The Supreme Court will consider the issue of the place of consideration of the criminal case of Aslan Gagiev (Dzhako), accused of contract killings on August 12, 2021. They have not been able to resolve the issue of territorial jurisdiction for the third month already. The Deputy Prosecutor General of Russia submitted an application to the Supreme Court: the petition states that it is unsafe for the participants in the trial to try Gagiev in North Ossetia. On June 9, the Supreme Court satisfied the statement of the Prosecutor General's Office, but Gagiev's lawyers appealed against this decision. According to the defense, Gagiev should be tried at home.

Аслан Гагиев

Aslan Gagiev, better known under the nickname Dzhako, is one of the most colorful figures in the shadow business of the North Caucasus. He is accused of organizing a criminal community, banditry, arms trafficking and contract killings. publishes the testimony of one of the closest associates of Gagiev, Georgy Dzugutov (Zhokh), contained in the "Jaco case".

“The testimony of GZ Dzugutov, interrogated as a suspect, accused and witness in a criminal case, according to which since about October 2007 he has been a member of a criminal group under the general leadership of Aslan Mitiaevich Gagiev, nicknamed“ Dzhako ”,“ Brother ” ... In their circle, their criminal group was called "The Family" by analogy with the Italian mafia. According to him, their "Family" began to carry out its criminal activities since about 2003, it is built on a hierarchical principle and its main leader was A.M. Gagiev. Between October 2007 and December 2013, their "Family" consisted of at least six groups, each of which included from 3 to 15 people. Each group was headed by its own leaders (brigadiers), who were directly subordinate to A.M. Gagiev. or his "right hand" Arthur Batradzovich Dzhioev, who had the nicknames "Figure", "Sonny" and played a special role in the "Family", since he was A.M. Gagiev's nephew. In the last one and a half to two years in their "Family", he actually occupied the third place after A.M. Gagiev. and Dzhioeva A.B. His responsibilities mainly included: taking measures to provide various medical assistance to members of the "Family" and their relatives, relatives of A.M. Gagiev, friends and acquaintances of the latter, as well as passing on instructions from A.M. Gagiev, including criminal ones, group leaders, as well as other members of their "Family", the transfer of information received from the leaders of groups (brigades), Gagiev A.M. In addition, in order to further profit, he was entrusted with the responsibility of creating, organizing and controlling a legal television business project in the field of entrepreneurial activity. The leaders of the groups that were part of their "Family" in the period from 2007 to 2013 were Sergei, nicknamed "Armenians", Oleg Sergeevich Gagiev, who had the nicknames "Bote", "Baby", Torchinov Alan Dmitrievich, who had the nickname "Ches" (" Sches "); Kokoev Denis Walterovich, who had the nickname "Monk"; Dzarahokhov Oleg Khairbekovich, who had the nickname "Kolobok", and Sekinaev Bahrom Akimovich, who had the nickname "Baron". According to his data, the group of D.V.Kokoev included at least three people, namely: D.V.Kokoev himself, Georgy Soltanbekovich Kusov and a guy named Aslan, who were residents of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania. The group of Sergei ("Armenians"), which operated until the end of 2012, included: Sergei himself ("Armenians"); a guy who introduced himself by the name Maxim, who had the nickname "Pioneer", Yurtov Yuri, and possibly other persons. The group of Gagiev OS, which existed until 2009, included: Gagiev OS himself, Zasseev Inal, a former employee of the Organized Crime Control Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania, whom everyone called Roman; Dzhusoev Alexander (does not know the patronymic), who had the nickname "Chk" or "Kch"; Kudziev Taimuraz, nicknamed "Temo"; Gabeev Murat, who had the nickname "Murka", was a former employee of the prosecutor's office of one of the districts of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania; Bagaev Ivan, who had the nickname "Tolik"; Slonov Givi (was a police officer of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania); Bagaev Robert, had the nickname "Robson". The group of A.D. Torchinov, operating until about the spring of 2012, as a structural subdivision of their “Family”, included: A.D. Torchinov himself, Fidar Olegovich Vataev, a guy nicknamed “Batik”; Tautiev Erik Kharitonovich nicknamed "Corpse". The group of Dzarahokhova O.Kh. according to his data included: Sugarov Chermen, who has the nicknames "Chera" and "Old"; a guy named Oleg; a guy named Tamik or Tamerlane, an unknown guy who was a traffic police officer of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for North Ossetia-Alania and several other unknown persons, including officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for North Ossetia-Alania. According to him, the group of BA Sekinaev included at least five or seven people, namely: BA Sekinaev himself, a guy named "Misost", a guy nicknamed "Toto", Tibilov Artur, Pliev Valery, who is the brother of a member of their "Family" Pliev Marat and, possibly, someone else.

Суд над членами банды Джако

In addition to the listed persons, their "Family", which is under the general leadership of A.M. Gagiev, included other persons who they did not report directly to the leaders of the groups, however, they carried out certain instructions of A.M. Gagiev, including criminal ones. The latter had extensive criminal connections and acquaintances among criminal authorities and thieves in law, as well as connections among government officials and law enforcement officers of the Russian Federation and the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania. The criminal activity of their "Family" extended mainly to the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania, as well as Moscow, the Moscow region and, possibly, to other regions of Russia. Gagiev A.M. As the head of their "Family", several commercial organizations are controlled, located on the territory of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania, Moscow and in one of the European countries. In their "Family" there was strict discipline, the instructions of A.M. Gagiev. were executed unquestioningly, members of the "Family" in their criminal activities were provided with all the necessary technical means, radio stations, telephones, iPhones for Skype conversations, about a hundred cars in total, including stolen cars used in the course of committing certain other murders, weapons, practically unlimited financial possibilities. The conspiracy in their "Family" was at a very high level, the telephone connection was conspiratorial, SIM cards and handsets were changed systematically several times a month. Many members of the "Family" did not know where the rest of its members lived. Instructions on the preparation and commission of certain crimes, which took place with the help of a secret telephone connection, as a rule, were transmitted by "Jaco" to the leaders of the groups through intermediaries, through him and Dzhioev A.B. by means of encrypted phrases developed over the years in connection with the implementation of criminal activities. Withdrawal from the "Family" or disobedience to its leader - A.M. Gagiev. ("Jaco") were punishable by death. During the period of stay in the "Family" its members, at the direction of A.M. Gagiev. there were absolutely, of the known to him, about 30 murders on the territory of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania, Moscow and the Moscow region. So, if Gagiev A.M. for one reason or another, a decision was made to kill a person, then the latter first met with one of the leaders of the criminal groups (brigades) included in their "Family", that is, S.L. Beglaryan, O.S. Gagiev, Dzarakhokhov O.Kh., Sekinaev B.A., Kokoevym D.V. Gagiev A.M. met precisely with that of the leaders of the criminal group (brigade), which was instructed to commit this or that murder. During the meeting Gagieva A.M. with the leader of one of the listed criminal groups (brigades), the leader of the "Family" personally conveyed to the leader of the group (brigade) an order to kill a person. At these meetings Gagieva A.M. with the specific leader of the criminal group (brigade), before committing the murder, he was instructed to establish surveillance and surveillance of the person who was going to be killed, also during these meetings Gagiev A.M. usually a certain encrypted phrase was generated, which meant that a particular person must be killed or hurried to kill him. These encrypted phrases could be the following words: "Say hello", "Buy a car", "Make a gift", "Count the money", or other phrases. These encrypted phrases have always sounded and transmitted in the Ossetian language, sometimes in Russian. At the onset of a certain moment when it was necessary to proceed directly to the murder of a person, Gagiev A.M. gave him or Dzhioev A.B., as a rule, using a secret telephone connection, the specified encrypted phrase, so that he or Dzhioev A.B. in turn brought her directly to one of the leaders of the criminal groups. He or Dzhioev A.B. conveyed received from Gagiev A.M. or Dzhioeva A.B. an encrypted phrase to a specific leader of a criminal group, also using a secret telephone connection. The head of the criminal group (brigade), having received the specified information from him in the form of an encrypted phrase, knew that it was necessary to kill the person whose liquidation had been discussed earlier with A.M. Gagiev. and together with the persons who were part of his criminal group, proceeded to the murder of this person.

During his stay in the "Family", the mechanism for transmitting information, with the help of an encrypted phrase about the murder of this or that person, as a rule, extended only to the leaders of three groups - Dzarahokhova O.Kh., Kokoeva D.V. and Sekinaeva B.A. On Gagieva O.S. nicknamed "Bote" and Beglaryan S.L. this mechanism of transmission of information about the murder of this or that person was not disseminated. When the murder was entrusted to the criminal groups under the leadership of O.S. Gagiev. and Beglaryan S.L., all information about the murder of this or that person was received by the latter directly from A.M. Gagiev, without intermediaries. As soon as an individual or any criminal group (brigade) joined their "Family", then its leader A.M. Gagiev explained and demanded that in order to communicate with members of a criminal group it was necessary It is also necessary to have conspiratorial phones and SIM cards, constantly change them, not to use the same mobile phones and SIM cards for a long time. Also Gagiev A.M. explained to all members of the "Family" that the instructions given personally by the latter cannot be discussed with anyone, under any circumstances, the instructions of A.M. Gagiev. it was forbidden to discuss even among the members of the "Family". At the direction of A.M. Gagiev he organized meetings between group leaders. So, not less than a month after in March 2012 B.A. Sekinaev. left Moscow for North Ossetia, at the direction of A.M. Gagiev, using a secret telephone connection with A.D. Torchinov. and Sekinaev B.A. organized their meeting in Vladikavkaz or Beslan. At the same time, he understood that the meeting of B.A. Sekinayev. with A.D. Torchinov was organized so that the latter would hand over to B.A. Sekinaev. any weapon or a stolen car for later committing one or another crime, and could also transfer money or radio stations. "

To be continued

Arseny Dronov