The telegram channel of the Cheka-OGPU became aware of the details of how the events in the story developed with the case against the Investigator of the Investigative Committee Ruslan Miniakhmetov. Andrey Matus, a solver from the Kuban, gave testimony about giving a bribe to Miniakhmetov. As it turned out, this is a serial witness of the Office M of the FSB of the Russian Federation. For the first time, investigative actions with him were carried out in the framework of the case on giving a bribe to high-ranking officers of the Investigative Committee, Mikhail Maksimenko, Alexander Drymanov and Alexei Kramarenko. 1 million dollars to the TFR employees as an intermediary was handed over by the “solver” Dmitry Smychkovsky.

He was found to be a friend of Andrei Matus. Since Smychkovsky was deciding at the federal level, Matus often applied for his services. Matus himself was serving a term for fraud (it was Miniakhmetov who investigated the case) and the officers of the Directorate M of the FSB of the Russian Federation (which were developed by Maksimenko and Co.) went to his colony. Matus said that he witnessed how Smychkovsky negotiated with the TFR employees about the bribe and with the representative of the bribe giver. Later, his testimony was officially formalized in a bribe case. (all in the framework of the “Maksimenko case” he was interrogated twice). At the same time, Matus told employees of the Office M that he himself had given a bribe to investigator Miniakhmetov and other law enforcement officers. As a result, the counterintelligence took Matus under his guardianship and began to develop the bribe takers named by him. The first of them was detained by Ruslan Miniakhmetov. There should have been others. But this was prevented by the decision of the Prosecutor General’s Office, which overturned the decision to institute proceedings on Miniakhmetov.

At the disposal of there are transcripts of listening to conversations of now already former chief security officer of TFR Mikhail Maksimenko. Today is a fragment of one such conversation. Mikhail Maksimenko and his deputy Alexander Lamonov are drinking in the kitchen and discussing pressing matters, including bribes received for the release of the "authority" Andrei Kochuykov (Italian) - the "right hand" of the "thief in law" Zakhar Kalashov (Shakro). Everything is not very “glued” here. Kochuykova decided to re-qualify the charges to milder and change the measure of restraint. However, this requires recognition of the Italian himself, and he strictly abides by the concepts and categorically refuses to admit. At the same time, “authority” Oleg Sheykhametov, a close associate of the State Duma deputy Andrei Skoch, paid 500 thousand dollars for Italian freedom. And another $ 1 million was transferred by the solver Dmitry Smychkovsky. He coordinates his activities with Shakro. Just Smychkovsky with his call and interrupts the feast of Maksimenko (MI) and Lamonov (LA).

MI - (speaks on the phone with D. Smychkovsky) Yes, yes, hello. I am ok. How is it there? Everything is good? Conversed? Listen, I don’t know how it will turn out. So, I’m drinking myself quietly at home, I don’t go anywhere. And what? Have something to talk about? What is this? But this one. Nah, I won’t, I, I won’t meet with them ... Nah. Everything goes according to plan, let it go. I understand what you are talking about: “L”, “L”. Oh, are you talking about this? No, where they talked yesterday, there, as it were, on the nineteenth of the nineteenth of June, there is a term. And that’s it. I got it. I got it. Yeah, good. Yeah, come on. Listen, come on for lunch, okay? Yeah, come on. Have you met this one, “C” which? Yeah, okay, okay, come on.

LA - Dima? What? Is there a problem?

MI - Listen, there are no problems. Yes, they can not be. Dima is trying to cheat me, because my ex ... I say: “Dima, I’m ready, I’m ready to drive on any arrow. Tell to whom, who and for what? ” Somehow ... there are concepts, but which ones ...

(a phone call is heard, after which M. Makimenko conducts an abstracted conversation on the phone)


LA - What does Dima say? ...

MI - Dima says: "We need to talk."

LA - Yeah.

MI - Let's talk.

LA - In short, Dima needs to be attracted somehow, as I understand it.

MI - ... I'm sixty. Is he ...

LA - Well, yes.

MI - And thank God. Right now, firstly, he will check people ... everything was clean. And, secondly, Dima, I know for sure that he gave two hundred ...

LA - To whom?

MI - ... and its still there.

LA - ... knows him.

MI - And now we’ll see, but now we’ll see which one is there,

LA - Because there was a sanction on our side, it holds on, it’s all right. No movement.

MI - I told him: “You ... will present to us. Do you want ... "Do you know why? Me and Nikandrov are ... now ... And here ... ... we do not see the situation.

LA - Who is there, for what, from whom .. it is not clear.

MI - We do not see the situation. That's because we don’t see ... I’ll come to any analysis, and I will be right in the same way.

LA - No, here / We cannot have it so that we are not right. How? Moreover, we do for the action ...

MI - Dima tried, like, on himself ... I say: "Dim, come on: you tried to go with us ... I, as it were ...".

LA - Yes, no, well, you need to meet, discuss, then ... here they all lie.

MI - Everyone is lying, yes. “Have you been offered?” - “Not yet” - “Well, that’s not being done, Dima, fifty percent immediately on .., like, into space.” I say: “Stop, stop, stop, stop ...”.

LA - Yeah. Yeah.

MI - ... and the rest is already between everyone. We have another ... we are not interested.

LA - No, we are voicing ... said that: "Guys, we are doing well, God forbid ... so that I know ... they started ..." ... the office, there ... (Says in a whisper). Launched and why? Well then ... everything.

MI - Well, you ... Cousin.

LA - No, Cousin himself.

MI - Yes, here are the shores, no need at all for the edges.

LA - Well, okay.

MI - Dima says: "I myself spoke with Shakro." ... talk or not ... Well, can you imagine this meeting?

LA - Shakro, he is not needed at all.

MI - He says: “Shakro always ... meets. Is always". In just two words.

LA - Dima, there this Dima went to Shakro.

MI - Yes.

LA - Well, that one is a separate side.

MI - Yes, yes, yes.

LA - That's why it is ...

MI - As you wish: shoot, fight there. Now what?

LA - Well, yes ...

MI - Do you want me, there, I mean, the most ... everything, the train left.

LA - Also organized ...

MI - M?

LA - They can give a two-tenth replay.

MI - No ... Sasha.

LA - Oh no ...

MI - You know ... the fact is that we involuntarily regained our respect even among thieves when ... to be.

LA - Well, yes. Specifically here. ”

Timofey Grishin

To be continued