Some employees of the Main Directorate of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the Samara Region are perplexed about the actions of the administration of the apparatus during the investigation of the Gazbank case.

While the members of the investigation team are studying all the circumstances of the criminal case, namely, issues related to the withdrawal of assets and embezzlement of funds in the amount of 7 billion rubles, the case goes to an employee who hasn’t missed any stars from the sky in his entire history at the State Public Administration, and not a single serious case not investigated. Worked and worked. But with all this, he always enjoyed the exceptional trust of management. Apparently, therefore, the real owner of “Gazbank”, the former “gas king” of the Samara region Vladimir Avetisyan, did not appear among the accused. According to sources, this is due to the fact that Avetisyan’s daughter is the bride of the son of Rostec’s head Sergei Chemezov. Details are in the joint investigation of, the Vorontsova Broadcast telegram channels and the Cheka-OGPU.

The operational staff has already compiled a sufficient list of evidence to complete a year and a half investigation.

The investigation team identified the persons involved in the commission of the crime.

Former acting head of the Gazbank presidency Mikhail Lipovetsky, who allegedly fully admits his involvement in the abuse of powers, is under recognizance not to leave the place, but against his deputy Vladimir Semin, who pleaded not guilty, a measure of restraint was adopted in April by a decision of the Oktyabrsky District Court of Samara. in the form of detention.

I really want to hope that the business will not “freeze” in the end. After all, after a controversial story with the GSU colonel Vera Rabinovich, and the latest corruption events in the regional headquarters, which have raised public doubts about the quality of the Samara police, one more scandal is not needed by anyone.

And he can be. The ultimate beneficiary of Gazbank, which owed creditors more than 20 billion rubles after bankruptcy, was Vladimir Avetisyan. He was only questioned as part of the investigation as a witness. Avetisyan himself says with a smile that he is not in danger. And the case itself would have been initiated only to “take a break” from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and put down the “switchman”. Billions withdrawn from the bank are spent by the Avetisyan family mainly in England and on a huge scale. Avetisyan's daughter Anastasia is studying at the prestigious English Wellington College and shocking students and teachers with armed guards. In England, the girl lives in a family palace located in Surrey.

The main thing is that recently the girl has an enviable groom. She began to meet with Sergei Chemezov, the son of the head of Rostec, Sergei Chemezov. Parents are very supportive of the union, since Avetisyan at one time worked as an adviser to Chemezov.

A couple can be found in England, at the Avetisyan villa in Spain, on the Maldives, etc. And, probably, there wouldn’t be anything shameful in relation to two majors. If not for the strange unwillingness of the security forces to truly investigate the theft at Gazbank, despite the repeated demands of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. According to sources, such a magical effect on the security forces is only within the power of a very influential person. And Sergey Chemezov is such. Although, we will be glad if we are mistaken and yet the law enforcement agencies will begin to truly investigate the theft at Gazbank.

The Gazbank affair is closely related to the Aktivkapital bank affair. Aktivkapital, Gazbank and another fairly large bank, worked closely. All of them "played" a long-standing banking game, they drew capital to each other. Real funds have long been withdrawn under the guise of lending to firms close to shareholders. However, before each check, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, Aktivkapitalbank, Gazbank, and another lending institution helped each other “sketch” giant “holes” by issuing technical loans and other tricks to each other.

Although why the AktivKapital Bank case is being investigated by the Main Directorate of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation for Moscow, and the Gazbank materials were sent to Samara and why the case was opened only under part 1 of article 201 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, when the DIA requested a criminal case in the form of a bouquet from art. 159, Art. 160, Art. 165, Art. 166 and Art. 201 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation remains a mystery.

In the meantime, interrogations are in full swing. What testimony is given by the deputy chairman Vladimir Semin is not known for certain, but the sources told a fantastic story.

The fact is that while the interrogations of Vladimir Semin are ongoing, in the corridors of the building on Polevaya, 4 GSU employees are whispering to each other discussing the history of the “world financial conspiracy” of French rabbis, Armenian statesmen and talented international financiers.

It all started in 2016, when Swiss entrepreneur David Gaon, the son of the founder of the infamous Noga Nessim Gaon, acquired 8.3% of the shares and, together with other Swiss citizens, became one of the shareholders of Gazbank JSCB. And it was the appearance of Gaon that determined the fate of the bank ...

Since that time, a lot of money has flowed away ... Although a lot of money does not happen and the desire to get rich at the expense of others is not a new phenomenon.

David Gaon was famous for his ability to splurge and attract to his side individual businessmen who wanted to quickly and effectively sell their assets, thus apparently hooked.

According to the investigation of future partners, “Gazbank” was introduced by Ashot Bablumyan, a member of the board of directors, out of a simple desire to honestly “make” money that he really needed. He did not think about reputation risks, because a debt of $ 5 million to the banker Vadim Egiazarov deprived him of sleep. And paying off debts was more relevant at that time.

The metropolitan investigators, who studied the topic of “Gazbank”, had a logical question: “If Gaon has such a gorgeous international reputation, why does he not need a bank of the first hundred with a large gap in its equity?” And it seems that the answer was found.

Gaon intended to use Gazbank in secret from shareholders in an international fraudulent scheme. In recent years, all Western banks making payments in international currency have been preoccupied with the issue of the purity of origin of depositors' funds. There were many reasons to recall only Landromat Troika, ABLV Bank, bankers Sergey Pugachev and Mukhtar Ablyazov.

Cherry threads - in the freezing of funds in accounts. There are actually funds, but there is no way to take them. You can, of course, try to prove that the account holder has paid all taxes in the country of origin (RF), but here part 4 of article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation automatically pops up. And with hung money, something needs to be done ...

And now the usual international “decision-makers” - the people of Gaon — appear on the scene. They offer the client a simple and understandable scheme of how to return at least part of the frozen funds. 50/50

The trustee goes to the bank where the problem money is located and agrees that the frozen funds will be used as collateral when buying a liquid asset. In this case, a pink bird bank in Samara.

The holder of troubled money does not lose anything. Money in the account. All requirements of the European or American regulator are met. The rate on such a peculiar loan is certainly higher than the market one, but this is not the main thing. The main thing is that everything is legal and beautiful

The asset is acquired, and the funds are used to increase the equity of a Russian bank. Before the CBR, everything is pretty transparent. True, the money goes to low-risk operations in the stock market. For example, acquiring shares of Gazprom or Sberbank, if you immediately sell them repeatedly, a legal source of money origin appears.

Borrowed funds are returned back to the creditor bank, and the owner of the blocked account receives its 50% earned by the bank - the counterparty to exchange operations, etc. The truth is not on the frozen account ...

The Gaon remains not in the loser and a controlled bank bonus. And the worked out scheme with respect to Gazbank could work

But "If I knew a purchase, I would live in Sochi."

During the negotiations on the purchase of Gazbank, its owners began to replace good assets with "bad" ones, since they believed in a successful deal to sell the bank.

However, something went wrong. The new shareholders learned that the bank was not doing so smoothly, so they changed their minds to inject their money into the bank’s capital. The conflict began between the partners in the transaction, as well as between shareholders.

During this time, the position of the bank deteriorated sharply and as a result of the systematic implementation by Gazbank of operations aimed at hiding the real financial position of the bank and for violating the requirements of Bank of Russia regulations in the field of combating money laundering, by order of the Bank of Russia dated July 11, 2018, the license Gazbank was recalled.

According to one version, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, not without support, decided to break the scheme of international financial fraud

The panic began. The investigation has information that all the while negotiations were ongoing, the initiator of the transaction, Ashot Bablumyan, turned to Vadim Yeghiazarov for advice on the deal with Gaon. He controlled Bablumyan at the expense of his debt. And having access to insider information, he could well have informed about the real situation with Gazbank in the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

 Probably Yegiazarov intended to use this scheme with the participation of Bablumyan to gain control over the Gazbank. Indeed, at that time “Baltinvestbank” itself came under reorganization and he needed a new tool for implementing uncomplicated financial schemes.

But everything went to dust.

The Gaons lost a reputation on the deal. In the framework of the court dispute with the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, they failed to prove that the revocation of the license violated their rights and are of legal interest. So the Gaons were deceived for the first time in their lives.

Shareholders lost the bank, investors lost money, and asset replacement transactions resulted in criminal prosecution and the arrest of Vladimir Semin.

Interested parties can only try to influence the course of the investigation ...

Believe it or not, but we all know that sooner or later, everything secret becomes clear.