We are publishing the second part of the story about the death of the Spartak football functionary Larisa Nechaeva. Beloved by millions of fans, the club in the 90s was shaken by one scandal after another. However, even now it is a little better than then. Details for the telegram channel of the Cheka-OGPU and were specially provided by the well-known sports journalist, author of books about football Alexei Matveev.


Uncle "buried" this story in himself, according to Andrey. Or, in any case, pretended to "buried". It's too hard to live with the burden of such memories. And earlier he was a closed person, very laconic, and even more so after the tragedy. He left the capital not at all for reasons of personal security.

Gennady Gennadievich without education, he can only drive a car. He was the personal driver of Andrey's mother. After the death of his sister, he no longer saw himself as a driver. In Moscow, there is too much traffic on the highways, the nerves are tense. Especially when you lose a loved one, even the smallest things are especially acute.

Gennady Gennadievich decided, out of harm's way, to return to his native Alushta. To live calmly, without emotional waste, and the environment is better there than in the capital. Less money, but quiet, no risk. Uncle after experienced shocks can be understood.

Andrei did not have a relationship with his younger brother, Maxim. He has always been a spoiled child, a kind of favorite of his mother, Larisa Gennadievna. She didn't seem to have taught him to respect older people.

- Max showed interest only in the division of our property, - says Andrey. - He received his share of the inheritance, and completely lost interest in us. By the way, we, of course, sold that dacha in Petushki, where the drama took place. Staying there is very difficult. I meet with my younger brother only at the cemetery to remember my mother ... For example, no one from the Spartak club came to the tenth anniversary of his death. Not a soul. We sat with my brother for a while, remembered my mother, but went home without waiting for anyone. Not in condemnation, just stating. Oleg Ivanovich not only does not come to the cemetery, he does not even call.

To a rhetorical question addressed to Andrey: “Why haven’t the customers and murderers of his mother been found yet?”, he answers:

- In my opinion, corruption has swallowed everything up, the ubiquitous power of money has affected. I am sure that the masterminds of the crime have accumulated enough money to smoothly extinguish the alleged wave of high-profile revelations with their help. And the performers, I do not exclude, are still alive. As a lawyer by education, I pragmatically, professionally judge: until I see the actual evidence of their death, there can be no talk of any non-existence of the killers.

I got through to the then prosecutor of the Petushinsky district of the Vladimir region, where the tragedy occurred. Oleg Makarov believes that the criminals, most likely, "forever" remained in the territory of one of the southern republics of Russia.

- They could die under circumstances, regardless of what was done in the village of Taratino, - Oleg Vladimirovich argued.

True, the prosecutor admitted that he had not removed this criminal case from the shelf for a long time, only his secretary dug up a folder that had become dusty from time to time.

- It was suspended in November of the same, 1997, - he specified.

Actually, these "details" are not a secret for me for a long time. It turns out that the specialist did not report anything fundamentally new. What specific investigations were carried out? - meticulously interested in the prosecutor. – Is there any news on disclosure?

- The usual operational-search activities were carried out, - Oleg Vladimirovich said. - What kind of character? I can’t divulge, the secret of the investigation ... Objectively, the case has no real prospects for resumption. For everything that is needed has already been investigated. The customer, one way or another, I think, is connected with the professional activities of Nechaeva. Alas, we do not yet have evidence incriminating the customer of the crime. Somehow: audio and video recording of his conversation, for example, with performers. And in our practice, usually through the performers go to the customer. By law, a murder case can only be closed 25 years after the crime was committed.

Almost 25 years have passed since the shooting, which was remembered by many football fans in the village of Taratino. The chances of finding villains are fading before our eyes ...


The investigation, now it is clear, did not do everything to expose them, capture them. The materials of the criminal case do not include, for example, interrogations of "elusive" Chechens. Remember those who mentioned the Atlangiriyev brothers, who are closely associated with the same Esaulenko, other Spartak bosses of the 90s and 2000s?

For some reason, other potential customers of the high-profile murder, which were reported in the case file by law enforcement officers themselves, were not called to the police “carpet”. These bandits are from the category of "untouchables", or what?! It is possible that the total corruption that Nechaeva's son spoke about really overwhelmed, including the leadership offices of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the FSB, and representatives of other law enforcement agencies.


It turns out that they have spawned a lot of investigative committees, prosecutors, other departments, but no sense. Or, in any case, the absolutely minimal benefit from their activities. The question is, what do gentlemen receive money for? For "games" with mafiosi? Panic, animal fear before the killers?

They would interrogate one of the "untouchables", and even in time, you see, the thread of the investigation could lead to the killers. Meanwhile, their traces, as already mentioned, were lost somewhere in Sochi, later both bandits were seen in Dagestan and Chechnya.

It is possible that they are still on the run, if the flight, of course, did not end in death. But the son of Nechaeva, Andrey, does not believe in their death, this version, in his opinion, is beneficial only to unscrupulous law enforcement officers. In any case, Andrei has reason not to trust them. Perhaps the killers have grown bolder from impunity, and are resting quietly in their native village of Lytkarino. In particular, the “allergic” Tenoshvili, why not? Or dissolved in a huge metropolitan metropolis ...

Zdor and Tenoshvili were part of the Moscow OPG. Its leaders had connections in law enforcement. Maybe this also explains the inaction of law enforcement officers? Spikes between operatives and the mafia are not uncommon in Russia, as well as abroad.

According to the source, the bandits from the Moscow region were in close contact with their "colleagues" from the Lazanskaya criminal group, which was considered one of the most influential in the expanses of the capital region. The all-powerful Lazanians had a national affiliation to Chechnya.

In 1998, the Lazan "fighters of the invisible front" received an order to eliminate the then president of Chechnya, Aslan Maskhadov. The performers were the same as in the case of the general director of Spartak - Zdor and Tenoshvili. As a result, Maskhadov was wounded during the passage of his cortege.

The source also reports that Tenoshvili was detained in hot pursuit by employees of the Ministry of Sharia Security (MShB). Zdor managed to hide with his patrons in Gudermes. Soon, the leaders of the organized crime group received an order to eliminate Zdor. It is difficult to judge how true and accurate this information is. In any case, there is no direct mention of the death of hired killers.

Investigators of the Vladimir region, on the territory of which Larisa Nechaeva was shot, went to Chechnya for a formality. Four (!) years after the death of the football boss. Of course, they came, as they say, to the "hat analysis" - they did not find anyone. Well, Petrovka's operatives generally offered Nechaeva's son to pay a ransom for the capture of criminals. So there is nothing to be surprised, "common practice". "Brilliant work" law enforcement!


Alexey Matveev