The collection of wiretaps continues to grow. Earlier we gave records from Boris Berezovsky's archive. But time will suspend their publication, to familiarize readers with another interesting archive of the Spanish secret service, who carefully recorded the talks of a shady Russians who favored resorts of the Kingdom. In this article you can listen to the conversations of nail Malyutin, Gennady Petrov and Ilya Traber.

Nail Malyutin in the 90s under the leadership of Herman Gref worked in the mayor's office of the Northern capital. Since those ancient times, he is well acquainted with one of the main "godfathers" of St. Petersburg Gennady Petrov. Over time, Malyutin became the head of the financial leasing company (FLC), which was to be engaged in "state support of leasing programs in the field of civil aviation." In 2008 Malyutin was sentenced to 8 years in Moscow. According to investigators, in August 2007, the company Malyutina signed a contract with the company "FLK-kit", which was to purchase for FLK 25 Il-114 aircraft for 290 million rubles. However, as found by the investigators, this deal was a cover for the withdrawal: "FLK-Komplekt" transferred 30 million rubles to criminal authority Aslan Gagieva named Jacko, who bought a large plot of land in the Ryazan region, then selling it "FLK-Komplekt" is already over 253 million rubles.

Later, Jacko transferred the money to the personal account of Malyutin allegedly as payment for a loan previously taken from him, and he, in turn, sent the money to Spain, where they bought the estate in the Spanish Palma de Mallorca.

 Gennady Petrov started as a foreman at the Moscow railway station. In the 80-ies of XX century met with Alexander Malyshev, at that time already known criminal authority. His close circle of friends included Vladimir Kumarin. In 1998-1999, Petrov was a co-owner of Bank Rossiya, he owned 2.2 % of the Bank's shares, and at shareholder meetings they were represented by Andrei Shumkov, who in 1998-2000 was a member of its Board of Directors. Petrov's family lived in a house on the Birch alley, which was built in 2003 by the Baltic construction company-St. Petersburg, one of the owners of which was the son of Gennady Petrov Anton. The inhabitants of the house were settled there in 2003-2004, since then the composition of residents has not changed. According to the TV channel "Rain", since the apartments there own MP and an old friend of Vladimir Putin on the judo Vasily Shestakov, co-owner of Bank "Russia" Nikolay Shamalov, a businessman Arkady Rotenberg, founder of the cooperative "Lake" Viktor Myachin, Yelena Mordashov, Yuri Kovalchuk, the structure of Bank "Russia" "Biznesses", Sergey Fursenko, Svetlana bow-Legged — she was co-owner of the company "Ozone", which manages the resort "Igora", where he married supposed daughter of Vladimir Putin and Kirill Shamalov.

Until 2014, the apartment in this house was owned by the former Manager of the President Vladimir Kozhin, but then sold it to timuraz Bolloev. In addition, in 2014 one of the apartments was purchased by Gennady Timchenko. Prior to that, she belonged to Oleg Kobeleva, he was a Director of the company "Portoflot", which serves the court in St. Petersburg and one of the owners of which is company Nasdor Inc. (owner of St. Petersburg is considered to be the authority of Ilya Traber).

Ilya Traber (Antiquarian) in the 1990s, he was a major player in the market of Antiques trade in St. Petersburg, in addition, together with Dmitry Skigin Controlled CJSC "Petersburg oil terminal" — the operator of the oil export terminal in the port of St. Petersburg. According to Forbes, Traber and Skigin were also co-owners of the Baltic bunker company. In the early 2000s Traber and Skigin became citizens of Greece and left Russia.

In 2008, Traber became a defendant in the case of the "Russian mafia" in Spain. Then during the operation "Troika" was detained businessman Gennady Petrov (according to Spanish investigators, the leader of the Tambovskaya criminal group) and a few Russians. Traber was not detained, as at that time was not in Spain.

As shown by the tapping of telephone conversations during the Spanish criminal case, one of the real owners of FLK was a crime boss Gennady Petrov, the leader of the gang Petrova str. And it was he who, according to investigators, bankrupted the shipyard, leaving thousands of people without work. The bankruptcy of two German shipyards was the result of the transit of Petrov's funds through their accounts — about this The Insider told the Prosecutor of the Special Prosecutor's office for combating corruption and organized crime of Spain Jose Grinda.

"We have a record of conversations Petrov with a number of persons, from which it follows that Petrov was the actual owner of a significant part of the shares of FLK. In particular, there was a collusion between Petrov and the Director of the Financial leasing company nail Malyutin. They did two things: they made a profit by speculating on stocks, and then they took it out by transferring FLC money to a Luxembourg company, which led to the bankruptcy of the shipyards."

In January 2011, representatives of the Spanish and Russian Prosecutor's offices went to the Prosecutor's office of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in Schwerin. Spanish prosecutors provided phone records Petrova German counterparts, considering that we are talking about money laundering through the accounts of the shipyards.

All of these wiretaps in full and were at We will publish them, and readers will hear a lot of interesting information and a lot of big names. From conversations it will be clear,and as "godfathers" of St. Petersburg solve questions with officials and security officers of the highest rank.

In the first article we give two most "harmless" conversations. On one recording you can hear nail Malyutin and Gennady Petrov. The first reports that he met outside the Russian Federation with Traber and he is dissatisfied with the fact that Petrov is not so active to be close to the "friend" and "all rake under him." Petrov laments that the energy he has is not the same capitals, and explains that their questions he with whom to negotiate, and then everything can be discussed with his son Anton. Malyutin is clearly offended and says he wants to personally witness Petrov homage.

The second entry leads a conversation with Gennady Petrov and Ilya Traber. The latter calls the interlocutor "bro" and congratulates him on the "seventh tenth". Traber then goes into arguments about eternity. Convinced Petrov to live for yourself, noting that "all of you! not swept away, and what you have is clearly enough". Traber notes that the time from Petrov still eternity, and to understand Brenna recommends to go to the cemetery. "Billionaires, doctors, generals, bandits are all the same there," says Traber.

Gennady Petrov agrees ("ilyukha, say it right") and I heartily thanked the friend.

To be continued


Jaroslav Mukhtarov