report that the Deputy head of Department "To" FSB of Russia Frolov D. for the purpose of extraction of personal benefit organized through the Deputy chief of DEB of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia the Colonel of militia Khorev A. V. power arrival on the organized criminal community headed by Verteletsky P. (nickname "Pasha Helicopter").

The purpose of the operation was as follows:

To gain control of the OPS for the purpose of extracting personal gain.

11.02.2008 Horev V. A. contacted acting Deputy chief SK at the Ministry of interior of Russia by Logunova O. N.

During the conversation, Horeev explained that staff 1 ORB 7 Department of the MIA of Russia received a significant operational information that in KB "far North" are the illegal transit operations. According to the information obtained for these operations are Verteletsky P. and elbakidze D. E. (nickname "Juba"). Employees of DEB of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia have requisites of firms through which money transits are carried out. Horev A. V. Logunov asked to assist the IC at the Russian interior Ministry in the arrest of the correspondent account of the additional office of KB "the far North" is opened in KB "Alfa-Bank".

12.02.2008 the initiator from DEB of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia provided in SK at the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation the report on illegal activity of OPS.

13.02.2008 in the Tver court of Moscow received the sanction on arrest of accounts and a search of the Bank. Agreed with the court Horev.

13.02.2008 in 16 hours employees DEB the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia arriving in KB "Alfa-Bank" has carried out the arrest on the correspondent accounts of the Bank "far North".

At 17 h 30 min. the staff of the DEB MVD of Russia, SK under the MVD of Russia entered the office of the Bank "far North". In the investigation participated and staff Dbopit of the MIA of Russia.

The purpose of the event was to visually monitor the actions of the DEB of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia and the establishment of a person under the name of Yura constantly in contact with OPS myazin I. G. and Dvoskin/Slusker E. V.

The person has been established as Yaroslavl Yury.

20.02.2008 between vertelets'ke P. and a representative from Horev at 21 h carried out a meeting to resolve the issue (in the correspondent account with the Bank KB "far North" arrested 680 million roubles).

However, the level of negotiator (entity set) from (Horev) Verteletsky and individuals involved in the negotiations did not suit the person it was proposed to invite Horev (the negotiations were conducted in the restaurant "Picadilly").

Verteletsky through Myazina, Dvoskin, Kulikova came to direct, the Deputy head of the Department "K" of the FSB of Russia Dmitry Frolov

Frolov D. explained that he is ready to provide comprehensive assistance to Verteletsky to solve this issue.

According to available information 21.02.2008 G. Frolov from vertelets'ke transferred significant funds to address the issue"


To be continued

Zakhar Belocerkovsky