The second day of protests in Abkhazia ended with the decision of the cassation board of the Supreme Court of the republic, which overturned the decision of the CEC on the victory of incumbent President Raul Khadjimba in the second round of elections held in the fall in the republic. The court decided to call new presidential elections in the country.

The presidential administration and the CEC do not agree with the decision and intend to appeal it, the opposition welcomes the verdict and intends to demand the speedy resignation of the current president and the transfer of power to parliament. Who is the beneficiary of the events in Abkhazia. For sources of, there is no secret. This is a former employee of the KGB of the USSR, and now the head of the ethics committee of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Otari Arshba. More details about him in our investigation.

State Duma deputy Natalya Poklonskaya once spoke about the “compromising evidence” to her colleagues, which she collected as the head of the State Duma’s Ethics Commission. Several similar stories are described in her autobiographical book Crimean Spring: Before and After. Firsthand History. ” In particular, she talks about the possible entry of deputies into the governing bodies of legal entities registered abroad. True, Poklonskaya does not name the names of parliamentarians. The new head of the ethics commission, Otari Arshba, said that verification of the facts presented has begun. The most paradoxical thing is that perhaps Arshba had to conduct a check against himself. He was one of the heroes of the book of Poklonskaya.

At the time of the filing of the latest declarations by parliamentarians, it turned out that Arshba was a co-founder of Mirny Atom 1 CJSC. Moreover, there is no information that he transferred the business to trust. Arshba owns 38.5% of the authorized capital of this company. The main activity is real estate management. The firm, in particular, rents out space in the metropolitan shopping center Medvedkovsky.

Much more interesting was the business of deputy daughter Inga Arshba. According to the records of the Georgian public registry service, Inga is 100% owner of the Mari Group company, which owns the 4-star Batumi Colosseum Marina Hotel. It opened in 2016, and the ex-Prime Minister of Georgia Irakli Garibashvili personally cut the red ribbon. A total of $ 14 million has been invested in the construction of the Colosseum Marina Hotel. An investor acquired land in 2012 for a symbolic amount of one lari (less than $ 0.5). The construction of the hotel began during the reign of ex-President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili. The former head of state himself in a statement dated September 2015, regretted that the current government of the “Georgian Dream” had appropriated the project, which, according to his idea, was carried out by an Abkhazian by origin Tengiz (aka Otari) Arshba.

Immediately after such information reached the Georgian media, the Mari-Group website was urgently destroyed. However, in the cache of search engines you can find the following information that was present on the site:

"Inga Arshba

Master's degree in international business and business administration at one of the best universities in Russia - Moscow State University of International Relations, (2002)

Bachelor's degree in international business and business administration at the same university, (2000)

Durham School, United Kingdom, (1995-1997)

Batumi High School, Georgia, (1986-1995)


Chief Financial Officer, Moscow;

founder of “Marigroup”, Batumi


Inga Arshba speaks Russian, English, Georgian and Spanish. ”

By the way, the Durham school, Uk is one of the most expensive and prestigious in England.

As found out, in Georgian forums you can read that the residents of Batumi know Otari Arshba very well. He was considered the owner, located on the site of the current hotel, the cafe "Hello from Batumi" and the huge sports and entertainment complex "Marina". Also, city residents are sure that Otari owns the Sanapiro Hotel, the Porto Franco Restaurant and many other objects in the city. It turned out that under Saakashvili Arshba was actively buying land and real estate in Batumi. And many of them he, as a wealthy investor, got a penny.

To this we can add that the wife of Otari Arshba, Marina Zenaishvili, is a co-owner of real estate management companies (LLC Almira, LLC Nagatino, etc.). Marina Zenaishvili, who Otar has been married to for 25 years, previously owned a trading house, a chain of restaurants and hotels in Batumi. The wife of Arshba was (or maybe is) a co-owner of the shares of Halyk Bank and the People's Pharmacy. On May 6, 2008, as part of the events dedicated to the anniversary of the “Rose Revolution” in Adjara, a shopping center was opened, which belongs to Marina Zenaishvili-Arshba. This center was opened by Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili.

Brother Otari - Alexander is a co-founder of the same Peace Atom 1 LLC. He is also one of the leaders of the Moscow Abkhaz Diaspora NGO.

The tourism business in Russia and Georgia is also associated with the Arshba family. In particular, Arshba’s relatives control the Moscow travel agency Apelsin Travel.

And the son of Otari Irakli is generally a hero of Batumi forums. After each of his visits to the city, photos of the next novelty of the exclusive international automobile industry with Moscow numbers appear there. Well, where else can you see a tuned Ferrari with a beautiful number "P007PP".

Heraclius is also a direct participant in the family business. So, at one time he was the owner of 10% in Credit Moscow Bank. (For some reason, there was confidence in banking circles that this was the bank of Otari Arshba himself). He sold his package to Heraclius in July 2016. A week before the license was revoked from the bank. After that, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation announced that Credit-Moscow Bank, through the transfer of claim rights under credit agreements, withdrew more than 1.8 billion rubles. The credit institution also withdrew money through the alienation of its property, said the Central Bank. In addition, before revoking the license, Credit-Moscow bought securities of companies with dubious solvency of more than 4.3 billion rubles.

In October 2016, the Bank of Russia sent a statement to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia and the IC of Russia to institute proceedings against the bank's managers and owners under articles of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation: 159 (embezzlement by fraud), 160 (embezzlement), 165 (causing property damage), 201 (abuse powers), 195 (unlawful actions during bankruptcy), 159.5 (insurance fraud) and 196 (intentional bankruptcy). The Central Bank of the Russian Federation believes that the investigation should be launched on the facts of non-transfer of the original loan agreements, gratuitous alienation belonging to the bank of real estate, theft of bank property under the guise of acquiring securities, attempted theft of funds from the compulsory deposit insurance fund, as well as possible deliberate bankruptcy of the bank . However, the materials were dumped at the Internal Affairs Directorate for the Central Administrative District of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Moscow, where repeatedly refused decisions were made. True, every time they are canceled by the prosecutor's office. And this "parsley" continues to this day.

The bankruptcy commissioner in December 2016 sent a statement to the State Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee of Russia to file cases of abuse of authority, theft of property and funds from the mandatory deposit insurance fund committed with the participation of one natural person in Credit Moscow and other credit organizations (ITB JSC ”, PJSC AKB Kapitalbank, LLC CB Pulse Stolitsy, LLC Promregionbank, JSC SMARTBANK, PJSC AKB STRATEGIYA) undergoing bankruptcy. The statement was attached to the criminal case filed by the IC of Russia on the theft of property of JSC ITB and PJSC AKB STRATEGIYA. In September 2018, a petition for conducting investigative actions was sent to the GSU SK of Russia. In November 2018, the Main Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee of Russia opened a criminal case on the grounds of a crime under Part 4 of Art. 160 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation upon theft of property of Credit Moscow Bank. Then this criminal case is combined in one proceeding with the above criminal case. The Bank was granted victim status and civil plaintiff in a criminal case.

Also, the DIA in civil and arbitration courts is actively involved in proceedings against Irakli Arshba, trying to recover from him debt under a loan agreement to the bank in the amount of 6,050,537 rubles.

According to, Strategy Bank was controlled by Alexander Urinson, the brother of the former Minister of Economy of the Russian Federation and Deputy Chairman of the Board of OJSC Rusnano Jacob Urinson. After the death of Alexander, he came under the control of Jacob Urinson. In 2012, “Strategy” became a defendant in a large-scale investigation of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation on the “laundering” of tens of billions of rubles. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the persons involved in the case, using one-day firms, transferred money to fake electronic orders on accounts of commercial banks, then to other accounts and cashed them. For their services, the organizers of the group, which included the heads of several banks and other organizations, took a commission in the amount of 3-7% of the payment amount.

The Urinson family is associated with the Arshba family. Irakli Arshba is the founder of DZMOBA LLC. One of its other founders is DVALI VAKHTANG DAVIDOVICH. The latter, in turn, holds the position of development director of RusTech Group of Companies. The managing partner and leader of the group of companies is Mikhail Urinson, the son of the same Alexander Urinson. GC RusTech is a very large developer.

In turn, Vakhtang is the son of David Dvali, whom the killer shot in 2000 in Moscow. Officially, he was the founder of the company MDM Transservice. However, Alexander Litvinenko and a number of media claimed that Dvali was a very big solver, at one time he had access to many senior officials in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and was also well acquainted with Vladimir Putin from the time of the St. Petersburg mayor's office. Allegedly, at one time, he served as his economic adviser.

Otar Arshba also positioned himself at one time as a person previously personally acquainted with Vladimir Putin.

Irakli Arshba was also the founder of three firms in the Kemerovo region (all liquidated) - GLOBAL-INVEST CJSC, MEGASTROY CJSC, and CAPITALSTROY CJSC. His partners in these structures were: Oleg Mikhailovich Suzdalev, Ruslan Vladimirovich Kazakov, Vyacheslav Yuryevich Artyushenko (the latter two through Capital-Invest CJSC, which was the co-founder of all three companies). The claimed form of activity of firms is the construction of buildings and structures.

Ruslan Kazakov at one time served as head of the consumer market and enterprise development department of the Kemerovo administration. Apparently, he was in this and a number of other companies, a representative from officials.

The founder Vyacheslav Artyushenko is also interesting. He was also one of the founders of the PRIMARY TRADE UNION ORGANIZATION CJSC "GAZPROMNEFT-KUZBASS" KEMEROVO. The main position of Artyushenko was the position of technical director of Kuzbass Business Union LLC. This is a "subsidiary" structure of Inrusinvest OJSC, a development company operating in the real estate market of the Kemerovo and Novosibirsk regions, the Altai Territory and the Altai Republic. She belonged to the co-owner of CJSC Neftekhimservis (investor in the Yaya oil refinery in Kuzbass) Alexander Govor. The Kuzbass Business Union developed a network of gas stations under the LUKOIL brand, owned enterprises for the extraction of building materials, and hotels. Govorov sold part of his assets, in particular, Sibenergougol, to the Siberian Business Union holding.

Until 2007, Govorov and his partners Yuri Kushnerov, George Lavrik were co-owners of the coal company Yuzhkuzbassugol. Then they sold it to Evrazholding (Now Evrazgroup).

To be continued

Timofei Grishin