The foreign language word "offshore" has long become in the Russian segment of the World Wide Web an analog of abuse. To the question: "Where is the money?" "In the Internet" philosophically answer: "And the offshore knows him." But it seems that the foreign "islands of stability" cease to be the most distant and secluded place for the hoard of cunning businessmen. In Cyprus, a local court arrested the assets of Russian businessman Sergei Khudyakov. Belonging to the latter GC "Investstroy-15" until recently was a major subcontractor in the construction of housing and infrastructure facilities for the defense department and other security agencies.


According to the publication "Kommersant", Mr. Khudyakov personally and his company owed tens of billions of rubles. Because of this, the main lender, the Bank of Moscow, secured the arrest of the Trofimovsky business center, which was under the management of Cypriot "zits-chairmen."


Hidden in Offshore


At the end of last year, representatives of the Bank of Moscow filed a lawsuit in the district court of the Cypriot capital against the leaders of Guala Enterprises Ltd. With the requirement to disclose information about the final beneficiary. At the same time, lawyers had information that the center at the metro station "Avtozavodskaya" with a total area of ​​3.5 thousand "squares" Sergei Khudyakov controls through the Cyprus offshore.


January 20 directors of the company from the "island of Aphrodite" submitted documents, according to which the beneficiary of the company is the wife Khudyakova Polina. The last, according to the media, the company got from the faithful for a ridiculous amount of 230 euros. The transaction was documented in the autumn of last year, when the Bank of Moscow was searching for the property of the debtor for subsequent arrests. Considering that, according to the most conservative estimates, the business center costs at least 0.4-0.5 billion rubles, this deal was intended to hide the asset.


As a result, the Bank of Moscow filed a lawsuit in the same court in Nicosia about damages worth more than 15.3 billion rubles to a number of foreign and domestic companies, as well as to the husbands Khudyakov with an additional request for a judicial ban on alienating the defendants' assets and " ". The other day, the court granted her, inter alia, by imposing an arrest on the business center "Trofimovsky", which formerly housed the office of "Investstroy."


Russian lawyer Polina Khudyakova declined to comment on the decision of the Cypriot femida, explaining that he is not authorized to comment on anything without agreement with his principal.


"Military" unfinished


It should be noted that at one time "Investstroy-15" and its structures were one of the largest subcontractors of the Russian Defense Ministry. Moreover, the lion's share of subcontracting was received in 2009-2012 from the JSC "Main Department for the Arrangement of Troops" (GUOV) under the control of the military department, when he was the head of the Defense Ministry of the notorious Mr. Serdyukov.


The amount of contracts was estimated at tens of billions of rubles. But some of the facilities, including housing and military camps in Moscow and a number of other Russian cities and the sports center in Kubinka remained unfinished. According to Kommersant, the total amount of unfinished work was approaching 35 billion rubles.


According to some reports, only for 2011 -2014 the Bank of Moscow provided Investstroy-15 loans for the execution of contracts with GUOV contracts in the amount of about 20 billion rubles. And the goals were not only the construction of apartments for families of servicemen, but also the acquisition of property - factories that manufacture reinforced concrete products. In addition, the Bank of Moscow provided guarantees in the amount of 10 billion rubles GUOV for the performance of construction contracts by the debtor and the return of advances received.


The loans received by GK "Investstroi-15" were basically secured by the pledge of property in the form of the same enterprises of concrete products, as well as guarantees of physical persons - Sergey Khudyakov himself and his business partner Andrei Muravin.


New lawsuits follow


In May 2015, the capital arbitration court instituted an investigation procedure against Investstroi-15, and in November of the same year found it insolvent. At the moment, the debt of the bankrupt enterprise is only about 20 billion rubles in loans to the Bank of Moscow and almost half of it - on the extinguished requirements of the GUOV for bank guarantees.


In addition, claims have been filed for reimbursement of debts to masters Khudyakov and Muravin as guarantors. From the first Meshchansky District Court of Moscow managed to collect 2 billion rubles. At the same time, the filing of claims will continue, both in Russia and abroad.


In November 2016, the Arbitration Court of the capital extended for six months the bankruptcy procedure against Investstroy-15. The next report of the bankruptcy trustee is scheduled for May 10 of the current year.


At the end of December, the bankruptcy of the company "Bau-Invest", connected with "Investstroi-15", began. She owns BC "Levashovskiy 12". Observation was introduced at the suit of the same Bank of Moscow, whose claims to the debtor exceed 895 million rubles.


It should be noted that the law enforcers were also interested in the origin of huge debts of ex-leaders of Investstroy-15.