In the Moscow District Military Court, the trial of 12 members of the gang of Aslan Gagiev (Dzhako) entered a decisive stage. According to investigators, in the territory of Moscow, the Moscow region and North Ossetia, gang members killed 60 people, including law enforcement officers, state and city officials, and businessmen.

All 12 accused, like Gagiev himself, who is only awaiting trial, have good and expensive lawyers. According to, staying on special conditions is generously paid for the closest associates of Dzhako - Arthur Dzhioev (Son, serving a 17-year term) and Georgy Dzugutova (serving a 15-year term). Both were pulled for life, but expensive lawyers helped them conclude pre-trial agreements. Until his arrest, Dzhioev led a luxurious life in Greece, which someone also funded. Who is this generous sponsor who has until now supported the Jaco organized crime group? Our sources say that the sponsor is not one, but three of them. This is the political bureau of North Ossetia - the head of the region Vyacheslav Bitarov and his closest friends - the owner of the Salyut plant Elbrus Komaev, the mayor of Vladikavkaz Tamerlan Farniev (Karkusha).

All of them were in close relations with Dzhako and members of his group and now financially not only give friendship to Gagiev, but also provide silence for the group members. And they have something to tell. As we reported yesterday, Komaev was interrogated in the “Gagiyev case” and he is on the list of witnesses who are planning to be summoned to the trial of Dzhako. He admitted to the investigators that he was in close relations with Gagiev himself, as well as with Dzhioev and Dzugutov. continues to publish the testimony of Dzugutov, a killer from the inner circle of the Ossetian political bureau.

“Members of the“ Family ”in their criminal activities were provided with all necessary technical means, radio stations, telephones, iPhones for Skype negotiations, cars in total about one hundred pieces, including stolen cars used in the course of committing certain murders , weapons, almost unlimited financial opportunities. Conspiracy in their “Family” was at a very high level, telephone communications were conspiratorial, SIM cards and handsets changed systematically several times a month. Many members of the "Family" did not know where the rest of its members live. Instructions on the preparation and commission of certain crimes that occurred with the help of secret telephone communications were, as a rule, transmitted by “Dzhako” to group leaders through intermediaries, through him and A. Dzhioev, through encrypted phrases developed over the years in connection with the implementation of criminal activity. Exit from the "Family" or disobedience to its leader - A. Gagiev (“Jaco”) was punishable by death. During his stay in the "Family" by its members, as directed by A. Gagiev there were absolutely, of the known to him, about 30 murders in the territory of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania, Moscow and the Moscow Region. So, if Gagiev A.M. for one reason or another, a decision was made to kill a person, the latter first met with one of the leaders of the criminal groups (brigades) included in their “Family”, that is, with Beglaryan S.L., Gagiev OS, Dzarakhokhov O.Kh., Sekinaev B.A., Kokoev D.V. Gagiev A.M. I met precisely with that of the leaders of the criminal group (brigade), which was instructed to commit a particular murder. During the meeting, Gagiev A.M. with the leader of one of the listed criminal groups (brigades), the leader of the “Family” personally handed over to the leader of the group (brigade) the murder of a person. At these meetings Gagiev A.M. with the specific leader of the criminal group (brigade), before commissioning the murder he was instructed to establish surveillance and surveillance of the person whom they were going to kill, also during these meetings, A. M. Gagiev usually a certain encrypted phrase was developed, which meant that a particular person needed to be killed or hurried with his murder. The following words could be the data encrypted with phrases: “Say hello”, “Buy a car”, “Give a gift”, “Count the money”, or other phrases. These encrypted phrases have always sounded and transmitted in the Ossetian language, sometimes in Russian. When a certain moment arrived, when it was necessary to proceed directly to the murder of a person, A. Gagiev handed him either Dzhioev AB, as a rule, using secret telephone communications, the specified encrypted phrase so that he or Dzhioev AB in turn, brought her directly to one of the leaders of criminal groups. He or Dzhioev A.B. transmitted received from Gagiev A.M. or Dzhioeva A.B. an encrypted phrase to a particular leader of a criminal group also using secret telephone communications.

The head of the criminal group (brigade), having received the indicated information from him in the form of an encrypted phrase, knew that it was necessary to kill the person whose liquidation had been discussed earlier with A. Gagiev. and together with the persons included in his criminal group, he proceeded to the murder of this person. During his stay in the "Family" the mechanism of transmitting information, using an encrypted phrase about the murder of a person, was usually distributed only to the leaders of three groups - Dzarakhokhova O.Kh., Kokoeva D.V. and Sekinaev B.A. On Gagiev O.S. nicknamed "Bote" and Beglaryan S.L. this mechanism of transmitting information about the killing of a person was not spread. When the murder was entrusted to criminal groups under the leadership of Gagiev OS and Beglaryan S.L., all information about the killing of a person came last directly from A. Gagiev, without intermediaries. As soon as an individual or any criminal group (brigade) entered into their “Family”, its leader A. Gagiev explained and demanded that in order to communicate with the members of the criminal group it is necessary to have safe phones and SIM cards, to constantly change them, not to use the same mobile phones and SIM cards for a long time. Also Gagiev A.M. explained to all members of the "Family" that those instructions that the latter personally gives cannot be discussed with anyone, under any circumstances, the instructions of A. Gagiev it was forbidden to discuss even among members of the "Family". At the direction of Gagiev A.M. he organized meetings between group leaders. So, no less than a month after B.A.Sekinaev in March 2012 he left Moscow for North Ossetia, at the direction of A. Gagiev; he, using secret telephone communications with A. Torchinov, and Sekinaev B.A. organized their meeting in Vladikavkaz or in Beslan. At the same time, he understood that the meeting of B. Sekinaev with Torchinov A.D. was organized so that the latter transferred to Sekinaev B.A. any weapon or a stolen car for the commission of a crime in the future, and also could transfer money or radio stations. ”

To be continued

Arseny Dronov