The full alignment of forces in the mafia world of the Rostov region in the investigation of

Armen Tankaev - boxer, candidate master of sports. The once charming Armen came to Valery Chabanov (VANT concern) with 300 thousand dollars and asked to take him as a partner. And he took ... Then Armen "pulled" his companion Chabanov into cards for a million dollars and became even richer. Then together they built an Oasis recreation facility across the street from Almaz - prostitutes and everything attached (the Orchid brothel was also the brainchild of VANT). Then they built the Armada together. Then Chabanov was imprisoned. Oncology caught up with him in prison, and he will probably never get out of house arrest. The story of how the “authority” Vahan Nerkararyan (Karlik) and the thieves pulled money and assets from him to the pre-trial detention center was widely known. wrote about this in detail.

On that story, Anatoly Vytovtov, deputy head of the Main Directorate of the Federal Penitentiary Service for the RO, got burned. Then Armen whispered to the wife of young Chabanov that Andrei had a new family and already a child, and brushed aside the "Armada" from her.

Нодар Асоян

When money from interest-holders began to be withdrawn from VANT, Tankaev quickly dumped in Dubai, where he surrounded the whole family of Valery Chabanov with attention. Therefore, Chabanov senior did not hand over Tankaev. In general, Valery believed that Armen was his friend, but it turned out not to be a friend at all. According to the source of, Tankaev bit Chabanov, took everything that could be taken away. At first, there was the Armada car dealership mentioned above, then there was a huge plot of land in the Voroshilovsky district, now Tankaev's company has already built a residential building there.

When Valery's son Andrei Chabanov understood everything, he turned to his, so to speak, other "friends". These were Rostov gangsters - thief in law Nodar Asoyan (Rustavsky) and "authority" Andrey Imanali (Half-beast). They tried to put pressure on Tankaev, but Armen turned out to be difficult. He also turned out to have serious connections, and he himself can communicate on an equal footing with most Rostov authorities.

 As a result, they decided to leave everything as it is, especially the killers Nodar and Chabanov at that time were caught and arrested (it was a group of Les scumbags - Dmitry Lesnyakov).

Tankaev really returned to Rostov thanks to Artashes Arutyunyants, the owner of Southern Capital, the president of FC Rostov, one of the most influential people in the region, who put his measure Alexei Logvinenko, all spots for construction are now distributed for Artashes.

Арташес Арутюнянц

As a result, Tankaev is now untouchable. Tankaev and Harutyunyants have a joint business - they are building houses, they have already built up about 250,000 square meters. Now they are "tearing off" a huge piece - the Atlant market. Everyone understands that the federals will crush the markets, and naturally Mayor Logvinenko will give the land to Artashes. The transfer will not take place directly, but Harutyunyants and Tankaev will be the beneficiaries.


The city manager of the city of Rostov Alexey Logvinenko, thanks to his corrupt connections in the police service, also brings options for earning "easy money" to his patrons Arutyunyants Artashes Vladimirovich and Goncharov Viktor Georgievich. He introduced them to the authoritative businessman Armen Vladimirovich Tankaev and the gypsy authority Ivan Mirozizov. The latter, thanks to his studies at the Leningrad Law University, has extensive connections in law enforcement and prosecutors. Tankaev and Mirozizov entered into the shared construction of an apartment building together with Artashes Arutyunyants in the left-bank zone of the city of Rostov-on-Don. Logvinenko and Goncharov contributed to the allocation of land to them, outside the auction and the receipt of all related documents, including the rapid preparation of a new urban plan. Law enforcement authorities know the meeting places of all members of this group in Rostov-on-Don: st. Nizhnebulvarnaya, d. 6, BC "Five Seas".

The meeting place of the mafia is known.


Tankaev Armen became very closely connected with Artashes through his closest friend, who, before Artashes, enlisted for Tankaev, this is the well-known Rostov authority of "authority" Andrei Imanali (Half-Beast) - the right hand of thief in law Nodar Asoyan.

Currently, they have fled Kyiv and through their friend rapper Vasily Vakulenko (Basta) are looking for asylum somewhere in Russia. Vakulenko is on excellent terms with reputable businessmen Yakov Tyslankov (Yasha), Andrei Averkiev (Ava), Artashes Arutyunyants (Adik, president of FC Rostov). Basta has long built relationships with employees of the Federal Security Service and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Rostov Region, and also acquired acquaintances with the security forces at the federal level. For example, he can often be met with representatives of the Directorate K of the FSB of the Russian Federation, including from the 8th department, which deals with the leaders of the criminal environment. Friendship with reputable businessmen and at the same time federal security forces is a very profitable business.

В центре (в белой футболке) Армен Танкаев

Armen Tankaev forbade Ivan Mirozizov to play his favorite cards, and all the unmeasured activity of the adrenaline-addicted gypsy was redirected to business. According to a source, Mirozizov is connected by the ties of university friendship with the former head of the 7th Investigation Department, the Main Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation with a deployment in Rostov, General Stryzhakov. This helped friends to solve many brigade "business problems" from the time of their activities in the VANT concern. Remember how the former architect of Rostov Andrey Shumeev was beaten with rebar? He froze the construction of more than a hundred illegal construction projects in Rostov, and he was immediately responded to. Most of the objects belonged to the VANT concern. Who helped muffle the situation with the VANT killer gang? Mirozizov's friend, General of Justice Andrey Stryzhakov.


In general, in the troubled times of the early 2000s in Rostov, when the region was put on the shoulder blades by thief in law Armen Kanevskaya, only Armen Tankaev and his brigade could resist his influence. Then Tankaev was not interested in all this and he safely departed for the Emirates. Now he independently solves his problems and even issues of the level of return to Russia of the former superintendent of the east of the Aduga region. It was established that Tankaev took upon himself the obligation to cover up crimes related to Sergey Dykhanov, controlled by Aduk, who is wanted for crimes related to illegal cashing of funds.

To be continued

Alexey Ermakov