Lost and unexpectedly found - the requirement of Deputy Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Viktor Grinya found it unclear where the Voronezh police officers. It says that in the extortion case there is no sufficient justification for the charge. In extortion, the Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company (UMMC), owned by Andrei Kozitsyn and Iskander Makhmudov, accuses Voronezh eco-activists.

And how could such a document be lost? And why, knowing about its existence, did the judge consider the case? Moreover, he himself asked for the missing document. Maybe that's why December 20, 2016. The case was returned to the prosecutor's office for the elimination of errors. This decision of the UMMC has already appealed in the regional court.

Activist Mikhail Bezmensky and Cossack ataman Igor Zhitenev were taken into custody in 2013. They were accused of extortion at the UMMC 26 million rubles. In exchange for the termination of protests against geological exploration of copper-nickel deposits in the Voronezh region. In June 2016g. Activists released under house arrest.

To think, the case of extortion has lasted for more than 3 years, the demand of the deputy prosecutor, which for no apparent reason can not be found either by prosecutors or policemen, disappears. Does not it seem strange? It seems, and even very strange.

It seems that the document was lost by someone's pointer. And then it was unexpectedly found. It happens when there are either big money or interests of power involved in the business. Then anything can disappear and even anyone.

And in the case of the Voronezh activists, the interests of money and power were mixed. Money in the person of UMMC is a plaintiff in court, and the power represented by Governor Gordeev is likely to play a double game.


Monsters are not people


From the side of UMMC everything is very clear. A steel monster does business without sentiment. He absolutely does not care about the ecology and fate of this or that region. The main thing - what lies in his land. And if this represents value for UMMC, then it must be extracted. Only business, nothing personal.

The Voronezh deposit of nickel is certainly of interest because it is the last large-scale deposit in Europe. It had to be grabbed urgently. And UMMC did not miss this opportunity.

Back in 2009. One of the owners of UMMC Iskander Makhmudov came to the region and discussed with Alexei Gordeyev the fate of the Voronezh land. By the way, right after Gordeyev was appointed governor. It is possible that UMMC sponsored Gordeev in the elections, and it was time to pay, including the lands of the region, and the fate of his voters.

Of course, Mahmudov understood that the development of the deposit would harm the ecology of the area. However, in all likelihood, this worried him least. Although, if you think about it, the violation of the ecological situation can be considered the same raider capture of land, only disguised. People who live in this area, due to developments, will live entirely on another land. And their nature will be completely different.

Mahmudov does not need to think about this. If at one time he tried to seize the land in Novo-Ogaryovo, where Vladimir Putin's residence is located, then what is Voronezh land.

The media linked UGMK Makhmudov and Kozitsyn and with the seizure of land in the Krasnogorsk district of Moscow, as well as with the seizure of the Bryansk machine-building plant, the Serov Metallurgical Plant and the Kachkanar GOK Vanadium.


Iskander Makhmudov


And these are only known seizure pages of the biography of UMMC owners. It is likely that, in fact, there are many more. Everyone is well aware of the efforts that oligarchs make to ensure that their dirty business does not come out.


Activists strike


The first one with whom UMMC had to face was a serious competitor to Norilsk Nickel, which was supposed to participate in the bidding by name. Although, their result, most likely, was predetermined in advance. Thanks to Makhmudov's close and, for sure, unselfish acquaintance with Governor Alexei Gordeyev.

It is rumored that Andrei Markov, Gordeev's first deputy, received monthly from the UMMC a "charity" aid of $ 150,000 for monitoring the Voronezh resource. Andrew Markov was called the "gray cardinal" Gordeev, so it's hard to imagine that the governor did not break anything from this sum.


Andrey Markov


As expected, UMMC won the auction, which caused a protest from Norilsk Nickel. While he carefully prepared, the nickel train left in the direction necessary for the UKMK and Gordeev. Subsequently, apparently, in order to calm the public, UMMC and Norilsk Nickel entered into an amicable agreement.

But the public, on the contrary, has not calmed down. There began rallies and protests against the conduct of geological exploration work. As it is not surprising, but people were not indifferent to what land they will live on.

The protests resulted in fights, the destruction of the camp of geologists and even the burning of two drilling rigs. During the fights, people who were beaten by the camp guards were injured. Naturally, as the governor, Alexei Gordeev could not close his eyes to this and even promised to come and personally deal with what had happened. He portrayed himself as a holy naivete.

The protesters also addressed a letter to Vladimir Putin, in which they wrote that, in the case of the development, from the land on which they live, there will be only memories. Voronezh nickel became a figurant of the federal scandal. And it strongly disliked Governor Gordeev, because he could even more shake and so flimsy of his position.

On the one hand, the governor of Gordeev was supposed to act as a defender of the interests of his constituents. On the other hand, they, for sure, were issued guarantees UMMC and they had to provide.


Playing with fire?


It was necessary to find such a solution, so that the reconnaissance in order to stop the protesters to stop, and keep their face in front of UMMC. For this it was necessary to transfer the arrows to someone. Cover the loud scandal with a screen of another, smaller one.

For this role, activists Mikhail Bezmensky and Igor Zhitenev were chosen. The fire extinguisher of the conflict was made by Konstantin Rubakhin, who, he said, had long collaborated as a political scientist with the "gray cardinal" Andrei Markov.


Igor Zhitenev and Mikhail Bezmensky


The activists were just framed. Stormy protests led to a halt in the exploration of the deposit, many of the geologists simply fled because of the prevailing situation. Naturally, UMMC needed to find a way out of the situation.

And then Mikhail Bezmensky appears and proposes to solve the issue for money. Pay and rallies will stop. Delivered in harsh conditions, UMMC agrees. However, Bezmensky is not enough, and now he demands to pay Cossack ataman Igor Zhitenev, who, according to him, costs 200 sabers.

Zhitenev himself did not save the saber during the transfer of money. He was taken into custody with Mikhail Bezmenski. Who are these activists? Naive wrestlers, extortionists or pawns in the dangerous game of Governor Gordeev.

In the lost and already found demand of the deputy prosecutor, it is said that the transfer of money was initiated by the UMMC management itself. Not bad for Alexey Gordeev, is not it? Is that why the document suddenly appeared?

The story of big money is always dirty. The ideologist of the protests Konstantin Rubakhin is hiding abroad. The judge, who sent the activists' case to the prosecutor's office, retired ten days later. The activists themselves are under house arrest.

And only Alexei Gordeyev is still in the governor's saddle. I wonder which saber behind him, that he can not fly out of this saddle?

Gordeyev plays with fire. A steel monster can be burned. To him on his way, any people are not a hindrance.