Source: continues to publish confidential conversations between officials and oligarchs, which Boris Berezovsky has fixed debts for years. From these conversations, readers can learn many secrets of representatives of the Russian authorities and business elites, journalism, what they really say and think about, and not “hum” in the ears from the TV screens. In the new portion of "wiretaps" we give a conversation between Berezovsky and banker Vladimir Gusinsky. Next to Berezovsky is Roman Abramovich, who fully supports the boss. And they are discussing how to “run into” Yevgeny Primakov. He is blamed for the closure of the Jewish agency Sohnut in Russia.

“Volodya, I'm sorry to get it, I have two questions,” Boris Berezovsky begins a conversation with Gusinsky, “The first question.” Can you give me a 22nd plane to Peter for Prince Michael. Need a Challenger.

“Of course we will. No questions. The second question is Dry? ”Gusinsky answers.

“No, something else. I forgot ... One second, ”Berezovsky cannot recall his second question to Gusinsky and addresses the Roman Abramovich who is nearby. "Roma, why did I ask to connect with Gusinsky?" Abramovich recalls and Berezovsky continues the conversation: “Volodya, here. And when we fly to Yekaterinburg. ”

Gusinsky does not like this topic and he categorically states that he will not fly to Yekaterinburg, because they are an important meeting with the Filippovites. They specifically will call for Russia on the way to China. And the banker moves on to a topic that is important to him: “What’s wrong with him? The scandal will be drop dead. I will be forced to intervene on the forehead. We’ll hit on Primakov hard, hard. ”

Berezovsky does not really like the topic: “Come, we will find a solution. We must meet with Primakov. ”

But Gusinsky is set to war: “Nah, Primakov needs to ... give. And that’s all. And he will get it. I will not meet Primakov. That's for sure!".

Berezovsky: “Do you believe that it is he?”

“It's definitely him!”

“Then we will act differently,” agrees Berezovsky.

“Find Tatyana,” Gusinsky will forgive. Apparently we are talking about Tatyana Dyachenko.

Berezovsky’s theme is clearly annoying, but promises to talk with Tatyana.

To be continued

Yaroslav Mukhtarov