became aware of a story with a strong corruption "smell". Sergey Malafeykin, member of the Delovaya Rossiya council, founder of the VIJU fashionable retail neural network, head of the Euroservice Group of Companies, was convicted of bribing employees of the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation. Collected testimonies, testimonies of the accused, many other evidence. However, so far he has not only not been held accountable, but even no case has been initiated against him. Which is not surprising. Malafeykin is a wealthy man, with connections, and he used all his resources to resolve the issue in the department of Alexander Bastrykin.

The source of the VChK-OGPU telegram channel said that an endless pre-investigation check is being carried out against Malafeikin, however, everything indicates that it is purely formal and its purpose is precisely to “throw off” Malafeikin, who transferred a bribe of 15 million rubles to the tax inspector of the capital 4 FTS to solve the problems of their business structures.

A source of the Cheka-OGPU told the details of the criminal case against employees of the Federal Tax Service, from which a check was isolated against the founder of the VIJU fashion neural network, the head of the Euroservice Group of Companies, Sergei Malafeikin.


The case began to be promoted back in February, when a senior specialist of the capital branch of the Federal Tax Service No. 4, Aurimas Soldatovas, was broken into with a search. A budding tax athlete turned out to be involved in corruption cases - he was caught mediating a bribe. The Lithuanian was twisted for several months, several times he filed an appeal in order to get at least under house arrest (children and an elderly father are at home), but the court refused for any reason and sent the taxman to jail. It is logical that Soldatovas broke down and recently gave out interesting details of the service. It turns out that a whole assembly line selling immunity to inspections has been working at the top of the Moscow tax office for several years. Top merchants paid millions so that their business would not be a nightmare for the Federal Tax Service. The money was passed up through middle-level employees.

So it turned out that the businessman Malafeikin transferred 15 million to the tax inspector of the Federal Tax Service No. 4 in Moscow, Maria D. - this is how they managed to resolve the issues of their business. The Euroservice group of companies was an ordinary intermediary for the sale of goods / services - buy-bring for the lazy, to which honest tax officials would have many questions. But with the help of a bribe, it was possible to avoid a criminal case, and now Malafeikin is the creator of a neural network that partners with the Airplane developers, the Dixy and Bristol chains of stores.

Roman Trushkin