A large shadow banker, Marat Romanov, was transported to the colony. For quite a long time he was sentenced in absentia to four years in prison on charges of illegal banking activities (172 CC). As a source told, Romanov disappeared just before the verdict and moved around Europe until he was detained and convoyed to Moscow. Romanov has many interesting partners. So, for example, at the time of the events he was a close partner of Evgeny Dvoskin. Both of them were searched in the case of 172 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, but Dvoskin managed to get out. And soon he began to control Genbank. This bank is one of the few that actively worked in Crimea after 2014, which is why Dvoskin only strengthened his untouchable status. His curators, including the deputy chairman of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation Dmitry Tulin, were not even embarrassed that in the course of his work, Dvoskin withdrew 30 billion rubles from the Genbank. Also, Romanov, together with his partner from Chechnya (and part-time roof) Ali Zakriev, was actively involved in transit operations. In this shady business, their partner was the owner of the Delta Key payment system, Andrey Novikov. Once Romanov pocketed 100 million rubles from other people's budget money. Novikov demanded their return, but the authoritative Zakriev stood up for Romanov. Then Novikov turned for help to the authoritative businessman Ruslan Barkovsky, who attracted the acquaintances of the Ministry of Criminal Procedure and the plenipotentiary of the head of Chechnya to Ukraine Ramzan Tsitsulaev to solve the problem. Barkovsky had a source in the investigation team on the case in which Romanov is now going to the colony, and he learned in advance that the latter would be searched. As a result, it was decided that the acquaintances of the Moscow Criminal Investigation Department would kidnap Romanov and Zakriev and take them to Barkovsky. It was not possible to capture Romanov, but the operation with Zakriev and his bodyguard Argun was successful.

Рамзан Цицулаев continues to acquaint readers with the Tsitsulaev case. Today we continue to publish a fragment on the main charge - the kidnapping of a shadow banker, also a native of Chechnya, Ali Zakriev.

“Having carried out the capture of AA Zakriev at about 10:30 am. and Arguna Ya.B., acting by a group of persons by prior conspiracy, within the framework of a single criminal intent, in accordance with a previously developed criminal plan, taking their personal belongings and mobile phones from them, depriving them of their means of communication and the ability to call for help, the accomplices moved the victims to cars "Mercedes Benz" year of birth T999OU199RUS under the control of Madaev Kh.E. and "Cadillac Escalade" b.w. С450ON77RUS under the direction of Madaev DS, accompanied by a car "Nissan Armada" b.w. K550EN750RUS under the control of Ad. Taramov. And in the car wash room controlled by the accomplices, located at the address: Moscow, Kostomarovskaya embankment, 29, bldg. 2, where they were awaited by those who arrived at the said premises in vehicles of transport unidentified by the investigation R. Barkovsky A., Balaev F.N.o., Andreev A.Yu. and other unidentified persons.

In turn Nureyev A.N. by car "Ford Mondeo" b.z. M936RO777RUS under the control of EM Tolshin, as well as IS Samarkin. on a car "Volvo S60" b.z S807UO190RUS, unaware of the commission of a crime against AA Zakriev and Argun Ya.B., from the crime scene at the direction of A.N. Novikov. and Balaeva F.N.about. correspondingly, they did not take part in any further illegal actions.

Having moved Zakriev A.A. and Arguna Ya.B. to the premises of a car wash located at the address: Moscow, Kostomarovskaya embankment, 29, p. 2, at about 10 hours 50 minutes on August 19, 2014, in order to implement a single criminal intent for all accomplices aimed at extortion from Zakriev A .AND. property on an especially large scale, Barkovsky R.A. and Madaev D.S. put forward him a demand for the transfer of property, in the form of money in the amount of at least 109,000,000 (one hundred and nine million) rubles, while Barkovsky RA, Balaev FNo. and unidentified persons, applied against A.A. Zakriev. and Arguna Ya.B. violence, inflicting multiple blows with hands and feet on the head and torso, expressing threats to their life and health, while demanding the transfer of funds in the amount of at least 109,000,000 (one hundred and nine million) rubles, for their subsequent transfer to Novikov A.N. ...

In turn, Balaev T.A.o., Madaev M.M., Madaev Kh.E., Soltaliev M.A., Taramov Ad.I., Sagaipov A.S., Taramov Al.I., Olshansky V. S., Andreev A.Yu. and other accomplices unidentified by the investigation, observed the surrounding environment, ensuring the unhindered and safe commission of crimes against the victims, while Madaev D.S. and Barkovsky R.A. by phone communication, personally received instructions from R.L. Tsitsulaev, transferring them to accomplices, thereby coordinating their actions according to the latter's instructions.

In connection with the refusal of A.A. Zakriev. from the fulfillment of the requirements of the accomplices on the transfer of funds to them, and the execution of the role assigned to them in the commission of these crimes, Olshansky V.S., Andreev A.Yu., Taramov Al.I., Sagaipov A.S., and other unidentified accomplices, not later 11 hours 00 minutes, on 19.08.2014 left the car wash premises, while Taramov Ad.I., Madaev D.S., Madaev Kh.E., Madaev M.M., Soltaliev M.A. and Tukaev R.Kh., acting by a group of persons by prior conspiracy, jointly and in agreement with Tsitsulaev R.L., Barkovsky R.A., Balaev F.N.o., Balaev T.A.about. and other accomplices, performing their assigned criminal roles, put A.A. Zakriev. and Arguna Ya.B. into the car "Cadillac Escalade" b.z. С450ON77RUS, after which, at about 13 hours 30 minutes, 08/19/2014, they drove out with the victims from the car wash premises to a residential building at the address: Moscow region, Istra district, Manikhino village, st. ... Zelenaya, 11, where Madaev D.S., Taramov Ad.I., Madaev Kh.E., Madaev M.M., Soltaliev M.A. and Tukayev R.Kh., at about 2.30 pm on August 19, 2014, placed A.A. Zakriev. and Arguna Ya.B. in the isolated basement of the said house, again putting forward a claim to A.A. Zakriev. on the transfer of property in the form of money in the amount of at least 109,000,000 (one hundred and nine million) rubles, keeping the victims against their will, while threatening their life and health.

No later than 18 hours 00 minutes on 08/20/2014, in the composition of a criminal group on behalf of Tsitsulaev R.L. Nagornev E.V. voluntarily entered, who, according to the criminal role assigned to him, was supposed to contribute to the further extortion of property from A.A. place of detention A.A. Zakriev and Argun Ya.B., to expect accomplices during the commission of unlawful actions against the victims, as well as, if necessary, provide other assistance, including the transfer of A.A. Zakriev. from the place of holding.

So, no later than 18 hours 00 minutes on 08/20/2014 Barkovsky R.A., Balaev T.A.about. and Novikov A.N. by car "Volvo S60", born in S807UO190RUS under the control of E.V. Nagornev arrived at the house at the place of detention of the victims, after which Barkovsky R.A. and Novikov A.N. went into the house, in turn Nagornev E.V., according to the criminal role assigned to him, he was waiting for the accomplices in the car and was ready to provide them with the necessary support. Entering the house Barkovsky R.A., Novikov A.N. and Taramov Ad.I. in the presence of other accomplices in the crime - Madaeva Kh.E., Madaeva M.M., Taramov A.I., Soltaliev M.A., Tukaeva R.Kh., as well as other unidentified persons, under threat of violence, suppressing the will of Zakriev A.A. to resistance, demanded to transfer to Novikov A.N. property belonging to the victim on an especially large scale, after which, in agreement with Tsitsulaev R.L., 20.08.2014, no later than 18 hours 00 minutes, A.A. Zakriev was forced. write a receipt stating that he has debt obligations to A.N. Novikov. in the amount of 109,000,000 (one hundred and nine million) rubles.

At an unspecified time on August 21, 2014, Tsitsulaev R.L., having information about the receipt received, gave A.I. Taramov. and Madaev D.S. order to release A.A. Zakriev and Argun Ya.B., at the same time instructing them to bring A.A. Zakriev. to meet him at the premises of the hotel "Golden Ring" at the address: Moscow, st. Smolenskaya, 5, where Tsitsulaev R.L. entered into negotiations with brother Zakriev A.A. - Zakriev U.A., as a person who contributed to the release of Zakriev A.A. from places of illegal detention, in order to conceal their true role in the crimes committed ”.

To be continued

Timofey Grishin