Source: continues to acquaint the reader with the "wiretaps" from the archive of Boris Berezovsky. In this publication, we present several interesting conversations at once. At the first, Boris Berezovsky is talking with a man of interesting and sad fate - the then head of the FSB Directorate for Moscow and the Moscow Region, Anatoly Vasilyevich Trofimov.

In the 1970s, he headed the notorious 5th branch of the KGB, through whose efforts many human rights defenders were imprisoned. Trofimov personally handled the affairs of such famous dissidents as Sergei Kovalev, Alexander Bolonkin, Natan Sharansky, Viktor Orekhov, Alexander Podrabinek, Kronid Lyubarsky, Sergei Grigoryants and others.

After the fifth, he headed the third department of the state security committee - for the fight against organized crime, and then became deputy head of the Moscow KGB department. In these posts, Trofimov participated in the investigation of many high-profile cases of the state level - the "case of the Eliseevsky grocery store" (store director Yuri Sokolov was sentenced to death for accepting bribes from high-ranking officials), "the Ocean case" (led to the arrest of Deputy Minister Rytov and the head of Rybpromsbyt "Rogov, as well as the resignation of Minister Ishkov for corruption in the USSR Ministry of Fisheries), the" cotton business "(ended with the imprisonment of several hundred people for huge charges in the supply of cotton from Uzbekistan to Russia) and many others.

In mid-1996, Trofimov was charged with investigating the incident with the staff of the campaign headquarters of the presidential candidate Boris Yeltsin - Sergei Lisovsky and Arkady Evstafiev, who were caught with a copier box filled with dollar bills (totaling $ 500,000).

In 1997, Akimov left his post. And in 2005 he was brutally murdered.

The murder took place at about 19.40 in the courtyard of a house on Klyazminskaya Street. The 65-year-old retired colonel general drove up to the house in a black Jeep Cherokee. Together with him were his 28-year-old wife Tatyana Kopytseva and their four-year-old daughter Tanya.

Having parked the jeep in the yard of their house, the family headed to the entrance. Then a masked killer ran up to them and fired a pistol several times. The general, wounded in the head and chest, died on the spot. Then the killer shot his wife in the head, who was trying to escape. The killer spared four-year-old Tanya.

The crime was never solved. The investigation was suspended in 2015. introduces readers to the recording of the conversation between Boris Berezovsky and Anatoly Trofimov. Trofimov says that he has no information, except that his “pupil Nikolai Kovalev may become the new director of the FSB. Berezovsky replies that after their conversation with Trofimov, he began work, the issue has not yet been resolved, but in the near future he will be able to say everything definitely. Clarifies that he received the support of all partners, spoke at the highest level. Trofimov says that he is not asking for himself, but is rooting for the system. Berezovsky notes that everyone is rooting for the system and for their loved ones, and it is very important who will keep their finger on the pulse. And here there are people who have been proven, albeit for a short, but very difficult time.

Two other entries published by show very well the methods by which Berezovsky operated. He was on friendly terms with Sergei Dorenko. Berezovsky really wants to meet with the journalist "face to face." Usually, during such meetings, the oligarch gave Dorenko assignments to whom to "dunk" in his programs. Dorenko explains that he cannot, since he is negotiating with Naina Yeltsina about an interview on the hospitalization of Boris Yeltsin. Berezovsky is unhappy, but postpones the meeting the next day. After finishing this conversation, Berezovsky immediately calls back Vitaly Ignatenko, who was then Deputy Prime Minister in charge of the media, talks about Dorenko's plans and demands that he not be allowed to do the scheduled interview.

To be continued

Yaroslav Mukhtarov