His hand, like a mouse, the vole, the grain collective dragged

The strict justice of a thief not once it was caught

But the thieving soul did not heed the lessons of life

A redneck rural insides all more greed fueled

Trouble eternal Russia that the thief and scum has a chance

 And here our mouse king steals gas for many years


Such unpretentious sextina can begin the story about Raul Arashukov, nicknamed by the narrow-minded journalists the gas king of the North Caucasus.  Well, if you echo this mountain shark pen, Raul Turkbievich really can be called the king, but rather the king of mice, which he surrounded himself for many years! But we must pay tribute to the "Mouse king"! Not having education and not even being able to competently Express thoughts in Russian, this man was a master of intrigue, bribery and sycophancy. These qualities enabled him to lure werewolves in uniform who are over the carcass of a sheep and other, more tangible profits, ready to sell the country wholesale and retail! The proximity of prostitutes in uniform and constant flow of gas money did "Mashinnogo king" and his son Rauf Arashukov fearless, the laws of the Russian Federation became them to be interpreted in Khabez understanding. The result of this impunity were several contract killings organized rat, and, as a result, questions to daddy from the great leadership of "Gazprom", which does not like when the name of "national heritage" associated with crime. And now the son-in-law of the "noble" family Ruslan Agoev (a good-natured fool, used by the family instead of a sexual rag), who held the post of Director of Stavropol Gas before the announcement to the international wanted list, hides, as it should be a small gray mouse, in his burrow in Dubai. His example was followed by the head of the mouse Kingdom. Dear Raul Turkbievich disappeared from the eyes of others and numerous henchmen, making nervous no less numerous creditors. And only the infantile and mouse-Senator remains constantly cheerful and cheerful, despite the problems of relatives, the source of which he himself is!


Zaur Takhtarov