As it became known to the telegram channel of the Cheka-OGPU, the former head of the GUEBiPK Denis Sugrobov will leave the colony on the 20th of June and arrive in Moscow. The general after the rest intends to go to war, as this guarantees him full rehabilitation. And Sugrobov intends later to try to revive his career in government agencies. Both a successful prison term and an unexpected parole (still recently, Sugrobov planned to go to war as part of the Wagner PMC, since he did not get parole), the ex-head of the GUEBiPK of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation was provided by his curator and friend Konstantin Chuichenko. Part of the release operation was a new agreement with the all-powerful deputy head of the SEB FSB of the Russian Federation, Ivan Tkachev, who, together with Oleg Feoktistov, once sent Sugrobov and his team to jail. Tkachev could, but did not interfere with the release of Sugrobov. As before, within the framework of the agreements, it did not interfere with the fact that the court significantly reduced the term for Sugrobov. For the sake of agreements with Tkachev, Sugrobov had to "forget" about personal tragedies. Tkachev's operation killed his best friend Boris Kolesnikov and dealt a blow to the families and children of Sugrobov and Kolesnikov.

At the disposal of was an article by a partner of the BG Partners (Moscow Bar Association "Andreev, Bodrov, Guzenko and Partners") Maxim Kagansky, who personally knew Sugrobov and he sent him to jail. The article was written when Sugrobov was still an influential head of the GUEBiPK of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. We publish it in full.

Денис Сугробов

“How Denis Sugrobov, going over the heads and merging “his own”, is trying to get to power.

During his tenure, Sugrobov's acquaintance with Kagansky took place in 2000 at the Department of Internal Affairs of the SAO of Moscow, where Sugrobov worked in the department for combating economic crimes of the OBOP Department of Internal Affairs of the SAO of Moscow, and Kagansky M.E. worked in the department for combating crimes in the field of foreign economic activity of the Department of Economic Crimes of the Internal Affairs Directorate of the SAO of Moscow.

Kagansky in 2000, having just come to work in this unit after graduating from the Moscow Law Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, he immediately faced protection and opposition from the OBOP structure in identifying crimes related to the smuggling of goods. Almost every trip of the employees of the department where Kagansky worked, according to operational materials, was accompanied by a call from the OBOP structure and very often, by D.A. Sugrobov himself. (you can confirm the data from Denis Onatsik), on the basis of which Sugrobov met Kagansky M.E.

At that time, Alexander Sidorov also worked with Sugrobov (subsequently Sugrobov recruited him to work at the GUEB), Alexander Khazin (previously headed the ORB of the DEB of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the fight against corruption, when Sugrobov was the head of the ORB in the same organization), Alexander Parfenov ( former head of Sugrobov, later deputy head of the Internal Affairs Directorate for the North-East Administrative District of Moscow).

After a short amount of time, Kagansky was transferred to the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the Central Federal District, Sugrobov to the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the Central Federal District, and dispersed during their journey, however, in 2006 they met again at the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the Central Federal District in the ORB for economic and tax crimes (head Vasiliev Yuri Alexandrovich, now Deputy Head of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for Moscow for economic and tax crimes). Kagansky worked in the department for combating crimes in the field of foreign economic activity, Sugrobov in the department for combating crimes in the field of finance. During the period of work in this unit, relations developed more than well, they participated in events together, attended birthdays and holidays of mutual friends. Sometimes there were overlaps in work, when the Kagansky group, based on their materials, had to carry out checks in banks controlled by Sugrobov (Master Bank and others). Sugrobov did not like this very much and he resolved all these issues through Yu.A. and gradually became angry with the Kagansky group. In Sugrobov's department, Kolesnikov B.B. dealt with all financial problems. (now the head of department in the structure of Sugrobov). All available operational files were falsified by Sugrobov’s employees, and after receiving funds from the objects being checked (banks and other financial institutions), they acted as follows: they put an indictment of completely different people into the case, changed their last name on the computer and handed over the case as implemented and sent to court . To exclude the possibility of detecting forgery and falsification, through the employees of the Glavka accounting group, for money, they agreed with the archive on the instant destruction of files. (usually a shelf life of at least 5 years).

Subsequently, after the change in the leadership of the Glavka (Bastrykin was replaced by Aulov), Aulov initiated an audit of the entire bureau, as a result of which Sugrobov was asked to leave of his own free will (directly by the deputy head of the GU Karyakin), like the rest of the 12 employees of the bureau, including Kagansky M. E. However, having support in the Presidential Administration, Sugrobov transferred to the DEB of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, deputy the head of the banking department, with the consent and support of Khorev A.V. Subsequently, becoming the head of ORB 10, calling himself the son-in-law of the assistant to the President of the Russian Federation Prikhodko, he decided that he could be the head of the entire unit, i.e. to take the place of Khoreva A.V.

Максим Каганский

In this regard, he began to provide deliberately false information regarding Khorev to various structures, enlisting the support of his colleague and comrade Khazin and the new head (deputy head of the DEB Nazarov A.). An example is publications in a well-known newspaper, for which the publishing house later shamefully publicly apologized. Repeatedly meeting with Kagansky, he told the latter that he, being a friend, was devoted to Khorev, sang praises, knowing that Kagansky had been friends with Khorev for about 10 years, and asked for help to improve relations, which he was refused, since Kagansky did not have the opportunity to ask for such things of Khorev (the latter sharply suppressed all attempts by Kagansky to participate in the activities of the unit and his personal environment). It can be confirmed by the fact that none of Kagansky's colleagues rose through the ranks, although friendly and friendly relations have been preserved with many to this day.

In a conversation with Kagansky, which took place near the building of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Starlight cafe, Sugrobov was interested in what Kagansky was doing, whether he was going to return to the service, to which the latter replied that he was engaged in business and was not interested in further work in the structure.

In the future, Sugrobov decided to take Kagansky into operational development in order to find any compromising evidence to discredit Khorev A.V. and make Kagansky's life unbearable (previous grievances, anger for success in business). This went on for a long time, and after Sugrobov became the head of the GUEB, Kagansky was told that Sugrobov had set himself the goal of using his official position to put Kagansky behind bars, by any means.

So, from the beginning of 2011, Kagansky received various threats from the people of Sugrobov D.A., and also provocations were created with a proposal to resolve various issues in the Main Investigative Directorate at the Main Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow (knowing the long-term friendship of the latter with Glukhov D., with whom for 5 years studied in the same group of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and is currently a business partner). Kagansky always refused.

However, in the summer of 2011, Sugrobov had an excellent option to make his desires regarding Kagansky come true.

While investigating a criminal case initiated on the materials of the DEB on the fact of the smuggling of medical tomographs (investigator Nelli Dmitrieva, operational escort Dmitry Aleksandrov, GUEB officer), Sugrobov's employees established that one of the defendants in the case, Yudin Boris, is friends with Andrey Kozbanov, who is business partner of Kagansky M.E. and Yudin himself saw Kagansky several times in the company of Kozbanov. After talking with Yudin, offering him the termination of criminal prosecution in exchange for a statement regarding Kagansky, Yudin refused, since he had never had any financial relations with him.

At the same time, Yudin, for a long period of time, tried to stop the criminal case for a bribe, using Kozbanov’s connections (Kozbanov, a former investigator of the Investigative Committee under the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, is involved in the Barsukov-Kumarin case, the question arose of initiating a case of abuse of power and falsification of documents, but hushed up using Yudin's connections, falsified the documents in the case, had close relations with the defendants, repeatedly changed his testimony in favor of the defendants in the case in court), including repeatedly appealed to M.E. participate in these activities. Yudin probably regarded these refusals as unwillingness to help or something else, and became embittered at Kagansky M.E.

Knowing that a conflict was brewing between Kozbanov and Kagansky (in 2008, Kozbanov, using Kagansky’s trust, lured money from the latter under the pretext of participating in the oil business in the city of Volgograd, (where Kozbanov is from), which turned out to be unprofitable, and so far registration did not fulfill the real estate objects (they turned out to be pledged, under arrest).Kagansky M.E. repeatedly presented claims and requirements for paperwork to Kozbanov, with a view to subsequent sale (at least to return the invested money).It was also strongly said to redistribute the existing shares. the inevitability of registration and disclosure of Kozbanov's fraud (unlike Kagansky, Kozbanov received money from the business every month), in order to eliminate Kagansky, Kozbanov, having agreed with Yudin, decided to carry out a provocation. to withdraw money from the business, Sugrobov satisfies his ambitions and receives a reward from Yudin B. and Kozbanov A.)

Carrying out his intent, Kozbanov, under the pretext of selling a business in Volgograd, meets with Kagansky and in a conversation, once again, arr. asks to help in the case of Yudin B. (previously, Yudin himself tried to get through to Kagansky M.E. and meet, to which he was refused), arguing that Yudin helped him a lot, that he is a good person, that Kozbanov really needs that Kozbanov will thank Kagansky M.E.

The latter, agreeing to the requests and persuasions of Kozbanov, promised to find out the current situation.

Kagansky's biggest mistake was that, until the last day before the current situation, he considered Kozbanov his friend, simply unlucky. And in order to convince him otherwise, the family and employees of the company spent a lot of time and did not succeed. No one who knows this person needs to be explained that, being essentially a “prostitute”, Andrey Kozbanov more than once betrayed not only his friends and acquaintances, but also his wife, who, having come with him from Volgograd to “nowhere”, went through the fire with him , water and copper pipes, and thanks to him became the laughingstock of his entire environment.

After talking with Nelli Dmitrieva (Kagansky repeatedly had friendly communication with her, as he helped to get her son a job, who graduated from the Institute of Petrochemistry and Gas (as it is called), the latter, without intention and on friendly terms, told him about the situation around the case, said that this was not an order, that there was more than enough evidence and that the termination of the case was possible only if the article on smuggling was decriminalized (the State Duma held hearings on this matter) and she could legally help only if the defendants in the case confessed (they are wanted There was no talk with her about any money, and she had no desire or opportunity, since the employees of the GUEB and the FSB accompanied the case and the case was withdrawn from her proceedings in the SD of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia.

At the same time, neither Kagansky nor Dmitriev violated any laws !!!!

Having found out this situation, Kagansky handed it over to Kozbanov, adding that the defendants in the case should not hide, but come to the investigator and give confessions, which would subsequently lead to a normal attitude. He also told Yudin to come to the investigator and hand over an official statement of his desire to confess and assist the investigation. Kozbanov asked to find out when it was possible to do this, to which Kagansky, having phoned Dmitrieva, having learned her work schedule, asked to receive Yudin, since they want to assist. At the same time, he explained to Kozbanov that the only option to help his friends was this and that it would not be possible to solve it with any money, that he would not even talk to any of the leaders, he could only complain and provide an opinion in case of lawlessness (which is excluded). Kozbanov, delighted, promised Kagansky 3 million rubles as a thank you, saying that he wanted to take 3.5, but decided that it was a lot, and settled on three, asking Kagansky to share with him. (Kagansky regarded this as a fee for consultation, advice and a certain lobby, because lawyers receive money for virtually the same actions)

In the future, Kozbanov persistently asked to meet with Yudin to discuss some issues, to which Kagansky said that he had nothing more to discuss and that he could not and did not want to do more, getting angry, told Kozbanov to get behind him with this issue. However, Kozbanov, being able to persuade and “fawn”, apologized, while inviting Kagansky to the celebration of the birthday of his wife Elena (who, like Kagansky, once again believed in Kozbanov), where he also invited Yudin, where he asked to talk, to which Kagansky greeted, sat for 5 minutes with Yudin, said that he did not understand what they were asking him, said that he could not and would not do more to discuss his questions himself, and went to the table to the birthday girl, after some time he went home.

Further, Kozbanov called Kagansky, said that Yudin was with the investigator, but she, having accepted the statements, sharply condemned the harboring of the defendants in the case and told Yudin to take them to her, while adding that in case of recognition and possible decriminalization of the article, perhaps termination of the case, wherever and in the production of whomever it is. To this conversation, Kagansky replied that it could not be otherwise, and he spoke about this to Kozbanov.

At the subsequent meeting, Kozbanov told Kagansky that he was ready to give him the promised money, but in installments, namely one and a half million now, the rest later, he asked if it was okay if it was in euros? To which Kagansky replied that he did not care. Kozbanov also asked where to send them, Kagansky replied that it doesn’t matter, let him bring them home or somewhere else, you can take them to a Honda motorcycle shop (next to Kozbanov’s house), if he is too lazy to go, or go home, drink tea, but closer by the evening or even next week, call and Kagansky will tell where he will be, as he was going to his friend Roman Molchanov for his birthday that evening, whom Kozbanov also knew, since he had previously tried to buy things in a Honda store and wanted to start a business selling motorcycles in Volgogr hell.

On the evening of September 23, Kozbanov called Kagansky and asked where he was, that he needed to hand over the documents for the gas station (he had previously told Kagansky that he had a potential buyer), to which the latter replied that he was in the Azerbaijan restaurant and that he should find out the address by reference book. Further, Kozbanov called again and said that he was lost, to which Kagansky told him to call the driver Volodya (they have known Kozbanov for a long time, he repeatedly took documents, boxes, bags from Kozbanov (fish, caviar, documents from Volgograd). Kozbanov asked if he would Kagansky himself, but that the latter replied that no, what's the point, he will read the documents later.At the same time, Kagansky told Vladimir Kirillov (driver) to find Kozbanov and take the documents from him.Due to the fact that Kirillov had to go too lazy to drive himself, he asked to take his second driver Roman Emelyanov, who without a second thought complied with this request and met with Kozbanov, as it later became known, Kozbanov threw some kind of bag into their car and left. The drivers returned to the restaurant and calmly waited , no idea what's in the car.

At the same time, Kozbanov wrote an SMS to Kagansky: “I handed everything over, everything is sealed there, check it out”

To which Kagansky replied in surprise: “What is sealed, what to check?”

Kozbanov replied: “Documents on gas stations”

This information can be obtained from the details of conversations and SMS printouts.

After carrying out these actions, Kozbanov calmly left, and a car with a driver and a security guard was seized near the restaurant, which was a surprise for everyone and caused a strong misunderstanding.

When people in masks ran past Kagansky M. into the restaurant building, followed by operatives, realizing that there had been a serious provocation and “set-up”, Kagansky, fearing for his health and life, was forced to hide, because realizing what had happened, he decided that Sugrobov's employees will try in every possible way to force Kagansky to give the testimony necessary for his "cases".

When the seizure took place, Kagansky called Kozbanov from the restaurant and asked: “What is happening? What did you give me there?" to which Kozbanov replied that he had handed over the documents to the gas station and was sitting at home drinking tea.

They didn't contact again.

Later, after reading an article on the website, Kagansky saw and realized that they were trying to throw mud at him and discredit his friends, Khorev, Glukhov, accusing him of things that Kagansky had never done, namely, everything that was written is not true, for With the exception of friendly relations, Kagansky never had financial relations with the people indicated in the article, never had anything to do with budgetary funds, and also never engaged in the initiation or termination of criminal cases, since he did not have the opportunity, and Glukhov I.A. never fulfilled any requests of Kagansky M.E.!

The entire existing business is built on credit and borrowed money (which is elementary to check), and if everything that was written was true, then Kagansky should have at least lived on several hectares of land in a mansion on Rublevka and not on 15 acres in the village of Pirogovo! (thanks to the journalists for the photo).

Based on the foregoing, it is clearly understandable about the provocation, falsification of the criminal case, on the part of the GUEB employees.

No conversations, sms, or anything else with the investigator Dmitrieva about the financial side of the case - no and never happened!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everything that is written above about conversations with Kozbanov is practically word for word. If they made a recording, then nothing else will be there !!!!

There is nothing surprising in the fact that a person who has worked in the structure of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation for 11.5 years is friendly with the employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and communicates with them. Since when has friendship become a criminal offense??????? Who is responsible for these humiliating publications on the Internet with personal family photos? And what can this or that publication confirm? That the holiday dedicated to the anniversary of Kagansky's wife is a corruption gathering ??????

And what did Denis Sugrobov do?

1. He detained two drivers and a security guard who, neither by the nature of their service, nor by human curiosity, can physically help the fabricated case in any way. Yes, even with these!!!!!! violations of the law. Lawyers are not allowed to see them for two weeks. The first day they disappeared altogether, as it turned out in the FSB (which is confirmed by them and denied by the investigator) with the help of corrupt friends of Sugrobov from the “M” department.

2. Conducted a search (after 24 hours!) in Kagansky's house. In addition to personal documents and photographs, I did not find anything (what were you going to find????). On the other hand, Sugrobov's employees took out “important evidence” without an inventory: a camera, tea, coffee, a vase with small change, etc.

3. Conducted a search (after 26 hours!) in the office of Kagansky, where, apart from documents related to the current activities of the company, he found nothing. Then another 12 hours later! came back angry and took EVERYTHING!!!!! documents related to the current activities of the company, computers, etc.

4. He initiated the arrest of the investigator Dmitrieva, who immediately honestly offered to write everything that HE needs about I. Glukhov or she will be imprisoned.


What did Denis Sugrobov achieve????? Poured mud on people? Humiliated the investigator? Put the innocent behind bars????? Did you share Kagansky's business with Kozbanov? "Dismissed" Yudin from criminal responsibility?

Denis! Appreciate your work!

Roman Trushkin


To be continued