The regular killer of the crime boss Anatoly Bykov, it is no coincidence, at any opportunity, that his counterpart now has blood on his hands, not just to the elbows, but to his shoulders. The proof of this is the new criminal case for yet another "order", which came with a knife in the back of an authoritative figure who had already sat down for 13 years in the case of the murder of Naumov and Voitenko. Details are in the investigation.

 The new episode also goes back to those same dashing 90s, but took place in 1998, four years after the murders of Naumov and Voitenko. As the opera and the investigation established, Bykov's actions were then conditioned by the need to raise his influence in the criminal world. The evil will of the aluminum king painted a bloody target on the forehead of another authority, Vladimir Filippov, the so-called Philip. Honored Master of Sports in Boxing Filippov at that time had recently retired from prison. But he managed to spend only 8 months in the wild. During this time, he was attempted twice. In the spring of 1998, his Mercedes was rammed at full speed by a truck, but the "authority" was not seriously damaged. In the summer of 1998, militants from Bykov's brigade shot Philip at the entrance of a residential building on Alyosha Timoshenkov Street.

The killers from the group Alexander Zhivitsa named Bul and Igor Elovsky (Elka) were involved in the elimination of Philip, the infamous Vilor Struganov coordinated their actions. The puppeteer and the instigator of the liquidation was Bykov himself, who did not shy away from spilling blood with someone else's hands. Struganov and Buhl subsequently sat down on this wet case for long periods and one of them, and possibly both, gave confessionary statements against Bykov. On October 15, the regional investigative committee reported that it had opened a new criminal case against Bykov under Art. 33, art. 105 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (incitement to commit a murder committed by an organized group).

Вилор Струганов и Александр Живица

Filippov's relatives, as an injured party, filed a claim in a new criminal case for a colossal amount of 100 million rubles. By a court decision, Bykov's property with a total value of about 81 million has already been seized. The physical manifestation of a part of these riches is the recreation center "Zaglyadienie" owned by Bykov near the village of Glyaden in the Yemelyanovsky district, 100 meters from the picturesque bank of the Buzim river. The entertainment and leisure complex, ready to receive guests and couples all year round, includes 10 hotel buildings, several wooden bungalows, a restaurant, a Russian bathhouse and even a horse farm. The footage shows the scale of Bykov's investments in this pompous, but uncomplicated project.

База отдыха «Загляденье»

The contract murder of Philip is a new bloody bead on the string of criminal cases dragging on Bykov. Indeed, in addition to this, the investigation of the case of incitement to the murder of businessman Andrei Nekolov and to the attempt on the life of the vice-president of the regional boxing federation Andrei Grabovsky is at the completion stage. Bykov is also charged with tax evasion and the creation of a criminal community. The small number of supporters still devoted to Bykov's money have already managed to cry on their resources that they are trying to destroy an authoritative businessman financially. Why not get drunk when the financial trough begins to hide behind a copper basin of property arrests. Bykov's relatives, who are not alien to criminals, crawl into the media field as small reptiles, even those whom he renounced even before the start of a new criminal prosecution for the sins of the 90s.

It is significant that the nephew and niece of Bykov on the path of crime were pretty much shredded in comparison with the relative who once covered their machinations. Both are commonplace crooks. Bykov's niece Irina Orshich was brought to trial quite recently.From 2013 to the end of October 2014, a thief with two companions illegally registered a non-residential premises worth more than 60 million rubles. The accomplices, according to all the canons of the scam genre, concocted fake title documents, according to which one of them allegedly financed the construction of the premises back in the 90s in order to register it on cadastral records and then register ownership in his name. In the next 4 years, if the court does not change its decision after an appeal, the closest real estate to Irina's heart and body will be a prison cell and a walking yard of one of the colonies.

 Another nephew, Valery Bykov, at one time when he was a deputy of the city council, organized a notable circus when he disappeared from the radar of law enforcement officers who announced him on the wanted list in a criminal case of fraud. Then the opera of the regional UEBiPK was interested in the activities of the LLC "Demetra" belonging to him, on whose account the Ministry of Agriculture of the Krasnoyarsk Territory transferred a subsidy in the amount of more than 10 million rubles. To receive this money, in May 2015, the nephew prepared design documentation for the construction of a vegetable store worth more than 36 million rubles. Lipov in these documents was everything - from the dates of manufacture, to the amounts spent on construction flattery. When the opera came to search Demeter, Bykov Jr. disappeared from the radar so tightly that he was put on the wanted list. And after that he broke off that he was resting without communication in the taiga. This is how the nephews disgraced the eminent uncle. How much lawlessness this couple created under his auspices - one can only guess.

Похороны Войтенко и Наумова

To be continued

Arseny Dronov