The other day, Deputy Head of the Ministry of Construction Nikita Stasishin visited a new school built by AVA Group of Vahan Harutyunyan, a famous Kuban developer who has been involved in various scandals more than once.

At the beginning of November, former vice-governor of the Leningrad region Mikhail Moskvin, against whom three criminal cases have been filed, is awaiting an extension of his stay in a pre-trial detention center. Moskvin was arrested in March, and in September it became known that the former official was cooperating with the investigation and, perhaps, Nikolai Stasishin and the head of the Leningrad region Alexander Drozdenko were already included in his testimony. Handing them over to investigators will allow Moskvin to change his preventive measure to house arrest.

Александр Дрозденко

Mikhail Moskvin began his career in the Vsevolzhsky district, which is considered the patrimony of businessman Ilya Traber, who in certain circles has the nickname “Antikvar”. Nikita Stasishin in 2011 -2012 worked in the Committee for the Development of Transport Infrastructure of St. Petersburg. In 2012, Moskvin took the position of Chairman of the Committee for State Construction Supervision and State Expertise of the Leningrad Region, and in 2015 he became Vice-Governor for Construction.

Located in the Vsevolzhsky district, Murino has constantly figured in construction scandals. It was here that the bankrupt companies Norman and Unitro Pestoral built their facilities. The damage they caused was estimated at almost 6 billion rubles, the number of deceived families was 8.5 thousand.

Михаил Москвин

Lawyer Artem Begun acted as the defense attorney for the Unitro Pestoral company in court. His full namesake is Ilya Traber’s partner in Primorsky UPC LLC. Mikhail Moskvin, to please the reputable businessman, turned a blind eye to what was happening in Murino for a long time.

The office of the Mavis construction company, whose main owners were the Franus family, was also located in this city. In 2021, information appeared that Nikita Stasishin could have received a bribe from Tatyana Franus in the amount of 500 thousand euros for the approval of her project. However, this did not have any consequences for the deputy head of the Ministry of Construction.

There is no doubt that Mavis is connected with the authorities of the Leningrad region, because some of the company’s structures are pledged to the state bank VTB, although they are “dummy” companies with 1 employee on staff, zero revenue and profit. Usually this is possible at the instigation of the regional authorities, who verbally vouch for the “lured” company, from which they then receive kickbacks.

It seems that the cat very competently led Nikita Stasishin to the federal position he now holds. The official’s father, a general of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, may have been familiar with criminal structures through Ilya Traber. It is no secret that crime needs its people in power to launder money acquired by criminal means through government contracts.

Having worked in the Leningrad Region Committee for only a year, Stasishin in 2012 became deputy head of the State Unitary Enterprise of the Moscow Region "Moscow Regional Road Center" (MORC), where he also did not stay long, taking up the position of head of the Department of the Federal Agency for Construction and Housing and Communal Services the following year. economy, which was soon transformed into a ministry.

In 2014, information appeared that the former general director of the Moscow International Relations Center was wanted. He was accused of concluding dubious insurance contracts that were signed in 2011-2012. It is unlikely that the deputy head of the center, Nikita Stasishin, who escaped, could not have known about the machinations of his boss. This is probably why he was urgently “evacuated” by his patrons to the Ministry of Construction of the Russian Federation under the leadership of the former governor of the Ivanovo region, Mikhail Men. Already in 2015, Nikita Stasishin became director of the Housing Policy Department, and in 2016 - deputy minister.

Menya-Stasishin’s main “achievement” was the bankruptcy of the large construction company SU-155 in 2015. The DOM.RF company, which at that time was headed by Alexander Plutnik, a man of Igor Shuvalov, who then held the position of Deputy Prime Minister, was supposed to complete the construction.

Investments in the construction of facilities went through the Russian Capital Bank, in which billions of government rubles disappeared. In December 2018, the credit institution changed its name to “DOM. RF”, which buried the history of thefts in “Russian Capital. The situation with the SU-155 was very reminiscent of the redistribution of the construction market.

Nikita Stasishin has already outlived three bosses in his position. In 2018, the former governor of the Tyumen region, Vladimir Yakushev, who was considered Sergei Sobyanin’s man, became the head of the Ministry of Construction of the Russian Federation. In 2020, Yakushev was replaced by Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin’s protégé Irek Faizullin. It seems that Stasishin suits everyone.

In 2020, he was a candidate for the post of head of the Russian Environmental Operator (REO) along with his former boss Mikhail Men, but their patrons lost the fight for the post of head of REO.

In 2018-2020 The construction vice-premier was former Minister of Sports Vitaly Mutko, who now holds the position of general director of DOM.RF, a developed financial institution ia in the housing sector. In 2021, he completed the completion of the SU-155 facilities, which took 6 years and unknown how many government tens, or even hundreds of billions of rubles.

An analysis of contracts of contractors of the Ministry of Construction of the Russian Federation shows that Nikita Stasishin can pull the blanket on himself. Since 2017, the main contractor, Mosstroy JSC, stopped receiving orders; in September, operations on the company’s accounts were suspended by the tax authorities.

The new “favorites” of the department were LLC DSK (Tver Region), which received a contract in the amount of 2.4 billion rubles in 2022. and ESK LLC (St. Petersburg) with 7 contracts worth RUB 1.6 billion. in 2021-2022 Both companies are owned by private individuals, which is similar to the situation with the Franus family.

From January 2021 to June of this year, the Ministry of Construction of the Russian Federation was the founder of the “Single Customer” PPC, created to carry out state contracts in the construction sector. Since 2021, the company has acted as a customer in 720 government contracts worth RUB 228.3 billion. PPK has neither revenue nor profit, it simply distributes money to contractors and Nikita Stasishin could have led this, since the Ministry of Construction of the Russian Federation and, it is unclear who now belongs to, “Single Customer” are located at the same address.

Nikita Stasishin’s unsinkability is amazing, but Mikhail Moskvin is unlikely to want to bear responsibility for all his “accomplices.” Stasishin and Governor Drozdenko may be among them.


Evgeniy Tomin