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Interest holders LCD "Sports District" on Saturday, March 18, went to a single picket. Pickets were held at the central office of PJSC Sberbank, the State Duma, the Moscow City Hall and the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. People demand to understand the construction "pyramid", which was built by the adviser of the governor of the Moscow region Marina Ogloblina and her son Mikhail. As a result, thousands of people were left without money and shelter. According to, law enforcement agencies are now conducting an investigation, where the main person is Mikhail Ogloblin. However, earlier he, thanks to his mother, safely left the arrest. Vorobiev himself is not in a hurry to fire Ogloblin. Apparently, he is busy with the problems of "sitting" on his chair, which is very unsteady under him.

Pyramid business of the Ogloblins family

Advertising LCD "Sports Quarter" promised residents of Moscow and Moscow region "paradise" housing. In total in the LCD was planned to build 15 houses of different number of storeys. In the project declaration, the LC is informed about the planned construction of a DOU for 250 seats, a school for 550 seats, a sports complex for the Olympic Reserve.

Construction companies were led by companies controlled by Ogloblina Mikhail Andreevich, the son of Marina E. Ogloblina (ex-minister of the construction complex of the Moscow Region), currently an adviser (in the rank of minister) of the governor of the MO Vorobyov A.Yu. on construction issues. Oglobliny family.

In addition to LCD Sports District Ogloblin MA. Has 5 other unfinished projects, namely: LCD Aristovo-Mitino, LCD ECO PARK Nakhabino, LCD Marino Grad, LCD Sports Town and the last project of Aristye LCD. At all sites, the situation unfolds according to the same scenario: the developer in a short time builds monolithic skeletons of future houses, which contributes to increased sales, then construction on the fact ceases. The scheme of the developer's work resembles the creation of a building pyramid. According to the constituent documents of LLC "StroyPlus" Ogloblin MA Does not pass, however repeatedly visited meetings with interest-holders, where it was represented as the owner of this construction business.

Desperate people who paid money, got a mortgage in the same "Savings Bank", and housing, and did not see, decided to publicly protest. Protesters wore t-shirts with the names of their unfinished LCDs and took up posters containing a call to authorities and developers to finish building their apartments immediately.

It should be noted that 70% of the construction of ZhK "Sports Quarter", according to the Agreement between PJSC "Sberbank" and the Developer (structures of the Ogloblins family), is financed by the borrowed funds of this credit institution. To all the people who took out the mortgage, the Bank employees pledged to keep control of the construction site and guaranteed the delivery of the facility on time. In fact this does not happen. Moreover, the financing of the credit line of the PJSC Sberbank side has been suspended for almost two years now, which actually led to the construction site being stopped. Negotiations on the resumption of lending have been going on for four months, but the developer and Sberbank can not agree with each other and, as usual, ordinary people-interest holders suffer.

For law enforcement agencies are unavailable

The Prosecutor's Office of Moscow confirms that "Currently, construction work is almost not conducted." In connection with the numerous appeals of citizens by law enforcement bodies, the company's activity was checked - the developer ZhK Sports District, and on January 10, 2017, the Investigation Department of the TINAO MOI of Russia for Moscow instituted criminal proceedings under part 4 of Art. 159 of the Criminal Code (fraud in a particularly large amount). " At the same time, the investigating authorities do not allow deceived citizens to obtain the status of victims in the criminal case, explaining this by various, as a rule, even not lying in the legal plane, the reasons. Simultaneously, the General Director of the managing organization of the company-developer Mikhail Ogloblin is in another criminal case under art. 322.1 point and which is now heard in the Tver court of Moscow.

The partners of the LCD Sports District, who bypassed all possible instances that visited almost all the offices, at round tables and meetings that organized more than one rally, but remained in a deadlock, had no choice but to appeal personally to the President of the Russian Federation Federation Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.

As for the criminal case, which is considered in court, it concerns the organization of illegal migration (Part 2, Article 322.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). Law enforcers found out that illegal migrants were used at RAST's facilities and other structures controlled by the Ogloblins family. During the inspections, 78 foreign citizens were discovered who violated the migration legislation. It would seem that after this Mikhail Ogloblin's fault in using illegal labor could easily be proved.

As early as 2015, the investigation went to the Tver court with a motion to arrest the suspects, including Mikhail Ogloblin. However, unexpectedly the judges refused the investigators in their petition. Moreover, representatives of the prosecutor's office also rose to Ogloblin's defense, who told the court that the investigation's decision to institute criminal proceedings had already been canceled as illegal. So the head of "RATST" was literally "unavailable" for the investigation. However, later the investigation was resumed.

The fact that the investigators find this counteraction is not surprising. Marina Ogloblina has huge connections. She more than 10 years oversaw the development and implementation of economic programs in Moscow, remained the last official of the city government in the rank of minister from the team of ex-mayor Luzhkov. In the financial and economic block of the mayor's office Ogloblina worked for about 20 years. However, she "did not get accustomed" to the team Sobyanin, but found a place under the "wing" Andrew Vorobyov.

It is interesting that Ogloblina herself had troubles with law enforcers. In December 2011, she was on a limousine to the public traffic zone and collided with a passenger bus. Then public figures were extremely indignant at this incident. And soon after "against the background of the elections," Sobyanin "removed" the scandalous minister from the government.

But for a long time this official did not sit around idly and moved to the Moscow government.

The Andrei Vorobyov's Dambel Accord

Andrew Vorobyov for the tricks Ogloblina closes her eyes. Apparently, this is due to his own "shaky" position. As already reported by, he may soon leave his post.

The fact that Vorobyev soon lose his post, without speculation, was told by four interlocutors, who deserve full trust.

Versions why he leaves Vorobiev is called three. According to the first, allegedly two months ago the governor had a lot of trouble with the FSB. It would be like a fact that could instantly turn into a "loud" case of corruption. But it did not get to the point, because Vorobiev preferred to resign without noise.


According to the second version, the governor is ill with oncological disease, constantly undergoing treatment in Germany. Perhaps he will have an operation. Although there are those who claim that the version of the disease was deliberately thrown into the official circles in order to adequately explain the rapid resignation of Vorobyov.

According to the third version, Vorobyov is trying to break out of the governor's seat at the federal level.

It is known that in the fall of 2016 Vorobyov was strenuously trying to "sit" the current head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations Vladimir Puchkov to "land" in his chair.

However, to count on the successful continuation of his career, Vorobyev is difficult. He managed to quarrel with anyone he could. In particular, he is extremely disliked by State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin. It is no longer possible to include Sergei Shoigu, the patron of the Vorobyov defense minister, as the governor for a long time.

And all because of the unrestrained nature of Vorobyov, his overestimated doubts and his inclination for insults. At some point, Vorobyov officially declared himself Vladimir Putin's receiver and began to be rude and rude to everyone. Even Shoigu. When he asked to save several people from his team (Shoigu headed the Moscow region before joining the Ministry of Defense) in the administration of the Moscow region, Vorobyov ignored the wish of the senior comrade. And to respond, reacted, to put it mildly, inadequately. And the son of Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika Igor, who worked as an advisor to the governor, he generally overlaid with a three-story mat. It happened during a completely innocent conversation. After that, the "paths" of Vorobiev and the Chaika family dispersed in different directions. Eyewitnesses watched as somehow the head of the region mocked and covered the last words of the 80-year-old Vladimir Resin. Moreover, there were no visible reasons for such a reaction.

Well, what can we say about the common people here? Thanks to gigantic inflows from the Moscow region's budget for "working with the media," thousands of stories can not be read in newspapers and on websites, as Vorobiev literally screamed and obscured ordinary residents of the Moscow region. And he did it in public, at meetings of the population with the governor. It could happen after quite innocent questions.

However, of course, for rudeness in the resignation is not sent. Rampage of corruption in the suburbs under Vorobyev exceeded all reasonable limits. "Even with Gromov and Kuznetsov (ex-governor and ex-finance minister of the Moscow region) this was not", - remember the old-timers.

Source: Rucriminal