During the USSR, one of the favorite pastimes of foreign Soviet scientists was to determine the influence of different statesmen depending on their place on Lenin’s mausoleum during military parades. Well, the phrase B.N. Yeltsin’s “They sat down wrong” has long been the talk of the town.

At the same time, from the seating arrangement of participants in a particular event, one can draw a conclusion about the degree of “closeness” of specific individuals to the leader, as well as the degree of their influence.

“Thanks to” the applicant for the post of Chairman of the Arbitration Court of the Moscow Region, Advisor to the Chairman of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation Stanislav Fedorov, the editors of had at their disposal a very interesting document, namely the seating arrangement of persons invited to the reception on behalf of the Chairman of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation V.M. Lebedeva.

Presumably, this event was dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Supreme Court, which is also confirmed by the secret correspondence with the Indian government, which is publicly available on the Internet due to Fedorov’s fault, about the visit of judge Sheikh Abdul Nazir, subject to special state protection, and his wife from November 22 to December 2, 2022 years who participated in this reception (letter from the embassy). Moreover, S. Fedorov was not at all embarrassed by the warning from the Indian Embassy about the existence of a threat to the foreign judge from fundamentalist groups and the need to ensure his safety. The candidate did not think at all about the possible damage to the Russian Federation if his negligence in handling secret documents led to an attempt on the life of a judge.

About Fedorov’s constant “leaking” of official information from the personal mail of his partner Yaroslava Grebenshchikova, including schedules of events of V.M. Lebedev, V.V. Momotov, A.N. Bondar, V.M. Voloshin. we already wrote earlier.

Now let's look at the seating arrangement of the invited persons at the tables. Of course, will not pay attention to the location of foreign guests, but we will study only some representatives of the “host party”.

Table No. 1. It is occupied by the Chairman of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation V.M. Lebedev.


Table No. 2. This is where things start to get weird. Along with the deputy chairmen of the RF Supreme Court P.P. Serkov and Yu.V. Glazov, one of the “gray cardinals” of the judicial system, A.V., was stationed here “out of rank.” Gusev. Occupying the “economic” position of General Director of the Judicial Department under the RF Armed Forces and not having the status of a judge, this official has a very serious influence on Lebedev, is known for “trading” judicial positions and direct participation in many corruption schemes.

As we wrote earlier, it is Gusev who is actively “pushing” Fedorov to the position of chairman of the Arbitration Court of the Moscow Region, wanting to expand his corruption empire.

And what’s surprising is that it was the “golden boy” Stanislav Fedorov who previously worked as Momotov’s assistant, and it was Momotov who “slipped” this well-trained “prodigy” to his boss Lebedev, apparently wanting to receive as much information as possible about the Chairman of the RF Armed Forces. And, of course, Momotov, along with Gusev, is actively promoting Fedorov to the next “feeding trough”.

Table No. 4. The reference to the gallery of three deputy chairmen of the RF Supreme Court at once is surprising: I.L. Podnosova, V.V. Khomchik. and Rudakova S.V.

Analysis of mail correspondence allows us to assert that it was S. Fedorov who proposed and agreed with V.M. Lebedev. such a controversial seating arrangement, assigning three deputies “to the cockpit” and vice versa, ensuring the best places for Gusev and Momotov.

Undoubtedly, such behavior cannot but raise the question of why S. Fedorov is so eager to join the arbitration court system if he is already showing his contempt for the leadership of this system.

Timofey Grishin