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Main opposition seductress swings lips, basking in the Italian coast and visits Moscow

In April 2010, he was the model Kate Mu-Mu-copper the main star of the space (in the world Ekaterina Gerasimova). Under the guise of a journalist she went by the opposition parties, which "cling" various prominent politicians and journalists. After a couple of visits (and sometimes not), Kate pulls into the Knights of the bed, offering and other related entertainment: cocaine, stuff for BDSM, etc. Hosts Mu-Mu from multiple cameras filming all this lasciviousness, and in April 2010, posted videos on the network. Spectators were able to see how Alexander Potkin (Belov) and Viktor Shenderovich Mumu had behind. Along the way, the last pomelo and a mattress in a rented apartment Gerasimova. Eduard Limonov, has mastered the girl in front, without removing the full trousers and lifted her legs high. Fishman cocaine before sex zanyuhnul portion.

Also, a visit to Mu-Mu visited Ilya Yashin and a number of opposition members. By the time the show rolls, all traces Gerasimova in Russia disappeared. She vanished like. Began various assumptions and that it has no survivors.

However, as found out, while the Russians, with interest examined causal space of the opposition and experts lamented over the sad fate of the girl, she quietly resting on the Ligurian coast of Italy. It is in this country settled its curators, providing a very generous fee for their excellent role in pornoseriale.

For a long time Mu-Mu Kate hanging out, prosazhivaya money. Then obviously it was to lead a more modest life. A few years ago, Gerasimov became a mother.

For six years she worked considerably on their appearance: corrected teeth, pumped lips Botox caused new tattoos. Check it difficult, but the favorite of the opposition give memorable tattoo on his shoulder blades, in the lower abdomen and buttocks, which were present during the shooting with the love joys.


And eight weeks ago Kate Mu-Mu visited Moscow for the first time in six years. Here she is at Kuznetsky Most. Therefore, the opposition is obviously in the near future to keep their farms in the pants. Although it may in their deplorable situation, a new similar scandal to hit quite at hand. Maybe it they "discharged" impoverished Katya, to remember

Source: Rucriminal