Source: continues to publish materials from the criminal case on the murder of Boris Nemtsov. In this article, we provide a transcript of the video interrogation of the shooter Zaur Dadaev, the answers sometimes look strange, but exactly what he said was transferred to paper. Word by word.

Обвиянемые в убийстве Бориса Немцова

Question of the investigator to the suspect Z.Sh. Dadaev: Tell me, please, that you can, Zaur Sharipovich, show the merits of the suspicion that has arisen against you?

Answer of suspect Z. Dadaev: I can tell you everything as it was, as it is. Murder night or what was it like? Here is the seventh of January after being in France ...

Question of the investigator to the suspect Z. Dadaev: What year?

Answer of suspect Dadaev 3.Sh .: 2015, on January 7, a newspaper with a caricature of Muhammad the Prophet was published in France. After that there was a murder, but despite all this, Nemtsov supported the cartoons and wanted to publish them on the territory of the Russian Federation. On this…. first on the seventh of January, as after that everything happened, after that, as Nemtsov supported all this, this problem arose. It all started with this, we began to follow him, how what and where he goes .... where he goes, what he does, where he works, how he doesn't work, who he is. We found out all this on the Internet. Boris Nemtsov was brought in ... everything was entered on the Internet .. I arrived in Moscow somewhere around the tenth or eleventh of January. We met with the guys, with friends. My friends and acquaintances of my acquaintances were present. And the conversation went about this ... on the account in France, what was in "Shapley Hebdo", about that publication on the account of the prophet. And then what has arisen at the moment, the question that has arisen, and so what can be done. From that time on, this is how I arrived in Moscow, how we met, well, on the 12th we met at the Evropeysky. We met, talked and since then began to follow. They watched when he leaves for work, when he arrives, where and what, when, everything is so .. It all lasted until the twenty-seventh of February. I was directly involved in this. Shavanov Besik and Gubashev Anzor helped me in this. ..We saw him only three times before this one, before the twenty-seventh of February we saw him three times. And then, we did not see him in reach, but at a distance we saw him. There were people, there were many people. It was in the evening, but in the evening, there were a lot of people. We didn't do anything, we left, we left. Presto did not have time, one might say, well, there were a lot of people. So, all this went on until the twenty-seventh of February, they watched. The turns were followed. Sometimes he was not at home at all. You watch on the Internet, somewhere, something, somewhere some kind of rallies, somewhere he is a deputy in the Yaroslavl region and he spent more time at his place where he works, where he is an official at his place.

 But on the twenty-seventh of February, that evening, we arrived. Each arrived separately. Anzor arrived by car. I took a taxi, I came on a ride. Before reaching his place of residence, to the place of his work, he got out of the car on foot and walked. And until then we did not approach him, nor each other, did not communicate with anyone. We were all in this place, where he lives, where he works. They looked at this place, walked like that. Then there was a shorter time left there, “Let's go, let's watch for another half an hour, wait, talk” well, half an hour left. Dispersed as usual, who went where. They said on the phone: “We will stand still for half an hour, we will go home. Okay? Okay". stood, stood, stood. Beslan called, said that he was moving, went out. Somewhere he goes in some direction of some pub. But he also did not know the name of this tavern. He told me, I will be fine, do not worry, I will really follow him. I went into that. 3 went into a tavern. He followed. When he came out ... When he came out, went, he told me where he went and with whom he ate. He came to the tavern himself, where he met a girl, they had already left the tavern together. In short, I saw him when it was about twenty meters. There was twenty distance between us. I began to catch up with him with a brisk pace. Until he again went into the crowd somewhere. I began to overtake him, overtake Already ypor ... Well, not at point-blank range, five meters when it was left. Yes, it's up to five. Just by chance, a garbage truck was passing by. Here, I was just, she had already caught up, you can say, when she had already caught up with us, then I fired shots. Six shots in total. Hid in a car. I don't remember the make of the car. Steel sedan color. Not ours, not Russian-made He said: "I'll jump out", drove across a large bridge, drove a big one hundred meters, got out of the car, jumped the road, walked and stopped the passing car, drove another two or three kilometers with him. this taxi driver drove for some time, for a certain period of time. I again took another taxi, I took a third taxi to my home at 3 Matveyevsky District, Building Four, Veernaya Street. I got up, looked at first, waited half an hour on the second floor, there was a drinker on the first floor, there was a panic. I waited for all this panic to subside. She dispersed, the whole crowd. I went up to my room. After some time, well, after an hour, about an hour, Beslan and Anzor arrived. I asked them what how what. We didn't have any phones after I did it all. The phone number as I called him at the time of the crime: "Pull up", in Chechen. I immediately threw away the phone. I came to my home, after that we didn't have tephons. Where are you, what are you, ask me. I am their home, they arrived in about forty minutes. What, they threw off the car. They explained it this way, purely, in our opinion. We went to Kutuzovsky, to the side to the right, went into the depths there, and threw it off. There was no tail. There was nothing, I threw off the car, I arrived in a taxi, they also changed the car for a couple. Yes. Yes. All. Nothing like that, nothing like that. Okay. I called.

When we still met, when I arrived, we met in our campaign about this, about "Charlie Hebdo" and all this with Boris Nemtsovs was previously discussed with us ... In the discussion with us there was one more person, I do not know the last name, I know , as he is simply called among the crowd, Rusik was familiar with him before. They talked to this Rusik, He, like this, the proposal, as it were, sounded from him. Not personally to me: “Yes, you do it, you need to do it”, well, like that Boris Nemtsov supports Charlie Hebdo on the territory of the Russian Federation wants to support and publish cartoons of the Messenger of Muhammad. Well, then they thought, thought, in short decided, consulted, I consulted with Beslan, Anzor, consulted privately. I agreed. I didn’t agree on the money, there was no such contract murder, as they say. Someone ordered, I .. There was nothing like that. Money sounded like Bismillah

The investigator's question to the suspect Z.Sh.Dadaev: Which one did you just say?

Answer of suspect Dadaev 3.Sh .: In Muslim, in Arabic. Bismilah for the sake of Allah.

The investigator's question to the suspect Z. Dadaev: Is this a translation?

Answer of the suspect Dadaev 3.SH: This is if what you do is done ... If, as you say, "Yes, I want to do this for the sake of Allah, about what offends the Prophet Muhammad." ... This is how I took it. And I was told: “For the sake of Allah, if you succeed, if as you say, if everything will be, you are generous for the sake of Allah.

The investigator's question to the suspect Dadasvu 3.SH: How is this translated?

The answer of the suspect Dadaev 3.Sh .: "Deil shedra" is not Chechen, "Deil" is Allah, "generous" is for the sake of Allah. For the sake of Allah, this money will be

 The investigator's question to the suspect Z. Dadaev: What is that kind of money?

Suspect Z. Dadaev's answer: Five million rubles. I didn’t receive this money, I didn’t ask for this money, I didn’t need this money, because it’s dirty money. I consider this money to be dirty. I did this crime because of the Messenger Muhammad. He defended his honor, did not want to be insulted, did not want to have any strife on the territory of the Russian Federation, not understanding because of some person insulting Muslims. Muslims directly, as you all noticed, after the "Charlie Hebdo", all the Muslims of the Russian Federation held meetings, rose. You probably saw on TV in Grozny about a million, not about, more than a million people gathered, in my opinion, from all over the North Caucasus directly about this. So I did just that. In short, I looked at it, did it like this.

Question of the investigator to the suspect Dadaev 3.SHI .: How so?

Answer of suspect Z.Sh.Dadayev: I looked at the disorder, which will happen if, as he says, as he wants.

 Question of the investigator to the suspect Z. Dadaev: Who is he?

The answer of the suspect Dadaev 3.Sh .: Nemtsov. Boris Nemtsov, as he wants, as he says his word. He made a statement, you can do something. Why do they publish on the territory of the Russian Federation? If this were done, I think, again, there would be a big misunderstanding among Muslims and all other living other faiths and confessions.

Тело Бориса Немцова осматривают медики

I’m talking about money again, no one ordered anything from me to anyone. I am purely according to my convictions, according to my desire. What could I do for the sake of Allah about insulting the Prophet Muhammad (expression in Chechen), I did. Apart from me, in my opinion, all of Russia explained to him, Boris Nemtsov, that he was wrong, that this was not so, that it should not be. That all that every faith must be observed and respected. This, in my opinion, he did not support it. Then we decided to act in our own way. On February 27, I can't say the exact time, there was no clock, there was no time on the phone either, disposable phones, he committed a murder, got into a car, crossed a big bridge about a hundred, two hundred meters, well, that's the distance he drove, asked to stop the car. The trunk was with me. I did not throw it into the water there. On the spot, I mean. The trunk was with me, jumped out, came home. I called, already from my mobile, as if at home. I called. Probably already all the news within an hour, throughout Moscow, throughout the Russian Federation, it was known. I called that person, told him to send a person to pick up something. Something needs to be removed. Either come yourself, or come, I don't know, in short, but I

it needs a specific person. I don’t remember the name, looks thin, a thin guy of my age, probably 32-33 years old, such a person approached. He went up to our floor, on the third floor, rang the bell. So and so, I arrived. Yes Yes. I gave this barrel to him. He said, I need to throw it out and so that this barrel does not make a problem for me tomorrow. Throw it out. leave, here and there, what a problem. Do not leave any, throw it out. On the second day, when I called again. I didn't call that day, that night. From there we never went anywhere, sat in the apartment. After forty minutes Anzor and Besik arrived, all three of them were sitting, no one said anything about it. Done, done. Made for the sake of the Almighty, done. There is nothing to be proud of. For anyone, whatever it was, everyone knows that the man was killed. We were not proud of this, that we killed a man. We were proud that we stood up for the Messenger, there was such an opportunity. And that's it, nothing about it.

 On the second day at 14:30 Anzor and Beslan flew away on the 28th.

Investigator's question: Where?

Answer of suspect Z. Dadaev: Grozny. The first one I flew to Grozny, also at 14:30. That's how it was. I have nothing more to add to this.

The investigator's question to the suspect Dadaev Z. Sh.: Can you answer the questions?

 Answer of suspect Z.Sh.Dadaev: Of course I can, ask questions.

The investigator's question to the suspect Z.Sh.Dadaev: Tell me, did you previously know Boris Efimovich Nemtsov? If so, when, where, under what circumstances did you meet?

Answer of suspect Dadaev 3.SH: Never in my life, except until the 7th row, after Charlie Hebdo, when he began to make these statements about cartoons. After he started making these statements, that's when I began to take an interest in this person. Who is, why he is interested, why he exactly, why he made these statements, he was interested. Previously, under no circumstances, anywhere, was not familiar in any way and in general.


Question of the investigator to the suspect Z. Dadaev: Please tell me why you decided to commit the crime you are talking about now? Where was it done?

The answer of the suspect Dadaev 3.Sh: On the big bridge, opposite the Kremlin.

 Question of the investigator to the suspect Z. Dadaev: Can you show this place?

Answer of suspect Dadaev 3.Sh .: Of course I can show, but the names of lanes, streets, stairs, steps, I just cannot know all this, but about the crime itself ...

 Question of the investigator to the suspect Z. Dadaev: And what was there next?

Answer of suspect Z. Dadaev: The Kremlin was opposite. There was a big bridge and a river. And that's all. We went up. All attention was on this person. At a distance of 20-30 meters, when they told me that here, here, when they took me to him

The investigator's question to the suspect Z. Dadaev: Who brought you to him?

The answer of the suspect Dadaev 3.Sh: Beslan brought me to him. So he immediately went. All of these I immediately said to Beslan, "Come on." All. Anzor, they were waiting for me, my call. Until I get something. They were sitting in the car.

The investigator's question to the suspect Dadaev Z. Sh. In which?

 The answer of the suspect Dadaev 3.Sh .: Here in this one, in which I said the name of the car .. "ZAZ" ...

The investigator for the suspect Dadaev 3.Sh. Can you describe the crime itself?

 Answer of suspect Dadaev 3.I .: The crime itself? He walked with a girl ... about forty meters ... I was catching up with him with a quick step. Point-blank, well, not point-blank, about five meters came up. He did not say anything, no words, do not turn around, neither for the sake of someone, nor for the sake of something. I didn't brag about it. Not in front of him, in front of anyone. It's just that the Almighty knows why, for whom and how I did it. Therefore, he immediately fired three shots.

 The investigator's question to the suspect Dadaev Z. Sh. How did you hold the pistol in your hand?

Answer of suspect Z. Dadaev: In his right hand

 The investigator's question to the suspect Dadasvu 3. Sh. At what distance did you fire the shots?

Answer of suspect Z.Sh.Dadayev: I myself am left-handed, at the time of the murder with my left hand, but the weapon was removed with my right hand (the suspect shows how and how he took out the pistol and fired shots). Then he took it in his left hand and from his left hand, at a distance of about 5 meters, made three shots. When he fired three shots, he had already fallen. When he fell, he pulled this girl with him. The girl, since she is not involved and has no one to do with this, I did not touch the girl. Because I was afraid of that. I wanted to avoid unnecessary consequences, an unnecessary crime associated with Boris Nemtsov. When he fell, he pulled the girl with him, I was already running, the car became level. I fired three shots at a distance of five meters, the car drove off, I bounced.

 The investigator's question to the suspect Z. Dadaev: What car?

Answer of the suspect Dadaev 3.Sh .: This is a garbage truck. The car passed, I drove by, I see that he rises. He did not fit, as he was, and fired three more shots.

The investigator's question to the suspect Z. Dadaev: In which hand was the pistol held?

Answer of suspect Z. Dadaev: In the left.

Investigator's question to suspect Dadaev .Sh .: And then where did you put the pistol?

The answer of the suspect Dadaev 3.SH: I put the pistol in like this (shows how he put the pistol in his belt). The phone was on my call. I followed the code, then called ... wait, wait for the car. Anzor called. Wait wait. Garbage truck, shot, bounced, three more shots. The moment the first shots were fired .. come on, let's get the car. That's it, turned off the phone. Three shots, bounced off, three more shots, the car drove up, got into the car, behind the big bridge, 150-200 meters, jumped out and ... to my home.

To be continued

Timofey Grishin