Source: begins a series of articles about the major fixers of the Russian special services of the last decade – the ex-head of the banking Management Department of the FSB of the Russian Federation Dmitry Frolov and his friend Valentine Gontareva, which was the "right hand" of the former head of the office For Viktor Voronin and influential masseur, Konstantin Goloshchapov. Over Monasterevin in the near future the court will start Frolov was arrested in April 2019. And this is only the beginning of their long journey through the law enforcement chain. Now operatives actively develop numerous episodes of actions of this couple, and victims start submitting applications. In the near future we will tell you a lot of interesting things.  On a warm friendship of the family of the former head of Russian Railways Vladimir Yakunin and family Valentina Gontareva. About how Frolov and Gonastarev "protected" Fondservisbank, AVTOVAZBANK, Bank "Ugra", how much such services cost and how they were paid. On the special relationship of this couple with Elena Skrynnik and Mikhail Abyzov. In this publication he will share information about how Frolov and Gonastrev first "milked", and then pressed the co-owner of Energostrim Yulia Zhelyabovsky.

The representative of the international company of STL LLC Vladislav Tkachenko filed in the FSB statement on the initiation of proceedings in respect of the case for Dmitry Frolov and Valentine Gontareva. In it the businessman accuses solved-security officers of receiving a bribe, extortion and a number of other crimes. Also lawyers Tkachenko prepared for Frolov and Gontareva ISK 3 billion. That's as many a businessman has estimated the damage from disrupted the "fixers" of the transaction to purchase shares of the Yuri Zhelyabovskii in Energostil.

At the time, Energostrim became the largest private energy sales holding with revenues of 170 billion rubles. Between its main owners - Yuri Zhelyabovsky and Valery and Andrei Shandalov – conflicts began. With the filing of the last Zhelyabovsky was subjected to pressure from law enforcement. In such a situation, he will decide to sell his share of Energostrim, as buyers for $ 70 million was made by STL LLC, a corresponding preliminary agreement was signed. Also, a separate agreement for legal support of the transaction was signed with Vladislav Tkachenko.  STL LLC immediately agreed that it would resell the stake for $ 130 million to the all-Russian regional development Bank, behind which Rosneft stood.

Fearing that the deal will disrupt the security forces, Zhelyabovsky decided to enlist the support of these same security forces. Banker Anna Atkin brought him to Valentine by Monasterevin. To demonstrate the level of opportunities, he personally introduced Zhelyabovsky to his close friends – Viktor Voronin, Konstantin Goloshchapov and Dmitry Frolov. The first two of the talks immediately retired, and then to Zhelyabovskiy discussed only Gontarev and Frolov.

According, Gontarev wanted Zhelyabovsky and showed the level of their opportunities – paid and Valentina Frolov for General support $ 1 million in cash. Soon the money was transferred to the office Zhelyabovsky, which is located in the same building as the fitness club Onegin on Malaya Polyanka in Moscow. Gontarev and Frolov counted the entire amount using a special machine. This process was captured by a surveillance camera installed in the room, and the record was transferred to the FSB. After the transfer of $ 1 million Zhelyabovsky also wrote a letter to Handlowych that Frolov and Gontarev promised to give the course.

And then, according to sources began old KGB trick. Very quickly Jelenovska announced that Sandalova wrote him a response statement and it also reinforced a large sum. And the winner is now the one who will be more agile and more generous. From Zhelyabovskii began to demand urgently to rewrite 25% of shares from its share in Energostim on offshore Gontareva. And that Zhelyabovsky too long didn't think to it sent field investigators who declared that the other day his detention is planned. This can prevent the parting with the shares. Zhelyabovsky panicked and ran away to London, having thrown everything. Energostrim was pillaged, with the active participation of Valery and Andrey Handlowych, Frolov and Gontareva. According to operational data, the first two paid the last two a total of $ 10 million.

Now this story can get a "second wind". Well, of course, to lead to new criminal case for Gontareva and Frolov.

To be continued

Denis Zhirnov