Two years ago, on May 9, 2019, former television killer Sergei Dorenko was killed in Moscow. According to the official version, when he rode around Moscow on a motorcycle, right on the way, his heart could not stand it. Two and a half months earlier, under equally strange circumstances, Igor Malashenko, another most active participant in the "televoin" of the 90s, had died. He went to his villa in Spain, where he was found hanged.

Dorenko is one of the brightest TV journalists of the 1990s. When there was a struggle for power in the 90s, then it was Sergei Dorenko's finest hour, when he received the "title" of a TV killer. On the one hand, he mercilessly doused the leaders of the Fatherland-All Russia bloc — Yuri Luzhkov and Yevgeny Primakov — all over the country; on the other, he played a certain role in the defense of Anatoly Chubais.

In June 1996, in the midst of the presidential election campaign, two key members of Boris Yeltsin's headquarters (headed by Anatoly Chubais), Arkady Evstafiev and Sergei Lisovsky, were detained. An employee of the NRB Lavrov was also detained with them. In their hands was a "copier box" with the "shadow cash register" of the headquarters. Evstafiev and Lisovsky were detained by officers of the Presidential Security Service (SPB) of the Russian Federation, controlled by Alexander Korzhakov and Mikhail Barsukov. There was no doubt that Chubais' subordinates were caught carrying out money stolen from Yeltsin's pre-election treasury. And such a theft without the knowledge of Chabais was impossible. This story could be the beginning of its end. But Chubais, as always, got out of it.

Together with Boris Berezovsky, Tatyana Dyachenko, Valentin Yumashev, he began to convince Yeltsin that in reality the detention of Yevstafiev and Lisovsky was a conspiracy. Yeltsin did not really believe, then Chubais went to open blackmail. In a recording of the negotiations between Berezovsky and Chubais published by earlier, the latter retells Yeltsin's position: "It's okay, people who tried to steal money from the headquarters were detained and this attempt was stopped in time." Chubais is indignant and openly begins to blackmail Yeltsin, declaring that in this case "your headquarters will stop working." Yeltsin replied that "since you are posing the question like an ultimatum, then look ...". Berezovsky fully supports Chubais's actions. As a result, Yeltsin is forced to come to terms with their version of events.

Yeltsin won the elections, and already in November he undergoes a complex heart operation. Soon after that, wiretaps with Chubais himself came out in MK, from which it follows that at first he wanted to hide the story with the Xerox box and, it seems, it really was the theft of money from Yeltsin's headquarters. Yeltsin is already president, the operation was successful and Chubais may well be removed from the throne. In order for him to remain in office, the then head of the presidential administration, Valentin Yumashev, through Boris Berezovsky decides to connect the TV killer Sergei Dorenko.

 How events developed further can be found in the archive of wiretapping by Boris Berezovsky. Today introduces the reader to five conversations.

The first is between Berezovsky and the then head of the presidential administration, Valentn Yumashev. Yumashev is extremely worried about the article about Anatoly Chubais, which is to be published in MK. Yumashev wants to be removed from the room. Berezovsky replies that if it is in the room on Monday, then it is no longer possible to interfere, but if it is on Tuesday, then it is possible. He passes the phone over to Zverev, who owns the question. Yumashev says that Tatyana Dyachenko called, she is worried. The material is published in MK. Zverev replies that he knows, but there is no one in the editorial office, it is already Saturday evening, if the issue is Monday, then it is already for sale. There are positions in the editorial office, he knows people. We must look for a newspaper now. Yumashev suggests that a signal copy from the editorial office is sent to the police department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Zverev promises to find out. Returns the pipe to Boris Berezovsky. He reports that in 2 hours he will fly to Omsk. The question is how Yumashev feels. He replies that he goes to work on Monday. Berezovsky asks how to find someone there (in Omsk). Yumashev replies that they will come to him themselves, Polezhaev knows everything.

On the second entry, published by, Berezovsky and Yumashev are talking again. As you can imagine, the article was published in MK. And Yumashev gives Berezovsky regular party assignments, asks whether it is possible to insert into Dorenko's program today the idea that there is a "run over" to Chubais in order to break the core on which everything rests. He suggests that all the theses be formulated by Berezovsky himself. The point is that MK works for enemies. Make an appointment. Berezovsky says that he has a meeting with Zakayev and then everything needs to be discussed (plans for Chechnya).

On the third entry, quoted by, Berezovsky speaks to Sergei Dorenko and gives him detailed instructions on what to say about Chubais in the program. Exactly follows the instructions of Yumashev. MK is "laid out" in great detail. Berezovsky explains how to humiliate MK. Dorenko guarantees an interview with Chubais. He says that the problem with Belarus has come to the fore.

On the fourth entry, Berezovsky speaks with Chubais himself, they discuss the time of the meeting. In the end, Berezovsky asks for an interview with Dorenko, but Chubais refuses.

On the fifth recording, Dorenko reads out to Berezovsky a speech he had prepared in defense of Chubais.

To be continued

Yaroslav Mukhtarov