Source: continues to publish a letter to the FSB of the Russian Federation Yulia Pasaway - the ex-wife of the former first Deputy of Director FGUP "Ateks" FSO of Russia Stanislav kuner. It was her ex-husband together with partners, first and foremost Dmitry Mikhalchenko and Dmitry Sergeyev, was engaged in the reconstruction of all the most sensitive sites, residences, dachas, the Kremlin, etc. Julia for many years has been "its" in this Kuga front of her did not hide secrets in the open and "drank" huge amounts of money, billions. Usually "black" money stashed in Bank boxes, but if there's money did not fit, then just shove the house in the cupboards and sofas. All of these tools have been successfully stolen in the reconstruction of these objects. Girl the first, who reported about this in FSB trades abroad. It was on her statement that the investigation was launched. This statement appeared and at the disposal of ahhh! In the last article we gave the first half of her story. And now publish continuation of. 

"During the work in FGUP "Ateks" FSO Russia Kuhner S. V. personally oversaw the implementation of government contracts: "the restoration of the Mausoleum of VI Lenin", "the Restoration of faceted Chamber of the Moscow Kremlin", "the Restoration of the triumphal arch on Kutuzovsky Ave.", "Reconstruction of the Grand Kremlin Palace, the Restoration of the Moscow Conservatory", "Home Construction techniques the official residence of the President of the Russian Federation "Bocharov Stream", "the construction of the official residence of the President of the Russian Federation "Novoogarevo", "Construction complex of state mansions on "Sparrow hills" and others.

Constantly communicating with Kuhner, S. V., Sergeev D. A. and A. M. Kamenevym in an informal setting, I learned that the work, performed by CJSC Baltstroy, CJSC "Stroyfasad", OOO "Stroykomplekt" on contracts with FGUP "Ateks" FSO of Russia, often made with significant violations of building regulations, the Kuhner S. V. and management FGUP "Ateks" was known, but they "turn a blind eye" and again drew them to work on new government contracts.

I also know that after the dismissal of FGUP "Ateks" FSO Russia Kuhner, S. V. went to work in OOO "Baltmashstroy" for a period of about a month, and then since October 2013 and currently holds the position of head of capital construction Department of JSC "Stroyfasad". His duties include supervising the construction of the official residence of the President of the Russian Federation "Novo-Ogarevo", as well as the complex of state mansions "Vorobyovy Gory". General Director of JSC "Stroyfasad" Litvinov S. V. is a "nominee" to head the company, the actual control is carried out Kuhner, S. V.", - the statement says Passovoy, which is in the possession 

"I consider it necessary to inform that since 2013 and till now from Kuehner S. V., Sergeyev D. A., Kaminov A. M., Mikhalchenko D. P. personally and through intermediaries pressure is put on me for the purpose to force me to refuse publication of information known to me about their illegal activity. In case of failure to comply with their requirements kuehner SV threatens to deprive me of the opportunity to raise our minor children, as well as communicate with them (currently children live with me).

I ask to give a legal assessment of the information stated by me, to organize check on signs of illegal activity of Kuehner S. V., in case of confirmation to bring criminal case concerning Kuehner S. V. and other participants of illegal activity.

If necessary, I am ready to provide the documentary, audio materials available to me, directly and indirectly confirming the information contained in the application, as well as to give the necessary explanations on the substance of the information presented.

I also know that the sister of S. V. Kuhner – Dirac E. V. – resides in the UK with my husband (have citizenship). With them resides the mother of S. V. Kuhner Kuhner Also S. V. is in use (perhaps ownership) an apartment in France: Alpes-Maritimes Department, arrondissement nice Canton Beausoleil, Beaulieu-Sur-Mer, Boulevard Marechal Leclerc, 23, where he took our children on vacation in January 2016. Therefore, I believe that kuehner SV, if he becomes aware of the initiation of criminal proceedings against him, can hide from the investigation abroad, and without my consent to take our minor children abroad in order to exert pressure on me, in connection with which, in the case of a criminal case, I ask to apply to the court for election in respect of kuehner SV preventive measures in the form of detention".

Joseph Trostinsky

To be continued