As it became known to the telegram channel of the Cheka-OGPU, right during the court hearings, the "authoritative" chansonnier Dmitry (Don) Polyakov tried to commit suicide. He is accused of kidnapping in Moscow the Ukrainian "authority" Yuri Vasilenko, the organizer of the elimination in Kyiv of ex-deputy of the State Duma Denis Voronenkov.

At the end of the session in the Ostankino court, Polyakov, being in the courtroom, in the translucent room for the defendants, tried to cut his veins in the area of ​​the elbows of both arms with a sharp object. He began to bleed profusely and was hospitalized.

According to an extract from the medical record of the GBUZ GKB, during hospitalization, Polyakov was found to have stab lacerations on both sides up to 1x1 cm in size, located on the flexion surfaces of both elbow joints.

    Meanwhile, the Ostankino court itself returned Polyakov's case to the prosecutor's office. The reason for this was that a psychiatric examination of Polyakov was not carried out, and the servants of Themis had doubts about its adequacy.

In addition, contradictions were found in the indictment, which do not allow the court to consider this case.=

Earlier, a sentence was passed on Don's accomplices by members of the Kursk organized crime group Alexander Zikeev (seven years old), Alexander Soshnikov (Sukhaty, 10 years old) and Denis Dolzhenkov (7 years old). The four of them, including Polyakov, attacked Vasilenko at the Bazelik restaurant in Moscow, shot him in the leg, pushed him into a jeep and took him away in an unknown direction. Then Soshnikov dropped off his accomplices and alone took away Vasilenko, who was bleeding and screaming in pain. No one else saw Vasilenko. According to operational information, Vasilenko Sukhaty fed the body to pigs.

ёЮрий Василенко

At the same time, it became known that the Moscow City Court reduced the punishment for Alexander Soshnikov (Prongs).

The appellate instance of the Moscow City Court considered the complaints of the defense of Sokhaty and his accomplices, as well as the presentation of the prosecutor's office in three sessions. As a result, the requirement of supervision was satisfied, while the defense, on the contrary, was rejected.


Nevertheless, the appeal considered that Alexander Soshnikov was unnecessarily charged with Part 1 of Art. 222 (illicit trafficking in weapons) of the Criminal Code, due to the exclusion of which from the sentence the term of punishment for a criminal authority was reduced from ten years to nine years and ten months in a strict regime colony.

At the same time, the Moscow City Court toughened the punishment for Sokhaty's colleague Alexander Zikeev. Considering that he committed a new crime “with a particularly dangerous recidivism”, the seven-year term in a strict regime colony was replaced with a similar one, but with a special regime. This means that a recidivist will be kept in a colony where there are those sentenced to life imprisonment or persons whose death penalty has been replaced by another type of punishment, that is, criminals who pose a special public danger.

At the disposal of was the verdict in this high-profile case, from which it becomes clear how events unfolded. Here are excerpts from it:

“Polyakov D.I., at a time not exactly established by the investigation, from 13:40 to 16:11 on January 10, 2019, acting deliberately, jointly and in concert with each other, that is, as part of a group of persons by prior agreement, according to previously reached an agreement between them and a predetermined criminal plan, having information about Vasilenko's presence at the Basilica cafe at the specified time, they arrived and were in the passenger compartment of a Mitsubishi Pajero 4 car, near the Basilica cafe, previously, for the purpose of conspiracy and the impossibility of identification of their identities by law enforcement officials and the impossibility of tracking the route of movement of this vehicle by removing the state registration plates from the front and rear of the said vehicle.

Being near the specified cafe on 01/10/2019 at about 16:00, but no later than 16:11 of the same day, the persons established by the investigation and Polyakov D.I., adhering to the previously agreed criminal plan to kidnap Vasilenko, at the moment when the victim left from the specified cafe, realizing that they would violate the rights of the victim to freedom and personal integrity, to freedom of movement and choice of his place of residence, attacked the victim Vasilenko, using violence against him, while Polyakov D.AND. acting in accordance with the previously agreed criminal plan and according to the criminal role assigned to him, along with other accomplices of the crime, he inflicted on the victim an unspecified number of blows, including blows with his hands to the head and body area, thereby trying to commit his illegal capture, with the aim of subsequent illegal movement and illegal detention in a place not established by the investigation.

In turn, Vasilenko, at the time of the commission of unlawful acts against him, physically resisted the persons who attacked him, entering into a physical fight with them and verbally attacking with the persons established by the investigation who attacked him and Polyakov D.I., being a physically developed person, was able to properly impede the strength of the persons who attacked him.

At the time when the accomplices of the crime committed the above active actions to kidnap the victim and suppress the latter’s will to resist, the person identified by the investigation, realizing and seeing that Vasilenko actively opposes the actions of the abductors and can hide from them, unexpectedly for the accomplices of the crime, realizing the intent that suddenly arose in him, aimed at inflicting bodily harm on the victim Vasilenko in connection with the previously arisen personal hostility towards the latter, realizing the unlawful nature of his actions and desiring the onset of socially dangerous grave consequences, not coordinating his unlawful actions with other accomplices in the crime, whose intent was directed only at the kidnapping of Vasilenko , while using the above firearms prepared in advance, with which he was armed ... fired at least two shots into the torso and lower extremities from the above firearms designed by Tulsky Tokarev tey Vasilenko, that is, in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe vital organs of a person, from which Vasilenko fell to the ground, losing a large amount of blood. ... against the will of the victim, acting together with Polyakov D.I., established by the investigation of the person by dragging his limbs into the luggage compartment of the above car, parked in the immediate vicinity of the Basilik cafe at the above address. After making sure that the victim would not be able to leave the car without hindrance, Polyakov D.I., according to the role previously assigned to him, got behind the wheel of the said car, the person identified by the investigation - into the front passenger seat, and other persons identified by the investigation - into the back seat of the car, after which the accomplices of the abduction, together with the victim and against the will of the latter, fled in this car in a direction not established by the investigation, thereby committing his abduction by a group of persons by prior conspiracy.”

To be continued

Denis Zhirnov