The central apparatus of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, with the operational support of the Directorate of the FSB of the Russian Federation, is now conducting active investigative actions in the case, the defendants of which are all entirely from the closest circle of Adam Delimkhanov. According to the telegram channel VChK-OGPU, this may cost Delimkhanov a place in the new composition of the State Duma. The Basmanny Court arrested Roman Kuznetsov (aka Usman Dudurkaev), Delimkhanov's assistant and permanent resident of the President Hotel. They took Kuznetsov (an unprecedented case) at the Grozny airport by the forces of operatives and special forces of the FSB of the Russian Federation who arrived from Moscow. They worked without problems, the go-ahead for the investigation was received at such a high level that you cannot argue.

Роман Кузнецов

In connection with the investigation, investigators are also looking for Beslan Karimov, who is called the "treasurer" of Delimkhanov. On him, "watchmen" were displayed at all airports, but a technical failure "accidentally" occurred at the Grozny airport, thanks to which Karimov managed to fly to Turkey according to his documents.

Адам Делимханов и Роман Кузнецов

A rather old story has become a subject for investigation. Influential forces in Chechnya had their eyes on the Energia company, which owned power grids in the Rostov and Volgograd regions. Its owner, Alexander Khuruji, turned out to be an uncompromising person and soon went to jail (it was later established that the case against him was fabricated). Khuruji's wife knew where the “wind is blowing” from and went to the President Hotel in Moscow to free her husband for negotiations. There she was met by Roman Kuznetsov and with his accomplices was forcibly locked in one of the rooms. The woman was threatened until she (who had all the necessary powers of attorney) transcribed Energia to the indicated persons. After that, Karimov took over the "management" of the company, as a result all funds and assets were withdrawn from it. If the damage from Kuznetsov's actions is estimated at 80 million rubles, then from Karimov's actions - at 1.5 billion rubles.

Now the former Deputy General Director of JSC Energia, Dmitry Lyanguzov, is being transported to Moscow. In December 2020, he was sentenced to six years in prison for stealing the assets of a joint-stock company for 1 billion rubles. In reality, Lyanguzov carried out Karimov's orders and agreed to take all the blame on himself in exchange for financial benefits and promises that he would not be in prison for a long time. In the ICR Lyanguzov will be interrogated on new episodes related to "Energy". Karimov is now telling in Turkey, where he is hiding, that he has solved all his problems and will soon be able to return to Russia. As in many similar stories, in this one too it is necessary to “Cherchez la femm” - to look for a woman. According to a source, Karimov has a close relationship with a very difficult woman who has worked in various positions in the prosecutor's office and in the FSB of the Russian Federation. Behind this lies his confidence in the successful resolution of problems.

At the disposal of were materials of a high-profile investigation, and today we are publishing a resolution to initiate a case.

 “In the period from January 2016 to 05/30/2016 Roman Ruslanovich Kuznetsov,… year of birth, who was granted the status of a lawyer on 12/22/2016 on the basis of the decision of the 10th Chamber of Lawyers of the Chechen Republic, committed theft of other people's property by fraud on an especially large scale. Not later than 31.01.2016 in Moscow at the address:… to R.R. Kuznetsov. Khurudzhi M.A. as a representative of the main shareholder of JSC "Energia" (TIN 6143012100) Khurudzhi A.A. , which owned 96.6% of the company's shares, with a request to assist in preventing a possible raider seizure of JSC Energia. No later than 02.02.2016 in Moscow at R.R. Kuznetsov out of selfish motives with the aim of personal enrichment, an intent arose to steal the property of JSC "Energia" on an especially large scale by deception. Realizing criminal intent, no later than March 16, 2016 in Moscow, Kuznetsov R.R. , acting intentionally, with the aim of stealing someone else's property by deception, misleading A.A. Khuruji. , Khuruji M.A. , Acting General Director of JSC "Energia" Fomochkin V.V. and other employees of the enterprise, under the pretext of preventing the raider seizure of JSC Energia and preserving its property, organized the conclusion between LLC MK, which he controls (TIN 7705875251) and JSC Energia, of an agency agreement dated March 16, 2016, according to which JSC Energia pledged to transfer its own funds to the account of LLC "MPK" for the purpose of their subsequent spending for the needs of JSC "Energia". In pursuance of the agency agreement, Deputy General Director of JSC "Energia" DS Lyanguzov at the direction of V.V. Fomochkina no later than 03/21/2016 transferred from the settlement account of JSC "Energy No. 40702810000000000509, opened Volgodonsk branch of PJSC" Donkhlebbank "at the address: Rostov region, Volgodonsk, st. Lenin d. 10, to the settlement account of LLC "MK" No. 40702810838000063575, opened in the additional office No. 9038/01759 of the Moscow Bank of PJSC "Sberbank of Russia" at the address: Moscow, Entuziastov highway, d. 14 funds belonging to JSC Energia in the amount of 80,000,000 rubles Continuing the implementation of his criminal intent, in the period from 28.03.20 to 30.05.2016 in Moscow at the address: R. Kuznetsov, acting deliberately, with the aim of stealing other people's property by deception, organized the transfer of No. 40702810838000063575, opened in the additional office No. 9038/01759 of the Moscow Bank of PJSC Sberbank of Russia at the address: Moscow, Entuziastov highway, bld. 14 monetary funds transferred to the settlement account of LLC "MPK" under an agency agreement with JSC "Energia", in the amount of 47,808,162 rubles 31 kopecks in favor of related individuals and legal entities who did not perform any work for JSC "Energia" and did not provide services. Thus, Kuznetsov R.R. in the period from January 2016 to 05/30/2016 in Moscow by deception illegally and gratuitously took possession of the property of JSC Energia in the form of funds in an especially large amount for the total amount of 47,808,162 rubles 31 kopecks, causing JSC Energia material damage for the specified amount. With the stolen property Kuznetsov R.R. ordered at his own discretion. "

To be continued

Timofey Grishin