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Oleg Deripaska does not abandon attempts to leave the US from the sanctions list. While the court hearings are not going well for the oligarch, the US authorities are citing ever new evidence of Deripaska's connections with the Kremlin.

Namely, for this, the oligarch was put on the sanctions list. The whole history of Deripaska of recent times is a continuous “Kremlin history”. Deripaska solves all his problems exclusively through the Kremlin. Whether it’s a problem with finances, with competitors, etc. Deripaska even spends free time with high-ranking officials, not forgetting to invite female escort girls for general leisure. Everyone knows about the story of the escort girl Nastya Rybka, then there were a lot of them.

Recently, the telegram-canal "The Skin Market" gave a photo of another woman from Deripaska's escort. We will publish a story about how Deripaska wanted to put Mikhail Fridman through the Kremlin. Deripaska did not like the fact that Alfa-Bank (controlled by Friedman) files lawsuits against its structures for large amounts. And Deripaska went off the beaten path to complain to the Kremlin. Details in the investigation of

The clouds over Mikhail Fridman began to thicken when he decided to “fight” with Oleg Deripaska, who had strong support in the Kremlin and the White House. Already drowning structure of Derpiaschi, Alfa Bank overwhelmed with claims. According to a source from, as a result, the leadership of the Investigative Committee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation (now the Investigative Department) received a “top” order to strengthen work in relation to representatives of Alfa Bank. It is known that the then Deputy Heads of the Investigative Committee Oleg Logunov (later went to work in the Prosecutor General's Office) and Alexander Matveev had personal good relations with representatives of Oleg Deripaska (since the time of the division of the business of Andrey Andreev). However, according to the interlocutor, this order came from the Kremlin. According to his assumption, it could come from the head of the Presidential Security Service, Viktor Zolotov. All the materials that are in the production of the Insurance Company and where Alfa Bank is mentioned were considered and a decision was made to concentrate on the business 290838 - on the withdrawal of Sodbiznesbank assets.

     The initial materials of the case stated the following: “From January 23 to May 12, 2004, the management of Sodbiznesbank LLC, with the aim of intentionally bankruptcy, by concluding loan agreements with various companies, transferred 3 billion 337 million from the accounts of KB Sodbiznesbank LLC 850 thousand rubles, as a result of which LLC CB Sodbiznesbank suffered major damage.

As sources said, investigators were interested in the relationship between Sodbiznesbank and Alfa Bank back in 2007. As noted in the UK, banks cooperated very closely, conducted operations on mutual lending, purchase and sale of securities, etc. All this made it possible for Sodbiznesbank to submit documents to the Central Bank that the bank was actively involved in financial activities. And in November 2003, Sodbiznesbank entered into a general agreement with Alfa Bank on the general conditions for conducting derivatives transactions.

Under this agreement, Sodbiznesbank made operations with securities, and settlements were made from a deposit placed with Alfa Bank. After the Central Bank revoked the license from Sodbiznesbank, Alfa-Bank deducted $ 7 million from this deposit to pay off debts on the obligations of Sodbiznesbank.

According to the investigation, in 2003-2004, in order to hide the real state of affairs with the solvency of their organization, the heads of Sodbiznesbank CB issued unsecured loans in the amount of up to 3 billion rubles to insurance and investment companies registered as frontmen.

Then this money was transferred to the accounts of fictitious firms, which on the same day returned to their bank. Firms and organizations participating in this scheme received commissions - 0.13% of the loan amount. Thus, by chasing such a large sum that existed only on paper, Sodbiznesbank artificially inflated its capitalization. The Investigative Committee under the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation found out that among the companies participating in this scheme was Veltex LLC, whose sole founder in 2005 was Mikhail Fridman. In November 2007, searches were carried out at Alfa Bank in connection with this circumstance. During a search on the ground floor of Alfa Bank, a room was discovered where bank employees “stamped” offshore companies and managed them. The seals of offshore companies and documents, including those on Veltex, were seized. The managers who were at that moment on the ground floor were called for interrogations, but they redirected all questions about offshore structures to their management.

As a result, in the spring of 2008, an investigator from the Investigative Committee, Pavel Zaitsev, went to Mikhail Fridman to interrogate him in this case. During the interrogation, Mikhail Fridman explained the following: when in 2005 there was a question about buying the government cottage Sosnovka-3, he turned to Vsevolod Kusov, head of the Alfa-Bank's legal department, with a request to pick up one of the structures and clear it of any problems . As a result, the subordinate oligarch and proposed LLC Velteks.


In November 2008, Zaitsev singled out materials on the Alfa Bank from case 290838 and sent them to the DEB of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation to collect additional information.

After receiving the order from above in the Investigative Committee, the first thing that was done was on March 11, 2009, the former chairman of the board of Sodbiznesbank (after 2003) Roman Petrov was arrested. It was during his leadership that operations with Alfa Bank were carried out. At the same time, the Investigative Committee at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation requested previously transmitted materials from the DEB with the results of additional verification. According to the interlocutor, all these documents were necessary to initiate a separate criminal case on the theft of funds of Sodbiznesbank, the main defendants, which will be representatives of Alfa Bank. However, an incident arose with the materials. Two employees of the DEB, on which they were painted in 2008, disappeared urgently - officially one went on sick leave, the other on vacation.


To be continued

Timofey Grishin

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