For the third month already, Group IB CEO Ilya Sachkov has been sitting in the Lefortovo pre-trial detention center in connection with the high treason case. They wrote a lot about Sachkov, in addition to the fact that he is a talented hacker, but also an alleged lover of shooting in Moscow, not in a sober state. A loud episode on Red Square on November 20, 2019 was always cited as an example. However, nowhere and never were the exact details of the shooting discussed, or the documents of the case published. The editors of the VChK-OGPU telegram channel and the website found all the documents on that shooting, including an explanation written by hand by Ilya Sachkov himself, as well as interviews with witnesses, victims and police officers.

Илья Сачков

In short, the story boils down to the fact that Sachkov agreed to meet with someone from the Ministry of Economic Development at the famous Four Seasons Hotel on Red Square. However, taxi drivers constantly staying at the hotel waiting for customers created a traffic jam, so Sachkov got out of the car and walked to the hotel, leaving his driver in a traffic jam. When the hacker's business conversation ended, his driver was still idle in traffic. Ilya Sachkov demanded one of the taxi drivers to leave; as a result of the conflict, he used the Udar gas cylinder.

In any case, it will not work to find out what exactly Ilya Sachkov used on Red Square, since a criminal case on this fact was never opened. (The report of the district police officer is attached)

Note that this is not the only episode with the shooting with the participation of Ilya Sachkov, according to which the police skated to initiate cases. Sources say that the cyber specialist had previously shot in the back a security guard in an office building on Mazhorov Lane in Moscow. Sources of claim that the office in that room was rented by the curator of Ilya Sachkov in the FSB at that time, Deputy Head of the Central Information Security Department of the FSB, Alexander Vasilyevich Klyuev.

Transcript of Sachkov's explanation: “On November 20, 2019, due to work needs, I had to meet with the Ministry of Economic Development (not legible) at the Four Seasons Hotel. With my driver Alexei Eremin we drove up to the hotel at about 14:55 and ... (unintelligible) got stuck in a traffic jam for about 25 minutes (stood) in one place. Considering that I am late for an appointment, I got out of the car and went to the hotel entrance. While I was walking, I saw (not intelligible) that the taxi drivers, before reaching the hotel, stopped on the roadway, stopping the flow. I went to the meeting, finished at about 4:38 pm, left the hotel, and called my driver. Alexey said that he was still in traffic and he had 25 minutes to get me. I went out into the street and again saw the taxi cars stopped at the corner. I asked the hotel staff to organize the movement, but they said they could not help. I went to my car and on the way, approaching the stopped car (not intelligible) asked not to delay the movement. Let not immediately, but the car left. When I got to the car, the traffic stopped again. I went to the first car that stopped and asked the driver to leave. He said with aggression "who I am" and "get out." I said don't delay the journey. He got out of the car and began to talk to me in various aggressive words (not intelligible). The phrase "I will destroy you now and I will smash you fucking" was also sounded. I said try. After that, I once again asked to get into the car and leave, he once again said that he would “smash me fucking” (apparently my face. ”After that, a friend of this driver came up from one of the neighboring cars and at the same moment the first Driver (not legible) and raised his fist. I took it as a threat to my life, took out a gas canister "blow" from my bag and fired a warning shot at the side of the driver. , Caucasian nationality (not legible) and a height of about 192 cm, I became scared and I made the second spraying into him.At that moment, several more Caucasians, about 5 + people, approached, at the same moment a police officer approached, who tried to calm the attacker and those who ran up 20.11.2019 II Sachkov Signature I would like to add that the whole conflict and the attack on me were recorded by surveillance cameras installed at the hotel. also has testimony from one of the taxi drivers who pressed participation in the conflict: Today, November 20, 2019, at about 4:00 pm, when I was in a traffic jam on the roundabout of the 4 Seasons hotel, located at Moscow Okhotny Ryad d2, I drew attention to a previously unknown man who was dressed in a light suit and was talking about something with my colleague Uribaev Utiyar, born in 1995. (Gr. Kyrgyzstan). As I understand it, their conversation was in a raised voice. I got out of the car and decided to go up to my friend to settle the conflict. When I approached, I saw that a previously unfamiliar man began to take out something from under his jacket with his right hand. Then he sent his hand with the person in with a dark object, similar to a pistol, and pointed it at my friend, after which he fired two shots in the face of my friend. (I heard two pops.) Then he pointed an object that looked like a pistol in my direction and fired a shot. I managed to dodge and cover my head with my hand, as a result, he did not hit me. Then a police officer came to the scene. I want to note that when an object that looked like a pistol was pointed at me, I was afraid for my life and health. I ask you to take action against a man unknown to me who fired a shot at me. Signature. End."

Ilya Sachkov was arrested on September 29 on charges of treason. This article of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation implies punishment for the issuance of information abroad that constitutes a state secret or espionage. On December 3, Bloomberg published an article in which sources of journalists linked the case against Sachkov to the transfer of information about the hackers to the GRU. According to the newspaper, Ilya Sachkov allegedly provided the American authorities with information about a hacker group known as Fancy Bear and its attempts to influence the US presidential elections in 2016.

In Group IB itself, the article was called speculation. “The case materials are classified. Any versions are nothing more than speculation, ”the press service of the company told RBC.

The telegram channel VChK-OGPU told its version of events, which formed the basis of the case against the founder of Group-IB Ilya Sachkov. At one time, blogger Brian Krebs, who is closely associated with the US FBI, published a document related to the ORD of the FSB of the Russian Federation. The document was published in a form in which it could be obtained exclusively directly from the FSB of the Russian Federation, or from Ilya Sachkov, who, as an involved specialist, conducted its research. Sachkov himself then categorically denied the transfer of the document to Krebs. After the arrest on charges of treason, the head of the 2nd department of the Central Information Security Department of the FSB, Sergei Mikhailov, the topic of the leaked document was raised again. Since Mikhailov denied any transfer of classified information at all, it was believed that it was through him that the document "leaked" to Krebs. Recently, Mikhailov, sentenced to 22 years in prison, began to cooperate with the FSB of the Russian Federation and give testimony. He said that the document was transferred to Krebs directly by Sachkov, he knows this, since at that moment in time they were in close contact. As a result, Sachkov was arrested.

It is worth noting that now representatives of Group-IB in the media, especially in the Western ones, are trying to create a positive image for Sachkov, a kind of fighter against hackers and a person who went against the system. However, the VChK-OGPU telegram channel conducted its own investigation and its results differ greatly from the information of Sachkov's entourage.

    Group-IB and Ilya Sachkov were promoted through close cooperation with the Central Information Security Service of the FSB and its head Sergei Mikhailov. He also opened the way for Group-IB to budget money. When Mikhailov was accused of high treason, Sachkov quickly turned his back on the curator. Moreover, representatives of Group-IB acted as witnesses and experts in this case. It is impossible to get out of the habit of budgetary flows, and Sachkov is always in search of them.

Defenders of the founder of Group-IB, Ilya Sachkov, who is in jail on charges of high treason, present him as an ardent assistant to the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the fight against hackers and other cyber attacks. According to the data of the Cheka-OGPU, Sachkov really worked closely with the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, but in a very specific capacity. He was commissioned by various wealthy entrepreneurs to fabricate materials that formed the basis of criminal cases against the enemies of businessmen. You won't see any hacking there. So, the Cheka-OGPU has materials about how Sachkov and Group-IB helped to fabricate cases in the interests of Rustam Tariko, Kenes Rakishev and Alisher Usmanov. It was Sachkov's subordinates, on his order, who made the expertise, conclusions, technical documentation needed by the clients, which gave grounds to send people to jail, or to try to do it.

Алишер Усманов

It was Group-IB that prepared all the materials and documents that allowed the Main Investigation Department of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Moscow to fabricate a criminal case, with the help of which Nginx tried to "squeeze" from its creators - Igor Sysoev and Maxim Konovalov. Lawyers Maximilian Grishin, Vladimir Timoshin and Kazakh oligarch Kenes Rakishev decided to involve Group-IB in the operation to "hit" Nginx. It was Rakishev who initiated the criminal case involving the creators of Nginx. It was Rakishev who, as a result, wanted to get Nginx, there were corresponding agreements with the Mamut family. Vladimir Timoshin, thanks to certain very personal relationships, kicks open the doors to many offices of the Main Investigation Department of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Moscow. It was he who negotiated the initiation of the proceedings necessary to take over Nginx. Since there were no grounds for initiating a case, they decided to "blind" him. To do this, lawyers Timoshin and Grishin involved Group-IB in their work. The company's employees worked with the server on which all the Rambler internal correspondence was held for many years, and Group-IB's "specialists" organized access to the personal mailboxes of the creators of Nginx Igor Sysoev and Maxim Konovalov. In particular, Group-IB was able to organize request access to the correspondence between Sysoev and Konovalov with representatives of PwC, IDelyne Group, Greycroft LL.C., Greyeroft Partners II LP., BV Capital VCC, Greenberg, Whitcombe & Takeuchi LLP., Runa Capital I. LP, GlobTechFund. All this work was generously funded by Kenes Rakishev. Having obtained all this correspondence, Group-IB specialists, under the dictation of Timoshin and Grishin, performed a certain analysis of "evidence" in which Igor Sysoev, Maxim Konovalov, and their partners were designated as "alleged criminals." As a result, this fruit of the creativity of Group-IB and Rakishev's lawyers also became one of the materials necessary to initiate a case, "ordered" by Timoshin in the Main Investigation Department of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Moscow. Due to a large international scandal, the fabricated case had to be terminated as a result. Nobody bore responsibility.

Кенес Ракишев и Рамзан Кадыров

 Why did Ilya Sachkov do all this? He was sure that by participating in the fabrication of cases, he was developing his own immunity from the security forces. Indeed, in cases of shooting in the center of Moscow, it worked. But in a more serious case, Sachkov was simply eaten. The usual fate of such characters.

Maria Groznya

Alexey Ermakov