To the editor there are many letters from readers who have witnessed the theft of state funds in gigantic proportions. Especially a lot of people write to us from the Tver region, where everything is just howling from the activities of Sobolev guy Zakirovich - a local businessman, exciting giant plots of land in this and other regions. Our editorial office told about this man, as he is a long-time business partner of the Chairman of the Board of Sovcombank Dmitry Gusev. In the near future, we will finish processing all the information and make it public.

            At the same time I decided to publish another appeal, the facts set out in it were checked by the editors and fully confirmed. We were written by former employees of JSC "KDB", which participated in many major construction projects on state funds, including the construction of Olympic facilities. Of treatment you can learn how easily the owners of this company put into their own pockets hundreds of millions of rubles allocated from the Treasury to the Olympics. And these owners are very interesting.

At one time 99.98% of JSC "KDB" belonged to the Department of municipal property and urban land MO city of Krasnodar. Krasnodar then led the current state Duma Deputy Vladimir Evlanov. Also the main owners of the JSC were Yuri Chepurnoy (29.51 %, Deputy of the legislative Assembly of the region), Yuri Chepurnoy (22.13%), Vladimir Chepurnoy (25.55%) and Anna Yurievna Tanchik (17.72%). Anna Tanchik is the wife of the former Prosecutor of the Kushchevsky area Andrey Tanchik who held this position at the time when in the area the gang of Tsapkov committed atrocities. After the slaughter arranged to it, Tanchik for a short time went on decrease, but remained in system of Prosecutor's office. In January 2018, he was the Deputy Prosecutor of the city of Novorossiysk.

 And during the construction of Olympic facilities the real owners of" KDB " hid behind the denominations Anatoly Aseev, Ilya Masyukov and offshore Arotek Ventures LTD (British virgin Islands). According to, behind this offshore is the Prosecutor's family Tanchikov.

            Now let's move on to the message itself. "A year has passed since our friend Vyacheslav Yurievich Cherednichenko passed away. He was a foreman of JSC "KDB". He died under strange circumstances. We worked in JSC "KDB". During the construction of roads to the Olympic games in Sochi, he was forced to make a PostScript of building materials worth more than 200 million rubles. When it happened for the first time, Cherednichenko addressed to the chief of security service of JSC. That listened to it and told that will surely report to the CEO and owners "KDB". After that Vyacheslav all the same forced to do PostScript. Organizer of all additions was the Director of "Presidental" and "Atlan" Bezrukov. Through these companies KDB supplied all materials to the Olympic facilities. According to information from the accounting Department of JSC, all payments for all objects went only to Bezrukov. Sometimes we were not paid a salary, referring to the fact that the budget did not receive funds, but in reality Bezrukov and his "Atlas" ended in hundreds of millions. Large sums of money were transferred there when it was related to the firms Nesterovich and Sukhomlinov, through which Bezrukov laundered a lot of money. Five years Bezrukov supplying materials to our construction site on the street, their Bellies, where their whole "chemistry" conducted by Vladimir Levchenko, who was chief in all the dark deeds,- is spoken in the message received - They are only at this facility stole over 300 million rubles. At the Olympic construction site in Sochi, we were fed like pigs, and all our leaders ate and drank every day in the most expensive restaurants on the waterfront. The chief of our site Pavel Sochi bandit shot both legs. Then he agreed that Pasha did not write a statement. In the end, JSC "KDB" stolen and we were left without work. However, its owners new firms opened and continue to steal budget money. And Vyacheslav Cherednichenko lost his life altogether. At the end of 2013, Slava was interrogated by investigators of the investigative Department, who came specifically from Moscow. After questioning Glory told the head of security "KDB" Alexander Antoniou and asked him if anything to reaffirm that he was forced to do the registry. From "KDB" Antonico along with the entire security service quit due to the fact that the Olympic facilities in Sochi foremen and superintendents are constantly forced to sign a bogus volumes. And the General Director of "KDB" Metreveli, too, because it's gone.

            After all this Slava lost his rest and probably felt that something could happen to him. He gave us copies of papers that he has signed Antonico. We already wrote letters to the Krasnodar police, but she, probably, only takes money from Bezrukov. Bezrukov smiled when he learned that Slava had died. He was a key witness to the theft. These thieves dragged Glory into their dirty deeds, and then sent to the light."  


Timothy Grishin