The website of Status Group, once the country's largest vodka producer (Staraya Marka, Kalina Krasnaya, Dobry Medved), has published the full text of the verdict of the Meshchansky District Court of Moscow to Nikolai Gordeev, the former head of OFK Bank PJSC. The first to draw attention to this was the Drunken Master Telegram channel, then RBC picked up the topic. With this sentence to eight years in a maximum security colony, the Meshchansky District Court of Moscow sentenced Nikolai Gordeev, the former president of the bankrupt United Financial Capital (OFK-Bank) bank. He was found guilty of abuse of power - the issuance of unsecured loans for almost 30 billion rubles. to enterprises controlled, among other things, by the beneficiary of OFK-Bank, the former head of Rosalkogolregulirovanie Igor Chuyan, who is also on the international wanted list. The court also satisfied the civil claim of the victims - the Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA) and the partner of the law firm Egorov Puginsky Afanasiev and Partners, classmate of President Vladimir Putin Nikolai Yegorov, who owned 25% of the shares of OFK Bank. The convict was ordered to pay them more than 10.5 billion rubles.

Виктор Хмарин и Николай Егоров was interested in the verdict, the testimony of Egorov given in full. There are a lot of interesting things in them. In particular, he admits that two banks - CJSC Ami-Bank and CJSC Barentsyank (of which OFK-bank was created) - were bought by Yegorov for "the opportunity to keep his savings there." The total amount of Egorov's deposits in OFK amounted to $ 150 million.

Игорь Чуян

“From the testimony of the victim Egorov ND, including those read out in

court session in the order of Part 3 of Art. 281 of the Code of Criminal Procedure of the Russian Federation, it follows that in 2005-2006 he

acquired from a previously familiar to him Kharebov S.A. 25% plus 1 shares of CJSC AMI-Bank and

Barentsbank CJSC at par. Kharebov S.A. was his partner in

business. Before the sale of his block of shares S.A. Kharebov. was the sole owner

Ami-Bank CJSC and Barentsyank CJSC. He (Egorov N.D.) considered the acquisition

shares in these banks as an asset, as well as the ability to keep your savings there.

By the time of his acquisition of a block of shares, Kharebov S.A. together with Karaya Z.B. owned

through controlled by them LLC "Extekh", LLC "LADIUS" and LLC "OXIRIA"

the remaining 75% of shares of CJSC AMI-Bank and CJSC Barentsbank. In 2011, Kharebov

S.A. and Karaya Z.B. told him that they intend to sell their stakes in banks and

go out of business, as they were in a difficult financial situation. Kharebov

S.A. I myself was looking for a buyer of bank shares, but could not find him. In this regard, Kharebov

S.A. asked him (N.D. Egorov) to help find the buyer of the blocks of shares, in connection with which he

(Egorov N.D.) began to ask his friends about applicants for the purchase of a package

shares. At the same time, his acquaintance Korelin V.V. during one of the conversations said

him that he has an acquaintance Chuyan I.P., who became interested in the possibility

buy shares of CJSC AMI-Bank and CJSC Barentsbank. Korelin V.V. also said that

Chuyan I.P. is the head of Rosalkogolregulirovanie. He (Egorov N.D.) was

is interested in his asset to work and the bank to develop, so he asked

Korelina V.V. introduce him to I.P. Chuyan. to discuss the deal. Korelin V.V.

after a while, I brought Chuyan I.P. to his house for a conversation on the issue

purchase of shares. At the meeting, Chuyan I.P. told him he was interested in buying

shares of CJSC "AMI-Bank" and CJSC "Barentsbank" from S.A. Kharebov Chuyan I.P. told him

(To Egorov N.D.) that he owns an alcohol distribution business, which he heads

controlled by him LLC "Zolotaya Manufaktura". Chuyan I.P. assured him (Egorova

N.D.) that his business is profitable and ready to serve his alcohol business

through CJSC AMI-Bank and CJSC Barentsbank, while developing the bank by

conducting commercial turnover through it and storing funds there. By

Chuyan I.P. the purchase of bank shares is considered by him as a portfolio

investment and being the head of Rosalkogolregulirovanie, intends to own them with

compliance with the current legislation on the state civil service.

Chuyan I.P. argued that his acquisition of shares in banks would not violate

legal requirements, since it does not create a conflict of interest for him. It

(Egorov N.D.) saw that Chuyan I.P. intends to develop CJSC "AMI-Bank" CJSC

"Barentsbank" through the development of its alcohol business, so they are with it

agreed that he would acquire from S.A. Kharebov. and Karaya Z.B. block of shares

banks in the amount of 75%. By September 2011, he (Egorova N.D.) and Chuyan I.P. were

reached an agreement in principle on the acquisition by him of blocks of shares in CJSC

AMI-Bank and Barentsbank CJSC in the amount of 75%. Moreover, taking into account the existing

at that time, the structure of bank ownership on the recommendation of lawyers, he (Egorov N.D.)

had to first buy out the shares of S.A. Kharebov. and Karaya Z.B., and then sell shares

Chuyanu I.P. In September 2011 at one of the meetings Chuyan I.P. told him (Egorov

N.D.), that he needs to deliver to CJSC "AMI-Bank" by the chairman of the board of his

person. He (Egorov N.D.) told him that the current chairman of the board

copes well with his duties and you can leave him in this position.

Chuyan I.P. insisted that the chairman of the bank's board should be his

person, because he owns a controlling stake in the bank. He (Egorov N.D.) is not

began to object to Chuyan I.P., but they agreed with him to achieve parity that

the chairman of the board of directors of the bank will be his (N.D. Yegorova) person. Chuyan I.P.

said that he has an acquaintance Gordeev N.N., whom he sees at the post

chairman of the board. He (Egorova N.D.) had doubts about the candidacy,

in this connection, he clarified with Chuyan I.P., whether he is sure of the reliability and

professionalism Gordeeva N.N. Chuyan I.P. assured him that he had already worked with Gordeev

N.N. knows him well both from a personal and professional point of view. After

this, Chuyan I.P. insisted on bringing N.N. Gordeeva. to his house so that they

met in person. He (Egorov N.D.) did not insist on this, but Chuyan I.P. does not matter

after a while Gordeeva N.N. brought him to his home. Their first meeting with N.N. Gordeev. took place at his (Egorova N.D.) home in the presence of I.P. Chuyan. Chuyan I.P.

introduced him to N.N. Gordeeva. as your confidant, a high-class specialist,

which will be able to make the Bank one of the market leaders. At the meeting Gordeev N.N. assured him of

that he has sufficient experience and professional qualities to develop

bank. Gordeev N.N. brought and showed him (Egorov N.D.) the bank development schemes. IN

As a result, he (Egorov N.D.) agreed with I.P. Chuyan. and the candidacy of N.N. Gordeev. on the

the position of the chairman of the board of CJSC AMI-Bank. First, Gordeev N.N. by

at the insistence of Chuyan I.P. was appointed First Deputy Chairman of the Management Board

CJSC "AMI-Bank", and then in January 2012 took the position of chairman of the board

of this bank Since the end of 2011 and during 2012, a number of transactions related to

exit Kharebov S.A. and Karaya Z.B. from the shareholders of CJSC "AMI-Bank" and

purchase of a block of shares in the amount of 75% by I.P. Chuyan. Package purchase scheme

He (N.D. Yegorov) does not remember the bank's shares, but in the end Chuyan I.P. acquired LLC

Exttech, LADIUS LLC, OXIRIA LLC, Tandem-Standard LLC,

who own 75% of the bank's shares, that is, became the owner of this block of shares

minus 1 share. He (Egorov N.D.) continued to own blocks of shares in the amount of 25% plus

1 share. In 2012, at one of the meetings, Chuyan I.P. and Gordeev N.N. offered him

enlarge CJSC AMI-Bank by joining CJSC Barentsbank,

explaining that the consolidation of the bank will only benefit its development. He (Egorov

N.D.) did not object, because he was interested in preserving and developing

their assets. After that, during 2012, CJSC "AMI-Bank" joined

Barentsbank CJSC, the merged bank, was renamed into OFK Bank OJSC. IN

his joint bank with Chuyan I.P. shares remained the same: 25% plus 1 share

belonged to him (Egorov N.D.) and 75% minus 1 share belonged to I.P. Chuyan. through

legal entities controlled by him. This ownership structure existed

unchanged until about 2013-2014. In 2013-2014, when meeting with him

(Egorova N.D.) at the house of Chuyan I.P. told him that he intends to sell his stake in

in the amount of 25% plus 1 share to Gordeev N.N. The cost of the package under the transaction was

about 240 million rubles. Then he (Egorov N.D.) took this news positively,

as he believed that the ownership of the bank's shares would be an additional

motivation for Gordeev N.N., but with him (Egorov N.D.) no one

agreed, Chuyan I.P. presented with a fact. Sometime after

purchases Gordeev N.N. reissued about 10% of shares to his subordinates Ablogin

AL. and Fokina R.S. Gordeev N.N. explained this by the fact that he could not confirm

To the Central Bank of Russia the level of income required to acquire all

package of shares. As far as he knows from N.N. Gordeev, A.L. Ablogin. and Fokin R.S.

were nominee shareholders and owned shares in it, N.N. Gordeeva

interests. At first he was surprised where Gordeev N.N. found such a large

the amount for the purchase of shares, but then he (Egorov N.D.) did not give this a serious

significance, since these were the cases of Chuyan I.P. and Gordeeva N.N. However, later, during

inspections carried out by Alvarez & Marsal CIES LLP and LLC

"KPMG Taxes and Consulting", it turned out that for the purchase of shares N.N.

used the bank's money, that is, in fact, illegally seized, stole the bank's money and

bought shares on them. In 2012, he (Egorov N.D.) took the position

Chairman of the Board of Directors of the bank. He did not have a suitable candidate for this

position in the bank, so he decided to take it himself. He counted on that in this

positions will control the financial and economic activities of the bank. It held the specified position before the suspension of the powers of the governing bodies

Bank on March 21, 2018. He (Egorov N.D.) never dealt with operational

management of financial and economic activities of the bank. Its powers and scope

the information provided to him was limited by legislation on

joint stock companies, the Charter and the Regulation on the Board of Directors of the bank. Interests

Chuyana I.P. represented by G.A. Sokolovskaya, A.A. Prokofiev. and Gordeev N.N. So

Thus, Chuyan I.P. there was an absolute majority as at general meetings

shareholders of the bank and the Board of Directors. Until 2015, the Board of Directors also

included V.V. Kurilov, K.V. Korelin. (represented the interests of V.V. Korelin, who

through a legal entity owned 2% of the bank's shares), Fokin R.S. The bank acted

collegial executive body - the Management Board, which, in addition to Gordeev

N.N. included Ablogin A.L., Zharkov D.L., Bolotov L.A., Fokin R.S. At the moment

acquisition by Chuyan I.P. the block of shares in the bank and the appointment of N.N. Gordeev

President and Chairman of the Management Board of PJSC OFK Bank, he (Egorov ND) placed

in this bank deposits in the amount of about 150 million US dollars, they were issued

to the offshore "Fabel", then re-registered to the Russian legal entity "Apex

South ”,“ Axis Investments ”. He (Egorov ND) periodically replenished these deposits. Before

In 2016, he was fully confident that the bank was successfully growing and developing.

According to the bank's financial statements, ready-made reports and other documents,

which Gordeev N.N. provided to the Board of Directors, the bank was profitable and

had good financial performance. This was also evidenced by the positive

the auditor's reports, which confirmed the compliance with the presented

Gordeev N.N. accounting (financial) statements to the actual state

bank. From Gordeev M.M. he (Egorov N.D.) learned that a significant

some of the bank's clients are producers and sellers of alcoholic beverages.

However, he was not interested, since it was not within his competence, he

completely trusted N.N. Gordeev. and the bank management subordinate to him. In the end

2015 - the first half of 2016 appeared in the media publications that the bank is actively buying up fish enterprises in the territory Leningrad, Kaluga and Kaliningrad regions of Russia at the expense of attracted at the financing bank. He (Egorov N.D.) asked Gordeev N.N. comment on publication data, but he stated that the information in the media incorrect and that the fish farms belong to one of the bank's clients. In May 2016, information appeared in the media that the Federal Tax Service Russia filed claims against PJSC OFK Bank in the amount of about 7 billion rubles in connection with bank guarantees issued to a number of alcoholic beverage producers products on the territory of the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic and the Republic of North Ossetia - Alania.

At the meeting of the Bank's Board of Directors held on May 26, 2016

years in St. Petersburg, N.N. Gordeev reported on the situation with banking

guarantees issued to producers of alcoholic beverages. According to him in

During 2015, in order to develop the operational activities of Status Group LLC, the bank issued bank guarantees for exemption from the advance payment of excise tax to alcohol producers.

products located on the territory of the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic and

Republic of North Ossetia - Alania: LLC "ALKO-Light", LLC "Antares", LLC

Atlantis, Hermes-Nika LLC, Pravoberezhny Distillery LLC, Mineral LLC

plus ", LLC" Onyx ", LLC" Orion ", LLC" Rakurs ", LLC" Chegemsky

Vinpisheprom ”, LLC“ Everest ”, LLC“ Distillery Maisky ”and LLC“ Distillery Rus-Alka ”. By

the terms of the bank guarantees, the principals were exempted from paying the advance

payment of excise tax, the guarantor for these guarantees was LLC "Status-Group". IN

during 2015 tax audits were carried out in respect of the principals and

decisions were made on bringing to tax liability and additional charges were made

arrears on excise taxes for the sale of vodka products. Due to the fact that

the principals did not pay the tax on time, in March-May 2016 the tax authority

filed a claim to the bank for the payment of funds under bank guarantees for

the amount of 7.3 billion rubles. Received information about bank guarantees, along with

previously published information about the fishing business, lack of intelligible

explanations from the side of N.N. Gordeev caused him (Egorov N.D.) a serious

concern. In order to obtain objective information about the real

the state of affairs in the bank, on his initiative, an external financial

consultant company "Alvarez & Marsal CIES DLNP". In connection with

by the above, he (Egorov N.D.) demanded from Gordeev N.G. provide the Council

directors for more complete information about the company LLC "Status-Group". Gordeev N.N.

at first he only said that Status-Group LLC is one of the major clients

bank. However, he later admitted that the beneficial owner of Status Group LLC is I am Chuyan I.P. He (Egorov N.D.) met with Chuyan I.P. and demanded

explanations from him. Chuyan I.P. admitted that Status-Group LLC and a number of other

alcohol companies - the bank's clients belong to him, and he (Chuyan I.P.) is their

beneficial owner. At the same time, he replaced the LLC that previously belonged to him.

"Golden Manufactory" at Status-Group LLC. Chuyan I.P. assured him (Egorova N.D.),

that OOO "Status-Group" and other alcohol companies belonging to it

work legally, and that he himself does not violate the legislation on state

service, since it is not engaged in the operational management of the business, that is

entrepreneurial activity. Also Chuyan I.P. explained that he was working on

attracting additional investments to the bank. After that, he began to find out

why transactions with Status-Group LLC and other alcoholic companies in Chuyan

I.P. were not submitted for approval as an interested party transaction. It turned out that in

due to the fact that the shares of the bank and shares in the authorized capital of LLC "Status-Group" and

other companies Chuyana I.P. owns indirectly, through third parties, in connection with which

on the formal grounds of the bank's transaction with Status-Group LLC and others

companies Chuyana I.P. did not require approval as an interested party transaction.

Then for him (Egorova N.D.) it became obvious that Chuyan I.P. actually uses

Bank to finance its alcohol business. And he does it at the expense of him

deposits, without investing in the bank and its development, and without developing it,

despite our agreements with him. The revealed situation caused him

serious concern, since he (Egorov N.D.) was not only a shareholder, but also

one of the largest depositors of the Bank, the total amount of the deposit was about 150

million US dollars ".


To be continued

Arseny Dronov