In Siberia, where they planned to build new monotowns, the Russian people, bypassing the authorities, began to build their own silicon valleys - the capitals of mining and blockchain. And if, until recently, the Irkutsk region remained the leader of the golden crypto fever, today the Krasnoyarsk Territory breathes down the back of its head with the warm breath of the fans of thousands of ASICs. Details are in the investigation.

If earlier the district police officers, arriving at a call to pensioners, who see strange noises in the apartment, aliens or poisonous gas from the outlet, attributed everything to senile dementia, now they are listening to if the machine for mining cryptocurrency put into a special box is buzzing on the next balcony - the so-called ASIC. And if it is buzzing - is it not chopped up to the mains.

Theft of resources is not the only thing that crypto-diggers are often accused of. As in any business that is done illegally, there are internal wars here, with the theft of equipment from each other by warring factions and other minor sabotage. And for power grids, even in such a region as the Krasnoyarsk Territory provided with energy thanks to hydroelectric power plants, miners' revenues result in tangible power surges and even emergency situations. Not to mention the harm to the environment, which is inevitable with such a large-scale consumption of resources.

But home stations and even garage boxes converted into mining hotels are a mere trifle compared to the practically industrial crypto shops that law enforcement officers found in several districts of the Krasnoyarsk Territory at once. We are talking about huge areas occupied by equipment for the extraction of crypts and bringing money to their owners literally out of thin air and stolen electricity.

One of them was found by operatives near Kodinsk. Miners attracted the attention of law enforcement officers just by internecine showdowns. Yesterday's partners became the warring parties in the digital war using physical methods: a prominent Kodin entrepreneur, the owner of Liard-Invest, the main electricity supplier in Kodinsk, Roman Skripalshchikov, and the founder of Peschanka Energo LLC, Konstantin Skobnikov.

On the money of Skripalshchikov and according to Skobnikov's business project, a large mining farm operates on the territory of the first industrial site. For the time being, Skripalshchikov was satisfied with crypto-profits, until he began to suspect his partner of foul play and began to squeeze out of the business, demanding lease debts through the court.

Skobnikov did not turn out to be a quiet techie, but decided to demonstrate that he fumbles not only for bitcoin, but also for a completely banal criminal movement. To defend his startup, he gathered around him a group of strong criminals from Kodinsky, appointing them as security guards and even as lawyers for Peschanka. In November, Skobnikov tried to initiate a raider seizure of a mining farm on the territory of Liard-Invest. His security service then entered the farm with weapons at the ready, but the conflict between yesterday's partners was promptly suppressed by the police.

Now all the participants in the crypto business have a lot of questions from the police officers, a check is underway.

And this is just one of the episodes of the crypto fever, the outbreaks of which are recorded by law enforcement officers in several districts of the Krasnoyarsk Territory.

To be continued

Denis Zhirnov