Source: continues to publish materials from the case against the gang of Konstantin Piskarev (Kostya Bolshoi) and his militants, who have committed more than 25 contract killings. The organized criminal group has been operating for almost a quarter of a century, since the dashing 90s. Today we publish testimony from gang members describing two massacres. This is the execution of two members of the Yegoryevsk organized criminal group. And also the murder of businessman Yan Shepelenko and his driver.

The salaries of Kostya Bolshoi's militants went to the income of the Skyfood company. Among its five founders were Piskarev's close friend and business partner, Georgy Pirtskhalava, and Yan Shepelenko. Shepelenko's contribution to the enterprise was one of the most significant - he purchased and placed expensive equipment in the shops at his own expense. At some point, the businessman decided to quit the founders and asked to return all investments to him. Konstantin Piskarev, who was the "roof" of "Skyfood", did not like it. In addition, the leader of the organized crime group decided to transfer the 20% owned by Shepelenko to people close to him.

“Testimony of D.A. Zemtsov as a suspect, contained in the interrogation protocol of 03/15/2017, according to which he knew from Piskarev that Shepelenko had a share of Skyfood in the amount of USD 200,000 and wanted to take his money. Therefore, it was decided to kill Shepelenko. For some time, Piskarev met with Fedoseev, Bezrukov, Zamyatin, and they developed a plan for the murder of Shepelenko. Fedoseyev proposed to stop the car, and then, together with Piskarev, shoot Shepelenko, take away and bury the corpse, and cut the car up. In the spring of 1999, Saryai came to Zemtsov's home and said that on the instructions of Piskarev, it was necessary to choose a place for the burial of the corpse. Zemtsov and Saryan chose a place near the abandoned Stroitel boarding house, in which Zemtsov lived at that time. They cleared the place of snow, then spilled it with diesel fuel and set it on fire, after which they dug a hole. A hole was dug for one person, a little more than 1 meter deep. After this Saryan reported to Piskarev that they had done everything. Zemtsov learned about Shepelenko's murder about two days later, when he arrived at the Burevestnik yacht club. There Fedoseev and Bezrukov said that Piskarev and Fedoseev stopped the car and did everything according to the plan - they shot Shepelenko and his driver Akhrameev, after which they transported the corpses to a pre-prepared pit and buried there. When the murder was committed, Fedoseyev fired from his Beretta pistol, and Piskarev fired from a Makarov pistol. Shepelenko's car was sawn by Lupichev in the Yacht Club "Petrel", and Saryan and Aleksandrov scattered parts of it in different dumps.

Testimony of D.A. Lupichev as a suspect and accused, contained in the interrogation protocols of 15.12.2016, 07.02.2017, 03.03.2017 and 14.12.2017 according to which the murder of Asin M.A. and Potekhnna A.I. was committed under the following circumstances. Nobody informed Lupichev of his participation in this murder in advance: before each murder, the gang members came from their home to the Burevestnik yacht club, where they received information. In the case of the murder of Asin and Potekhin, it was the same: in the evening Lupichev received information to report to the "Burevestnik", which he did. Lupichev, Zemtsov, Piskarev, Saryan, Mishin and Aleksandrov gathered in the yacht club. Piskarev said something like the following: “let's go to work”. All those who had gathered got into two cars and set off in the direction of Yegoryevsk: Saryan, Piskarev, Lupichev and Zemtsov were driving in the Volga car, Mishin and Aleksandrov were driving in the second car. About halfway to the city of Yegoryevsk, they stopped by the home of a jeweler by the name of Korogodov, who has now died. Korogodov was an acquaintance of Alexandrov and a close friend of Piskarsva. In the house of Korogodov, Lupichev changed into the uniform of a militia officer, a pea jacket with the words OMON and uniform trousers. Piskarev gave Lupichev one Makarov pistol, and kept the second pistol for himself. Piskarev only said about the motive for the murder that he needed to help someone, to render a service. It was planned to kill one man who would drive up in a black Mercedes car. After changing into uniforms, they continued on their way to Yegoryevsk, where they stopped in the courtyard of the house. Lupichev, together with Piskarev, Zemtsov and Saryan, was in a white Volga car, on which license plates from another car were installed (they were prepared in advance and stored in the house of SA Bezrukov on the territory of the yacht club). At least three hours they were waiting for the arrival of the Mercedes car. At some point, before the shooting started, Piskarev asked Lupichev if he should hand over the pistol to Zemtsov. To this Lupichev replied in the negative, saying: "Why then changed into a uniform?" Saryan or Aleksandrov reported the arrival of the Mercedes car by radio. The message stated that there were two people in the car. About a minute later a Mercedes car drove past Lupichev.

They followed the Mercedes in a Volga car, and when it stopped, Piskarev and Lupichev approached him: Lupichev stood near the windshield on the driver's side, and Piskarev stood on the passenger side, and at the same time opened fire from pistols. Lupichev shot at the driver, and Piskarev at the passenger. After the third shot, Lupichev's pistol jammed. During the murder, Lupichev and Piskarev used gloves - this was Piskarev's rule, which was strictly observed. After the murder, Lupichev and Piskarev got back into the Vol car and drove away. On the way to Moscow, Lupichev and Piskarev walked around the traffic police post with weapons, behind which the rest of the gang were waiting in their cars. At the post they removed other people's license plates from the Volga car, they handed over the weapons, the uniform of the police officers to Saryan. In Moscow they went to the Stratosphere bar on Prospekt Mira. For participation in the said murder, Piskarev paid him a reward. Subsequently, Lupichev learned that the killed were part of the Yegoryevsk criminal group, were one of its influential members. From the customer of this murder, Piskarev received two Volkswagen Passat cars in the B5 body - a black sedan and a green station wagon.

To be continued

Arseny Dronov