Billionaire Oleg Deripaska was critical of the fact that the Central Bank lowered its key rate to 6%, reducing it by 0.25%. He wrote about this in his Telegram channel. The businessman believes that the financial regulator thus gave the "first bandwagon" to the government of Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin. “A mine for national projects and a poverty alleviation program. Robbery by the Central Bank of Industry and Population continues, ”Deripaska wrote. Sources of say that such statements by Deripaska are directly related to a court in the United States, where the oligarch is trying to lift sanctions against himself. One of the reasons for the sanctions is a close relationship with representatives of the Kremlin, the Russian authorities, who appear in the Democrats’ investigation into Russia's interference in US presidential elections. According to the new image of Deripaska, he is not at all a servant of the authorities and can easily criticize their actions.

The second reason for the sanctions was Deripaska's close ties with the mafia. already spoke in detail about such a partner of the oligarch as the leader of the Izmailovo organized crime group Anton Malevsky. It is time to talk about another partner of Deripaska - Sergey Popov, better known in certain circles as Pop. According to the databases of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, this is one of the leaders of the leader of the Podolsk organized criminal group. Popov was Deripaska’s aluminum business partner and owned 10% of all assets of Basic Element Holding.

At a court in London, Deripaska said that Popov was not his friend and partner, but was his criminal "roof", which he had to pay tribute to, and then transferred lease payments in the amount of $ 173 million. True, he could not explain why after this “roof”, Popov continued to be present at all Deripaska's family events and became the godfather of his daughter.

Popov himself described why he pretended to leave the aluminum business with Deripaska: “Oleg asked us: when I am alone, it is easier for me to agree with everyone. And after you ... a train of terrible rumors stretches. That was logical. We said: well, we will "hide" as you say. "

“We had many projects,” Popov told reporters. “For example, in the late nineties, I, Chernoy and Deripaska bought a controlling stake in his fashion house from Valentin Yudashkin. I knew Valentin, we went into business, gave him money. By the way, Deripaska was very enthusiastic about him - he went to various meetings there and delved into matters. Two years later, we took our money and left there. ”

But, as Kommersant wrote about Deripaska’s partner in 1996, Sergei Kommersant: “Gradually, with the help of one of the influential Podolsk“ shadow people ”, the brigades they created pushed the old thieves’ elite - pickpockets from the “power” in Podolsk. The most authoritative leader of the "new wave" was considered Sergei Popov (Pop). In 1990, he received 2.5 years for extortion. The new leader was Luchok. Its curator in the criminal world was considered the authority of the older generation, Nikolai Ignatov (Sedoy), whose interests concerned mainly the auto business. However, their friendship ended in such a big quarrel that Sedom had to leave the Podolsky district.

Freed in 1993, Pop did not dispute the leadership of Luchka, while remaining one of the most influential authorities. In Sailor's silence, he happened to sit with members of the State Emergency Committee, who had the most beneficial influence on him: Pop engaged in self-education and, as his friends say, significantly increased his intellectual level. They say that he still maintains good relations with the political opposition, which does not prevent him from controlling several companies involved in the sale of petroleum products. ”

And here is what archives of the RF Ministry of Internal Affairs databases that Popov have said about Popov: “Popov Sergey Nikolaevich, b. 1960 Alias: Pop. Place of residence: residence address: Period of residence: since 1990 Podolsk, Lapshinkova St., house ... Operational category: leader of an organized criminal group, authority of the criminal world. Consists in the Lalakin group “Luchka” (Podolsk). ”

To be continued

Timofey Grishin