Source: continues to publish an investigation about who controls the financial flows in the Crimea. First of all, we are talking about the shadow financiers Eugene Dvoskin and Andrei Rozov. First under their control was the General Bank, working in the Crimea. As a result, it formed a "hole" of 25 billion rubles, the Bank decided to sanitize. Pink and Dvoskin no responsibility incurred. On the contrary, they have now decided to entrust the management of a larger Crimean Bank - PJSC rnkb, which is an authorized Bank for the payment of civil and military pensions in the Crimea. Through it passes a significant part of the budget of the Peninsula. Rozov and Dvoskin often meet with the head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov, behind their backs a powerful cover in the face of individual top managers of the Central Bank of Russia. In the new publication, we will tell you what we have learned about Andrei Rozov.

Sources told that in due time Andrey Rozov was known in the shadow market as one of the main experts on VAT return and the value added tax. Clearly, these were not normal transactions, and on demand the VAT refund is actually from the ephemeral. Moreover, he undertook to work with extremely large sums, amounting to billions of rubles. This is only possible if you have connections at the top of the Federal tax service. Rozov himself told our sources that he was personally acquainted with the former head of the Federal tax service Anatoly Serdyukov. Recently published an investigation of the former head of the IFNS № 28 Olga Stepanova. It was suspected that facilitated the theft from the budget of the astronomical amount of 60 billion rubles, but it came out "unscathed" and are now rich lives outside of Russia. Their friends Stepanov said that this "unsinkable" due to the fact like many of the choices she made on call Serdyukov. However, none of our sources have not seen pink together with Serdyukov. But together with the current head of the Federal tax service Mikhail Mishustin he was seen repeatedly, they talked very often.

All the major fixers of the VAT had its own banks. Without them, fraud with embezzlement from the budget under the guise of tax refund is impossible. For example, another top VAT solver Alexey Kulikov had banks Creditimpex and Promsberbank. And Andrei Rozov was a Bank "the Renaissance". Officially he owned 10 % of the Bank, but sources say that in reality Rozov fully owned the Bank, offering a full range of shadow services: cash, transit, etc.

Rozov during the shadow financial activity has established excellent personal relations with individual representatives of the Central Bank. But in the case of "Renaissance" he decided to hedge and established a reliable cover through a friend of Sergei Dontsov. The latter previously served as an adviser to the Moscow Main Directorate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, but this place is not limited to its capabilities. Dontsov has long been considered the main solver at the CBR, he is included in almost any offices of the Bank of Russia.

According to sources Dontsov introduced Rozov to the Head of the Moscow main territorial Department of the Central Bank of Russia Ibrahim Khasbulatov – a relative of the former Chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the Russian Federation Ruslan Khasbulatov. And he turned contacts with Pink on their subordinate, which directly oversaw the Renaissance. As a result, the Central Bank of Russia closed the head of absolutely everything that happened in the "Renaissance", there was a huge financial "hole".

It is clear that the "roof" can not cover forever. In 2015, the Bank of Russia raised the issue of the withdrawal of the "Renaissance" of the license and all persons who had relation to the Bank, I started to panic. Especially the employee of the Central Bank of Russia, who supervised the "Renaissance" and converged with Pink. Sources say that the woman talked about the fact that the interrogation will not be silent, and the like. And then she was found dead. According to the official version, she committed suicide. In December 2015, Renaissance's license was revoked with a strict wording: "the credit institution was involved in carrying out questionable operations for the withdrawal of funds abroad, as well as dubious transit operations in large volumes."

By the time pink along with Dvoskina implemented a project GenBank in the Crimea. As a result, the story of the Renaissance ended in nothing. The official "hole" Bank did much less than it was in reality. No serious criminal cases were born.


To be continued

Arseny Drones