Farewell to the murdered killer, "authoritative" businessman, "owner" of Vyborg, Alexander Petrov, will take place in the Transfiguration Cathedral. A funeral service will take place here. From October 28, the coffin of the dead will be in the Transfiguration Cathedral, and on Wednesday, Bishop Ignatius of Vyborg and Priozersk will celebrate the Liturgy and funeral service. Since the 90s, Petrov has been associated with a more authoritative businessman Ilya Traber (Antiquary), who has always been interested in port transshipment of goods, and Vyborg is also a port. There is also the Vyborg shipyard, in which Petrov also took part. The latter recently began to actively sell off assets, as he planned to move abroad to his son Vitaly (a former Formula 1 driver). Sources say that on this basis, Petrov had a serious conflict with Traber. And Traber is a dangerous man. This follows from the testimony of witnesses (employees of the EPAP Bar Association, headed by the president's classmate Nikolai Yegorov) in connection with the investigation of criminal stories around the Norebo company. One of them directly says that there were threats: If you don't do what Traber says, the automatons will start to "speak". At one time, Traber was extremely close with Vice Governor Mikhail Manevich. And then there was a conflict between them over the seaport. Manevich was killed by a sniper. first publishes the testimony of EPAP's lawyer Krasnikhin describing the threats. And then he cites the testimony of a professional killer from the Manevich case, who tells how a professional kills at a very long distance. Manevich was covered from the attic window when he was driving with his wife and driver. Petrov was killed by a sniper when the businessman left the bank in his well-guarded area. The killer is located on the other side of the river.

“11/13/2015 he together with Y. Savvin. arrived in St. Petersburg, where in the office of "EPAM" at the address: St. Petersburg, Nevsky Prospect, 24, at 13:30 a meeting with AA Begun took place. During the meeting, Begun A.A. said that he represents the interests of businessman II Traber, who was approached by a wealthy man living in Moscow with a request to help resolve the conflict regarding the fish business of the Karat group of companies. During the conversation, Begun A.A. explained that the settlement of the conflict between Orlov V.P. and Tugushev A.AND. the people of A. Delimkhanov were involved, who, when solving problems, use machine guns (weapons) and remain unpunished. At the same time, the Chechen law enforcement agencies can make “bold decisions”, and the existing conflict can turn into a criminal law plane. These words were threatening. "

Excerpt from the Manevich murder case:

“Within the framework of criminal case No. 86, investigative actions and operational-search measures are being continued to verify the available evidence that through IVANOV the weapons used in the terrorist act against MANEVICH could be obtained.

Circumstances connected with the implementation of the intention to acquire weapons in St. Petersburg, and the fact of stay in St. Petersburg in August 1997 A.A. CHELYSHEVA confirmed during interrogation and TERESHCHENKO A.N. In addition, having informed about the stay in the city in July 1997 of DROZHIN and SA CHELYSHEV, he explained that they were solving the issues of acquiring weapons.

Drozhzhin O.B. admitted during interrogation that together with S.A. CHELYSHEV in July-August 1997, he attempted to purchase a Stechkin pistol, a Kalashnikov assault rifle and a sniper rifle with optics in St. Petersburg. During this period, A.A. CHELYSHEV came to them. and Popov and S.V. Yakovlev nicknamed "Fandora".

From the testimony of DROZHZHIN it follows that he, together with S.A. CHELYSHEV. and DYAKOVSKOY left St. Petersburg for the Tambov region on August 20 or 21, 1997, i.e. almost immediately after the murder of MANEVICH.

He also said that S.A. CHELYSHEV at home in the Tambov region wears rubber galoshes almost all the time.

As witness YS CHURYUKIN testified, VASILISIN told him about the method of committing murders by shooting from the windows of the attic. At the same time, so that when driving on roofs, your feet do not slip, you should wear rubber shoes. From the testimony of CHURYUKIN it follows that VASILISIN together with A.A. CHELYSHEV committed murder in this way. Moreover, his testimony largely reproduces the situation in which MANEVICH was murdered.

There is also other circumstantial evidence of the possible involvement of members of the CHELYSHEVs' criminal group in the murder of MANEVICH.

So, at the place of residence YAKOVLEVA C.The. at the address: Tambov region, Pervomaisky village, st. Volodarskogo, house 56, a plastic bottle with gun oil, similar in composition to the Alkaline Composition oil, was seized.

According to the conclusion of the chemical examination, in its composition, this oil is similar to the oily substances found on the slide spring of the machine gun, and differs from the oily substances found on the shutter of the machine, from which MANEVICH was killed, and a piece of white matter (rag-diaper) found on the attic, the absence of impurities of animals and vegetable oils.

The presence of impurities of animal and vegetable oils can be explained by the testimony of the witness CHURYUKIN, who, during interrogation, said that, as S.V. Vasilisin told him, one should not use gloves when shooting, since they may not have time to be removed when leaving or lost, and then they there are traces of shooting, and recommended that a few minutes before the shooting, smear your hands with a greasy cream after shaving or for skin, and then there will be no handprints on the weapon, and no marks of the shot on the hands themselves.


To be continued

Alexey Ermakov