Source: Rucriminal continues the narration about the circumstances of the murder in 1997 of the vice-governor of St. Petersburg, Mikhail Manevich, a close friend of the Russian President Vladimir Putin. Officially, the crime is not disclosed. However, the materials that were at the disposal of, shows that in reality the motives, "customers" and the perpetrators of the murder have been known for a long time. Among those who followed Manevich there was an employee of the North-Western Customs Igor Bondarenko. The materials indicate that the reprisal with the vice-governor is connected with the St. Petersburg seaport. Moreover, the killers were detained. They turned out to be a real detachment of professionals headed by the Chelishov family. In the last part of the investigation, described a number of new defendants, such as Vyacheslav Ivanov, nicknamed Slava the Hockey Player. In the 90 years he was closely associated with the port. And until 2013 he played in hockey matches between the teams of FSB officers and customs.

After the new material, the readers will not have any doubts that Manevich was killed by the Chelyshevs' band. The investigation has seized a host of evidence corroborating this circumstance. Moreover, in the volumes of the case there are revelations of the professional sniper: what shoes you need to wear when you kill from the attic; that it is necessary to use instead of gloves, not to leave "fingers", but also to feel the trigger, etc. Now they are available to readers of Also you will get acquainted with the new hero of the investigation - Anatoly Volkov. We will go ahead and let us know that later it turned out that he is an agent of the special services of deep penetration. To carry out special operations, he was sent to prison under the legend, and then he was escaped from it.

"September 7, 1998 in the place of residence IVANOV VA. A search was carried out during which two ammunitions were found and confiscated, and on the same day IVANOV was detained in accordance with Article 122 of the RSFSR Code of Criminal Procedure on suspicion of committing a crime under part 1 of Article 222 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

On September 10, 1998, IVANOV was charged with committing this crime. IVANOV is accused of having illegally acquired a 9 mm caliber of foreign production to the Luger pistol and a rifle cartridge from St. Petersburg in 1996-1997, which from that time until September 7, 1998, illegally stored in his place of residence. IVANOVA applied as a preventive measure a written undertaking not to leave the place.

In the charge brought against him IVANOV pleaded guilty. At the same time, he denies the facts of getting acquainted with members of the criminal group of CHEALS and helping them to acquire weapons.

Considering that Ivanov's actions in this part are not connected with the commission of a terrorist act against MANEVICH, on October 1, 1998 the deputy head of the Investigation Service for this episode of unlawful activity IVANOV VA. a criminal case was initiated on the grounds of committing a crime provided for by part 1 of Article 222 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation and was separated from criminal case No. 86 into a separate proceeding.

In the framework of the criminal case No. 86, the investigation and operational-search activities are continued to verify the available evidence that IVANOVA could have received the weapons used in the commission of the terrorist act against MANEVICH.

Circumstances related to the implementation of the intention to acquire weapons in St. Petersburg, and the fact of being in St. Petersburg in August 1997 CHELYSHEVA AA confirmed at the interrogation and TERESHCHENKO AN. In addition, informing about the stay in the city in July 1997, Drozhzhina and Chelysheva SA, he explained that they were solving questions on the acquisition of weapons.

DROZHZHIN OB admitted on interrogation that, along with CHELYSHEV S.А. in July-August 1997, attempted to acquire in St Petersburg a Stechkin pistol, a Kalashnikov assault rifle and a sniper rifle with optics. During this period, CHELYSHEV AA came to them. and POPOV and YAKOVLEV S.V. nicknamed "Fandora."

From the testimony of YEAST, it follows that he, along with CHELYSHEV S.M. and DIKYAKOVSKY left St. Petersburg for the Tambov region on August 20 or 21, 1997, i.е. almost immediately after the murder of MANEVICH.

He also reported that CHELYSHEV S.А. home in the Tambov region, almost always wears rubber overshoes.

As the witness CHURYUKIN Yu.S. showed, VASILISIN told him about the method of committing murders by shooting from attic room windows. At the same time, so that when walking on the roofs of the legs do not slip, you should wear rubber shoes. From the testimony of Churyukin, it follows that VASILISIN along with CHELYSHEV AA committed murder in this way. At the same time, his testimony in many respects reproduces the situation of the murder of MANEVICH.

There are other indirect proofs of the possible involvement of members of the criminal group of CHILDs in committing the murder of MANEVICH.

So, in the place of residence YAKOVLEVA SV at the address: Tambov region, Pervomaysky village, ul. Volodarsky, house 56, a plastic bottle with a weapon oil, similar in composition to the oil of the "Alkaline composition" oil, was removed.

According to the conclusion of the chemical examination, in its composition, this oil is similar to the oily substances found on the gate spring of the machine, and differs from the oily substances found on the gate of the machine from which MANEVICH was killed and a piece of white cloth (rag-diaper) attic, absence of impurities of animals and vegetable oils.

The presence of admixtures of animals and vegetable oils can explain the testimony of the witness ... And, during the interrogation, he informed that, as VASILISIN SV told him, when shooting, one should not use gloves, as they can not be removed at the time of departure or lose, and then on they are left with traces of shooting, and recommended a few minutes before shooting to smear their hands with a fat cream after shaving or for the skin, and then on the arms there will be no prints of hands, and on their hands - traces of a shot.

According to the conclusion of the forensic examination, a section of a copper tube seized during a search at the place of residence SHEPELEVOY LM. Lipetsk region, Usman, Ludkov street, the house ..., and the pipes that crimped the cable, which blocked the door of the attic space used by criminals as a position for the MANEVICH vehicle, have the same outer diameter of 12 mm and wall thickness of 1 mm.

The fact of finding members of the criminal group CHELYSHEVYH in St. Petersburg on August 24, 1998 is confirmed by data on calls Popova SN. from Tambov region to St. Petersburg on the phone: 155 62 37 (VASILISINA A. M. Zhukova 72-2-25) and 159 O6 32 (D ... TK Soldier Korzun ...) 234 10 27.

In addition, calls were recorded from the phone 159 06 32 (D ... T.K. Soldier Korzun 7 ...) 18.08, (the day of the murder MANEVICH) at 16.11 and 16.21, as well as 21.08. in the village. Pervomaisky of the Tambov region, 22.08. - in Dmitrievka of the Tambov region, 25.08. - Ferghana, August 26, 02.10, 23.12. - Usman of the Lipetsk region, September 16, 29.10, 23.12. - Pervomaisky of the Tambov region.

The fact that in August 1997 the members of the criminal group CHELYSHEVYH were in St. Petersburg, testify to the materials of the audit of administrative practice records (GAI). 1 According to these materials, Alexander CHELYSHEV. On August 4, 1997, the license plate A864MM68 was delayed on the VAZ 21099 car. August 3, 1997 was delayed AG Volkov. on the "Honda" car license plate Н225ВО78.

VOLKOV AG is a citizen of Ukraine. He was convicted on 19.01.1993. Sosnovsky District Court of Cherkassy for extortion as part of a group of persons to b years of imprisonment (beginning of the term - September 22, 1992). On February 8, 1996, he escaped from the colony of the settlement No. 57 in Gorlovka, Donetsk region of Ukraine. On this fact, a criminal case has been instituted against VOLKOVA (escaping from places of deprivation of liberty or from custody). From 06.11.1997. an interstate search was announced.

According to information obtained from the DBT of the Federal Security Service of Russia, Volkov AG could be the direct executor (shooter) of the terrorist act against MANEVICH.

During the verification of this information in St. Petersburg, an unknown person using an forged document addressed to VOLKOV Anatoly Gennadievich was identified by an identity card BA No. 074547 issued on May 15, 1996 by military unit 394 of the ETC. According to available records, military units with a three-digit number do not appear.

It is established that this unknown is the wanted VOLKOV Anatoly Gennadievich - a member of the criminal group of CHILYSHEV.

On August 4, 1998, VOLKOV was detained in accordance with Article 122 of the Code of Criminal Procedure of the RSFSR on suspicion of committing a terrorist act, organizing forgery of documents and fraud; crimes under Art. 277, part 3 of Art. 33 and part 2 of Art. 327, part 1 of Art. 159 of the Criminal Code of.

In the case it is established that VOLKOV in 1996-1998 repeatedly committed forgery of official documents granting rights for the purpose of their use, and used knowingly forged documents, and also committed fraud. The specific illegal activity of VOLKOVA was as follows.

In 1996, VOLKOV, together with an unidentified person in the city of Moscow, forged the official document - the identity card of an officer of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, BA series No. 074547, issued on May 15, 1996, with the military unit 394 ETK, in his name, and from 1996 to May 1998, this forged document was used on the territory of the Russian Federation.

In June 1998, in St. Petersburg, with the complicity of Mikhail Mikhaylovich. together with KURNOSENKOV Yu.M. made a forged document - a driver's license of the series AVI N 014997, pasting his photo into it, and in the period from June to August 4, 1998 in St. Petersburg used this deliberately forged document.

In the period from 1996 to May 1998, he used in the territory of the Russian Federation a forged document - a driver's license of the KIA N 181954 series in his name.

In addition, in February 1997, having presented the forged identity card of an officer of the BA series N 074547, he took possession of the fraudulent vehicle "Honda Prilut" issued to the inhabitant of St. Petersburg Brovko VA, which caused him considerable damage. "

To be continued

Source: Rucriminal