The president of the Fashion-TV channel and the founder of the Renton Yard Group of Companies, who has a criminal record for fraud with a double sale of a property in Moscow, launched another scam in Moscow under the guise of an investment agency. At the same time, in May, the Ministry of Internal Affairs conducted searches in the Renton Yard group of companies and the Sunveston real estate investment agency also associated with Darina Solodkova.

According to the investigation, the cohabitant of the previously convicted Solodkova and the founder of Renton Yard, Tigran Balagezyan, last year sold the shopping center in the elite village of Barvikha Club to the Skif company for 49 million rubles, but even before the new owner took over, Balagezyan again sold the same shopping center to another buyer LLC "Dividend" is already for 100 million rubles. Fraud on an especially large scale is being actively investigated, despite the attempts of Balagezyan and Solodkova to influence the course of the investigation through various kinds of “decided”, which she has been familiar with since her other criminal troubles. In particular, one of the former employees of the M Department of the FSB is interested in the case of the double sale of the shopping center in Barvikha, who maintains business relations with the leadership of the investigation of the Internal Affairs Directorate of the Central Administrative District of Moscow and other law enforcement officers.

Тигран Балагезян

Solodkova often talks about her title of "Entrepreneur of the Year", although in fact their own projects of Renton Yard and Sunveston were launched only about a year ago and resemble an "investment vacuum cleaner", which was created for a short time to raise funds from gullible high-income citizens. In practice, each new inflow of funds under the pretext of investing in a “vacuum cleaner” is just a way to plug numerous debt holes in obligations to earlier customers that require payments. As always in such cases, a quick enrichment is promised: up to 60% per annum on investments from several hundred million rubles.

A whole network of regional offices has been created, which are ready to accept high interest rates and smaller amounts - in the provinces they are trying to "vacuum" at least 50 million from their noses. After the searches and reports about the initiation of another criminal case, fundraising slowed down. Therefore, Darina Solodkova is forced to take out loans under personal guarantee, counting on future income from gullible investors. Otherwise, the entire structure will collapse with criminal consequences for the founder.

At the same time, the previous projects of Darina Solodkova are collapsing as a result of complaints from the victims to the courts and law enforcement agencies. Previously, she worked at the Strategy investment company, which was forced to close shortly after the initiation of a criminal case. By the way, the verdict in the case of fraud against Solodkova was handed down by the Savelovsky Court of Moscow in 2021 after a long investigation. It was proved that Solodkova caused damage to her client-investors for tens of millions of rubles.

While the investigation and trial were going on, Darina Solodkova did not waste time. She got a new job - in the capital investment and financial group "Agaston", which, like the company "Strategy", is engaged in investments and development of commercial real estate. As they say in the security service of the IFG "Agaston", at the time of employment in 2017, there was no information in any database that citizen Solodkova was under investigation for fraud. Since she herself did not report this, she was hired by Agaston. Here history repeated itself. Darina Solodkova made a rapid career - from a specialist to an executive director, and then was fired from the company shortly after the start of the SVO.

Then, at the beginning of 2022, the commercial real estate market froze and dipped heavily in terms of profitability, and a forced audit of project costs began. Numerous schemes of theft were revealed, with claims deceived by the executive director of the real estate agency and developers. It turned out that many contractors and partners were subject to a "rollback tribute" in her favor. Today, when IFG "Agaston" is forced to calculate the damage from the actions of criminal talent, what happened is explained by the fact that Darina Solodkova is fluent in NLP and other psychotechnics.

In Solodkova’s first guilty verdict, one can see a handwriting familiar from the current case with the sale of the shopping center: in 2017, Strategy made out the purchase of a 900 sq. papers and terminated the contract unilaterally. In this case, of course, the buyer did not return the money. As a result, the court found Solodkova guilty of fraud on an especially large scale and sentenced her to four and a half years in prison, albeit with a suspension of execution until 2033, that is, until the 14th birthday of her child.

The same connections with the ex-employee of the M FSB department helped to get such a mild sentence in court. Today, the presence of a criminal record with a suspended sentence and unfulfilled financial obligations to the victim side do not interfere with the owner of the criminal talent to move freely around the world. Bailiffs and employees of the Federal Penitentiary Service were motivated to ignore the violations committed by Darina Solodkova, convicted of fraud.


As a result, the "entrepreneur", despite her criminal record and sentence, was able to establish her own companies Renton Yard and Sunveston in 2022. However, the real (and already the second) investigation, in which the name of Darina Solodkova appears, proves that double sales for the "investment vacuum cleaner" are a common thing. The main thing is to have time to collect more funds from clients while the solvers are dragging through the investigation of the initiated cases and slowing down the initiation of new cases.

Denis Zhirnov