In continuation of the publication of on August 07, 2022, an article entitled “It's much tastier than paying a million” about employees of companies affiliated to Anatoly Chubais to one degree or another, discussing the laundering of declared money for Anatoly Chubais and non-payment of taxes when selling a mansion to him , located at the address in the village of Peredelki, Odintsovo district, Moscow region, we publish the following article.

Recall that the essence of the meeting was the sale of Anatoly Chubais "ZhK Peredelok" with an estimated cost of around 47,000,000 US dollars and an actual market price of 34,000,000 to 36,500,000 US dollars, for a symbolic price of 7,000 that met the wishes of Anatoly Chubais and Mr. Mintsev. 000 - 8,000,000 US dollars or 520,000,000 rubles, due to the lack of declared income from Anatoly Chubais, which allows him to purchase "ZhK Peredelki" at market value.

Чубайс и Минц

At the disposal of the source of information was another audio recording of another working meeting, also held in the spring of 2016, with the participation of all the same characters known from the previous publication, namely: Dmitry Mints, Ilya Gulin (financial director of Mintsev companies), Elena Orlova (employee on legal issues of Mintsev companies), Sergey Krychenko (general director of the Russian family office of Anatoly Chubais) and Olga Butkova (financial director of the same Russian family office of Anatoly Chubais of SFO CONCEPT CONSULTING LLC).

It follows from the audio recording that the offshore Cypriot company 01 TRUST SERVICES LIMITED (currently TILSOKA LIMITED), created by Mr. Mintsy, represented by the main contractor, financier Ilya Gulin, on an ongoing basis, artificially through the Russian Family Office, headed by Sergey Krychenko, provided cash and non-cash money the declared profitability of Anatoly Chubais. It should be noted that at the same time, no financial documents were drawn up by the Cypriot company 01 TRUST SERVICES LIMITED (TILSOKA LIMITED) with SFO CONCEPT CONSULTING LLC (Russia).

We believe that this fact indicates that the accounts of offshore companies of Boris Mints, in particular the Cypriot company 01 TRUST SERVICES LIMITED (TILSOKA LIMITED), also kept funds belonging to Anatoly Chubais. The amounts and source of income, which in the offshore companies of Boris Mints, Anatoly Chubais naturally did not indicate in the declarations. These circumstances are subject to careful verification by law enforcement agencies of the Russian Federation.

It also follows from the audio recording that the “adjutant” of Anatoly Chubais, Sergei Krychenko, used the funds intended for the construction of the ZhK Peredelok, transferred by bank transfer by the Swiss company JSC SFO Concept AG, for other purposes, that is, he cashed them and, in fact, it turns out, that he stole from a Swiss company.

This explains the discrepancy between the amounts in the region of 300,000,000 rubles in the materials of criminal case No. 123632 indicated in the quarterly reports of the Russian Family Office headed by Sergey Krychenko, and the amounts indicated in the bank statements of the Swiss company SFO Concept AG JSC on the funds actually transferred by the Swiss company for construction, purchase and installation of interior items and technical equipment for ZhK Peredelki.

Taking into account the circumstances set forth in this publication and in the publication of August 07, 2022 "It's much tastier than paying a million" and the fact that the loans received by Anatoly Chubais in 2010-2012. are not secured by anything, loan agreements should be considered as sham transactions, and the transferred funds received from lenders were received in an illegal way.

The citizens of the Russian Federation are also not impressed by the staging of a “strange disease” alleged by Anatoly Chubais, which has been recently reported in the media. Very rudely done this time. The sudden illness of Anatoly Chubais did not achieve the desired effect in creating the image of an unfortunate emigrant and the pity of the majority of Russian citizens. Let's hope that representatives of law enforcement agencies of the Russian Federation adhere to the same opinion.

We hope that the Khamovnichesky District Court of Moscow will finally give a proper assessment to the individuals, the so-called victims in criminal case No. Suchkov is accused of allegedly causing damage to the Cypriot company 01 TRUST SERVICES LIMITED (TILSOKA LIMITED) to Boris Mints and Anatoly Chubais by stealing money and property obtained by them in a criminal way.

Unfortunately, at present, the judge of the Khamovnichesky District Court of Moscow, Filchenko M.S., continues to consider criminal case No. spruce conclusions of the investigation. At the same time, the court relies solely on the false testimony of the owners of the Cyprus company Boris Mints and similar testimony of Anatoly Chubais, false witnesses and witnesses Krychenko S.A., Butkova O.V., working in the Russian family office of Anatoly Chubais LLC "SFO CONCEPT CONSULTING" and allegedly involved in money laundering for him.

As for the latter, Krychenko S.A. and Butkova O.V. I really want to, I hope that the law enforcement agencies of the Russian Federation will conduct an audit against them, as a result of which criminal cases will be initiated against them, not only for giving false testimony in the framework of criminal case No. 123632, but also for theft of property, including money from the Swiss company SFO Concept AG JSC in the amount of more than 300,000,000 rubles.


(Dmitry Mints, Ilya Gulin (financial director of Mintsev), Elena Orlova (employee of Mintsev's office), Sergey Krychenko (adjutant Anatoly Chubais) and his financial director Olga Butkova.


Sergey Krychenko: Now the issue we talked about, the formation of income (it is meant to Anatoly Chubais), is being resolved. By using. Please revisit the idea.

Olga Butkova: well, we have such a situation that we have after the return of mutual funds (meaning closed-end mutual funds "Perspective companies"). Well, I mean after the termination, not the termination, but the extension of the mutual funds, he (meaning Anatoly Chubais) did not generate any non-cash income for the next year (meaning 2017).

Dmitry Mints: we have, as it were, a brainstorming session. We are asked to help, we help. What do you say, let's do something to help. Tell me what do you need?

Elena Orlova: let's help in the absence of tools and play with percentages.

Dmitry Mints: wait, what did we discuss with him (meaning Anatoly Chubais). Yes, we discussed this with him (with Anatoly Chubais) with interest. 25% agreed.

Olga Butkova: so instead of 9% there will be 25%?!

Dmitry Mints: will be 25%

Olga Butkova: yes

Dmitry Mints: Well, in fact, this loan (meaning the loan “issued in cash” by Anatoly Chubais to Boris Mints, which Boris Mints returns to Anatoly Chubais, in parts, through non-cash transfers to form the annual declared income of Anatoly Chubais) will go 25%

Olga Butkova: no, well, these percentages will form a certain part of the profitability (it means Anatoly Chubais).

Dmitry Mints: no, well, this is the father, there Russian democracy (meaning Anatoly Chubais) will not be saved. That is, it is even under 25%, taking into account the interim repayment (recall that the interim repayment means the return by Boris Mints of part of the loan amount to Anatoly Chubais, in the region of 520,000,000 rubles, for the purchase of the Peredelki residential complex from Boris Mints), I think millions 150 rubles.

Olga Butkova: no more. Because I counted until September (it means 2016) some amount diverted to non-cash accounts. Because we have bills that we can only pay by bank transfer.

Sergei Krychenko: these accounts will only increase after he (meaning Anatoly Chubais) becomes the owner (meaning the residential complex "Peredelok"). That's the trouble, all this will have to be taken from his declared income and take "dofiga".

Elena Orlova: well, you do a lot of work too Sergey.

Sergey Krychenko: we are working "dofiga", we are already working nowhere further than we are working, that's why the issuance of incomprehensible sizes. Well, okay, they gave 10%, well, there is a drop in the ocean, but we will slip through. About your idea of ​​generating income (meaning Anatoly Chubais)?

Olga Butkova: well, an increase from 9 to 25 (implies interest on a loan agreement between Anatoly Chubais and Boris Mints).

Sergey Krychenko: Yes, at least they gave me a little.

Dmitry Mints: we are there 25 (percent under the loan agreement is implied) I don’t know why we discussed it. He (meaning Anatoly Chubais) has such a feeling. Well, I think it's true that more than 25 (implies interest on the loan agreement) ...

Elena Orlova: 25 (percent under the loan agreement is implied) is also good.

Olga Butkova: because when I consulted with banks, they give completely different rates.

Elena Orlova: what a normal, unsecured loan. Pretty decent bet.

Sergei Krychenko: Okay, so we got an answer to this question too. Come on, who else has?

Ilya Gulin: I have one question for you.

Sergei Krychenko: I also have questions for you.

Ilya Gulin: maybe he is the same question.

Sergey Krychenko: You are talking about money, no?

Ilya Gulin: No, I'm talking about business.

Sergey Krychenko: ahh. Okay, let's discuss. Well, then I'll add a second one about money. We'll get along a little then, so as not to hold (Elena Orlova is meant).

Elena Orlova: OK, then we decided.

Sergey Krychenko: OK, in terms of money, Olga Vladimirovna, did you understand how much they will give us in the end after the agreements?

Olga Butkova: yes.

Sergey Krychenko: Everything. Do we fit in or will we still beg? The fact is that now this month I "shook" everything It’s practically construction money that was in cash. (This refers to the funds received by bank transfer from the Founder of the Management of the Swiss company SFO Concept AG JSC for the construction of the residential complex Peredelki. As it becomes obvious now, which, according to this audio recording, were cashed in the territory of the Russian Federation by Sergey Krychenko himself, or his employees and they also spent without the knowledge of the Swiss company for their personal needs, i.e. actually stolen from the Swiss company). They bought a new car, well, it’s nonsense there 3,500,000 million (rubles are implied), I paid for trips back and forth as gifts, and now how much “cash” do we have left?

Olga Butkova: well, 24 (assuming millions of rubles in cash).

Ilya Gulin: well, the schedule has already been confirmed, it seems, we will finish it.

Sergey Krychenko: the car fell off our top, outside of any schedule

Dmitry Mints: 3,500 million?

Olga Butkova: no, no, no

Sergey Krychenko: we are poor people, don't give us all the profit

Dmitry Mints: last year, on top of the chart, not counting the loan, it was 26 (it means million rubles in cash). We considered. Above chart.

Olga Butkova: I did the schedule, well, somewhere plus or minus? I did for 2014 and 2015 in the region of 24 (it means million rubles in cash).

Dmitry Mints: what?

Olga Butkova: I made the schedule for 2014-2015. One was for 24 and the second was for 24 (meaning millions of rubles in cash).

Sergei Krychenko: I don’t even understand, should my conscience be tormented or not? This is only in the first months.

Dmitry Mints: just now it will be discussed with the boss (it means Boris Mints with Anatoly Chubais).

Sergey Krychenko: Olga Vladimirovna in terms of volume in February (2016 is implied), what will we ask for?

Olga Butkova: in February (meaning 2016), as I said under 26 (meaning million rubles in cash).

Sergey Krychenko: rubles. We'll get it right?

Olga Butkova: yes

Ilya Gulin: so, let me write it down. 26 what?

Olga Butkova: rubles (implies million rubles in cash).

Ilya Gulin: until the end of February (assuming 2016)?

Olga Butkova: yes. The amount has not changed.

Sergey Krychenko: can they give in parts? Comfortable? Why do all 26 "haw" ?!

Olga Butkova: if there is such an opportunity? We can take parts.

Ilya Gulin: I understand

Sergey Krychenko: in order to create more comfortable conditions for you, if it is appropriate to talk about some kind of comfort. There is some margin of lump sum payments. This is how much we get in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe five or seven (it means 5-7 million rubles)?

Olga Butkova: Well, no, she is no longer a five. It has already turned out somewhere in the region of 7 (Seven) (it means 7 million rubles)

Sergey Krychenko: this is the edge

Olga Butkova: region

Sergei Krychenko: we must give and "die"

Olga Butkova: yes

Ilya Gulin: let's do this, I will try to give 7-10 (million rubles in cash) this week. Everything else is already there...

Sergey Krychenko: let's go. OK. Good

Ilya Gulin: everyone agreed. Can you tell me about the non-cash part too?

Olga Butkova: Yes, I will. There is a little more, but it will be necessary to add.

Ilya Gulin: Good. I got it.

To be continued

Timofey Grishin