The Moscow Garrison Military Court received case files regarding former employees of the Alpha and Vympel departments of the special forces center of the FSB of Russia. They are accused of robbery at an underground exchange point and theft of 136 million rubles. According to investigators, Alexander Yumaranov collected this amount from clients of the Moscow shopping center (owned by God Nisanov) and, on the advice of his friend Boris Karamatov (Borya Uzbek), on June 10, 2019, went to an underground exchange office on Ivan Babushkin Street. Yurmanov was accompanied by Karamatov. They exchanged money there more than once.

At the same time, a black Mercedes minivan drove up to the Metallurg building, which was managed, as the investigation established, by a former employee of the Federal Tax Service Dmitry Chikvin. According to Kommersant’s information, Arthur Vlasov and Alexander Karelin (the grandson of the head of the FSB Academy department, Valentin Karelin), officers of the Alpha department of the FSB special purpose center (TsSN) Khetag Margiev, Vladimir Urusov and Roman were in the car’s interior Obolensky, an employee of the Vympel management of the Central Criminal Investigation Center Dmitry Kapyshkin, a former investigator of the prosecutor’s office, Konstantin Zharov and Dmitry Kazantsev. Having taken away money from Alexander Yumaranov on the pretext that he was participating in an illegal financial transaction, the security forces left with gunner Boris Karamatov. They pretended to detain Karamatov. He, as the organizer of the attack, took half of the amount.

According to sources at, Boris Karamatov, the organizer of the raid on the site of the culling site by the fighters of Alpha and Vympel, first left for Israel. And then he began to ply between Serbia and Montenegro. Maxim Lalakin, the son of the leader of the Podolsk organized criminal group, Sergei Lalakin, helps him hide; Previously, Karamatov was involved in the theft of assets (business centers, etc.) for $ 1 billion, which once belonged to businessman Alexander Mineev. Mineev was killed. As a result of all, a significant part of the property came under the control of Luchka. Other participants in this crime were Dmitry Kurylenko.

According to the materials that were in the possession of the editorial office, at the interrogation of November 13, 2014, Kurylenko indicated that Maxim Lalakin was aware of the intention to organize the murder of Alexander Mineev.

About how Maxim Lalakin brought the plan to the end and the property of the murdered Mineev was seized, it is clearly visible from the documents.

08/07/2015 Osalum Services LLP changed shareholders from Folleren Services Inc. and Tamian Systems Ltd., to Lalakin Maxim and Soboleva Ekaterina (50% each). According to Companies House, Maxim Lalakin is the controlling entity of Osalum Services LLP with a 75% or more stake.

An agreement was also signed between Osalum Services LLP, on the one hand, and Irina Mineeva, Darya Mineeva, Vsevolod Mineev, Artem Mineev, Yegor Tarnovsky (that is, the ex-wife and children of the murdered Alexander Mineev), on the other hand, on the division between property belonging to 18 Russian limited liability companies. All these relatives were in conflict with Mineev. He divorced her very hard in England, the woman launched a war with her wife and received almost all of his English assets at 40 million pounds. After that, he did not communicate with his wife and children. According to sources, then the representatives of the Lalakins family found an approach to the Mineev’s ex-wife. After that, the hunt began first for Mineev himself and his Russian assets, worth $ 1 billion.

Important conditions of the contract are: income from the sale of property is divided between the parties in the ratio of 40% to 60% (clause 4 of the contract); income from the use of property is divided between the parties 50% to 50% (clause 5 of the contract).

It is known that 09.07.2015 Igor Tereshchenko (a former policeman with ties to the Podolsk organized crime group) created the heirs Mineev A.A. (BIN 1155047008258).

08/11/2015 to the participants of LLC “The heirs of Mineev A.A.” includes Daria Mineeva, Vsevolod Mineev, Artem Mineev, Yegor Tarnovsky with a 20% participation share in the authorized capital of the company. 20% of the authorized capital of the company remained in the ownership of Igor Tereshchenko.

At the end of 2017, when the Main Investigative Directorate of the ICR of the Russian Federation in the Moscow Region was about to submit a criminal case to the court, which was set aside in a separate proceeding with respect to the accused - Yulia Egorova, Boris Karamatov, Dmitry Kurylenko, and familiarized the accused with all the materials of the criminal case, what should be done in accordance with article 217 of the Code of Criminal Procedure of the Russian Federation, before the case is brought to court, the central apparatus of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation took criminal cases (both separate and main) from the Main Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in the Moscow Region. All the accused were free. Karamatov organized a raid for this. And Mineev’s property passed to the son of Luchka.

To be continued

Timofei Grishin