Source: continues to publish archive "wiretaps" Boris Berezovsky. This time we will bring Berezovsky's conversation with the billionaire, and then "improvised" BAB Roman Abramovich. The conversation between Abramovich and Berezovsky takes place at a time when the health of President Boris Yeltsin was, as they say, on the verge. He had an operation, and no one was trying to predict its outcome. Berezovsky understands that he should be the first to prepare for an unfavorable outcome and was looking for a candidate for the place of the future President. So he sees General Alexander Swan and shares his thoughts with Abramovich. That helpful to WOMEN, happily assents to the words of Mr Berezovsky about what they heard by history and never before has "the Jews about himself is not stated". Berezovsky himself is "inspired" by his genius and nothing confuses him.

At the beginning of the Abramovich said Berezovsky on some enterprise, but Berezovsky is not interested. He interrupts Abramovich.

And. :..not yet...

B.: Yeah...

A: ...he has a competition there at the enterprise, so he can not...

B: (interrupts) one More thing, I want to say, enterprise?

A: Yes.

B: The Rum.


B: you Know, we have one outstanding politician in Russia.

A: Yeah.

B: Who do you think called?

A: what, What? (Abramovich perfectly all hears, but delays time, trying to figure out and to answer correctly in please the chief.)

B: Who do you think called and suggested we meet?

A: (pause)

B: Well, guess. Just take your time.

A: What?

B: just take your Time. Who called and offered to meet?

A: one of the politicians?

B: Yes. Think about it, just take your time.

(long pause, Abramovich does not know, but does not want to look stupid in front of the chief and asks again):

And: And on what subject though?

B: Well, how? Well, no, that's just in this situation, I called and offered to meet.

A: (guessed) Swan.

B: That's Right.

A: (terribly pleased) hee-hee-hee. That's because I'm smart.

B: That's because he's smart, Roma.

A: Oh, Yes... I'm stupid – he's smart. (it is a little sad that the chief is not noted for its intelligence)

B: Well, tell me, awesome?

A: Yes.

B: Strong customer, right?

A: Strong.

B: Very strong.

A: Yeah.


A: Yes.

B: Well, it's probably not stronger.

A: Well, that's probably just. (Referring To Yeltsin.) Only the chief. (laughs)

B: Only the chief (laughs). Yes (giggles) (He knows that Yeltsin is now completely helpless and it is not known whether he will survive at all.) Is it true (laughs) Well, a strong move? Yes?

A: Yes.

B: (terribly pleased that he has in his hands the most real figure capable of replacing Yeltsin and that he was called by a possible future successor.) Dude cool at all, Yes!? Cool! Well, amazing!

A: did You talk to him this morning or did he talk to someone?

B: No, Deputy. All, tomorrow meet.

A: Okay. Hee hee.

B: hehe. And you know, I'll tell you the truth, funny as it is, I'm starting to like this situation more and more.

A: Well, okay.

B: Okay, yeah?

A: Yes.

B: Indeed, but if to speak seriously, we now decide, as it were, some astrologicheskie aspects (Berezovsky felt the Lord of history, almost a God. )... I mean, never like that... so... in this the form of blatant and obvious – the most important thing (Abramovich quite giggles.) Jews did not declare themselves, right?!

A: Yes!

B: Never! Yes!? (Berezovsky feels like a Messiah)

A: Yeah.

B: So, without any commas, without everything, so here... like this! It's just a medical fact!

A: Yes.

B: So, Rum.let's go.

A: Well.

B: you're doing okay, right?

A: Well, there is, Yes.

B: Yeah. Don't tell me what I told you.

A: Well, I do not say.

B: Well, a serious client?

A: Serious.

B: Very serious, right?

A: Yes.

B: Yeah.

A: Even interesting, of course.

B: Yeah.

A: and, and, And what bn. feels? Not there?

B: (without any interest) Well,I don't have any more information right now.

A: Reuters says that everything is fine

B: (also without any interest, but even with irritation) Normal and thank God. Reuther says it's true... unlike other agencies, they hardly lie.

A: Yes, practically, rarely lie. Okay, Bor.

B: Okay, I'm waiting for your call, Romochka. Yeah, look, (inaudible), I'm going to Turner.

A: what, What?

B: I'm going To Turner.

A: AA. Go ahead.

B: So you pager me if anything happens.

A: Yes. Good.

B: All Right.

A: Come on, bye.

B: Hugging.


To be continued

Yaroslav Mukhtarov