At the end of the brilliantly held September election campaign in the Voronezh region, according to the results, comparable only to the Chechen Republic, it is time to remember our friends from the power bloc. In continuation of the previously published information about the commercial interests of the deputy head of the Voronezh FSB FSB Zaitsev Andrei Nikolaevich and his friends ZhKKhshnikov (Sysoev A.V., Zachupeiko A.V., Solomakha D.V.), we invite readers to familiarize themselves with the following information.

According to, the issue of the buyout of the Left-Bank treatment facilities by the city authorities with the subsequent transfer of concession to Vodokanal (RVK-Voronezh) under the expected billion-dollar co-financing from the budget of their reconstruction is currently being discussed. This situation is very interesting to the previously mentioned housing and communal services, Zaitsev with his friend Karjakin, who mercilessly strews VOCs with fines (with a simultaneous refusal to agree on discharge standards) with the involvement of the prosecutor's office and other supervisory authorities.

The sphere of housing and communal services and in particular the Left-Bank treatment facilities of Voronezh cannot cover Zaitsev's appetites.

Also one of Andrei Nikolaevich's commercial projects was the development of the budget for security, construction, repair of Voronezh Basic University by means of the traditional instrument of initiation criminal case against the leadership. The criminal prosecution has already changed its qualification several times from Art. 290 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation at Art. 159, and subsequently Art. 160, where there are huge questions to the evidence base, which is confirmed by the investigation period of one and a half years. Kirill Levit, head of the Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee of the Investigative Committee for the Voronezh Region (currently suspended from duty), initiated this case under pressure from Zaitsev and his patron Nefedov, who threatened to first disclose illegal proceeds from small retail outlets. Among the recent failures of the new managers of the university, it should be noted the failure with the participation of the university in the federal project to support higher education "Priority 2030" and the disruption of a number of purchases for the construction of a dormitory, the supply of security equipment.

As the sources told, the same Lisichko, by "coincidence" (the sphere is also supervised by Zaitsev), is a favorite contractor in the social sphere, or rather on orders from the Department of Health and the Department of Social Protection of the region. There is a clear understanding among entrepreneurs that if you want to get a government order, then you need to negotiate not with the head of the Voronezh region health department Alexander Shchukin or the head of the social protection department Olga Sergeeva, but with Zaitsev, of course, not without a “contribution” to the interests of the Motherland. The fatherland, in turn, did not offend Andrei Nikolaevich, having awarded him a good mansion in the Tenisty microdistrict and a Land Rover Defender of the latest model (from 8 million rubles). And out of recent joy, though to an affiliate, Zaitsev got about 1000 square meters of commercial real estate, which Sergey Goncharov, the owner of the Razvitie Group of Companies, can tell in more detail, but with sadness.

Zaitsev also does not hesitate to send his most loyal subordinates and personally contact the heads of the structural divisions of the Voronezh Region Lesfund with recommendations not to refuse representatives of Armenian construction organizations, who are dusty on the roads, in their desire to cut a forest plot worth tens of millions of rubles.

But it was strange to think that the standard of living of Zaitsev A.N. his boss OV Nefedov was not noticed, who was grateful for the renovation of a cottage bought at a reasonable price in the suburbs of Novovoronezh. The location of the cottage was not chosen by chance, so to speak, closer to the "fishy" place in the form of a modernizing nuclear power plant, which is being looked after by an attached vassal from Tver.

Roman Trushkin

To be continued